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Fun Stuff at the Library: Fiction and Beyond

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Keep in mind...

These call numbers are just places to begin. If you need something specific, it is best to look it up in MERLIN using author, title, or keyword, or to ask a librarian.


To find Poetry in Ellis Library...


PH - PQ 2999: 3 CENTRAL

PQ 3000 - PZ: 2 EAST

About poetry...

Literature about poetry (criticism, philosophy, or theory) is found within the different languages/national poetry collections, or more generally in these call numbers:

PN1010-PN1389 Poetry
     PN1031-PN1049 Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.
     PN1065-PN1085 Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects
     PN1110-PN1279 History and criticism
     PN1301-PN1333 Epic poetry
     PN1341-PN1347 Folk poetry
     PN1351-PN1389 Lyric poetry

Poetry anthologies can be found (among other places) in PN6099-PN6110

All of these call numbers can be found in 3 CENTRAL.

Online collections...

You can search Literature Online (LION) for poetry.


You can look at the English: Language and Literature guide for more information on finding poetry.

American Poetry...

Try call numbers PS301-PS326 and PS580-PS619, found in 2 EAST.

English Poetry...

Try browsing in PR500-PR614 and PR1170-PR1228 in 2 EAST.

Other languages...

Use the call number ranges under the maps to the left to find where in Ellis these numbers are located.

Danish: PT7975-PT7994

Dutch: PT5470-PT5488

French: PQ1160-PQ1193

German: PT1151-PT1241

Italian: PQ4207-PQ4225

Norwegian: PT8675-PT8695

Old Norse: PT7230-PT7252

Portuguese: PQ9149-PQ9163

Russian: PG3230-PG3238

Spanish: PQ6174.95-PQ6215

Swedish: PT9580-PT9599