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Fun Stuff at the Library: Fiction and Beyond

Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects


To find Poetry in Ellis Library...


PH - PQ 2999: 3 CENTRAL

PQ 3000 - PZ: 2 EAST

About poetry...

Literature about poetry (criticism, philosophy, or theory) is found within the different languages/national poetry collections, or more generally in these call numbers:

PN1010-PN1389 Poetry
     PN1031-PN1049 Theory, philosophy, relations, etc.
     PN1065-PN1085 Relations to, and treatment of, special subjects
     PN1110-PN1279 History and criticism
     PN1301-PN1333 Epic poetry
     PN1341-PN1347 Folk poetry
     PN1351-PN1389 Lyric poetry

Poetry anthologies can be found (among other places) in PN6099-PN6110

All of these call numbers can be found in 3 CENTRAL.

Online collections...

You can search Literature Online (LION) for poetry.


You can look at the English: Language and Literature guide for more information on finding poetry.

American Poetry...

Try call numbers PS301-PS326 and PS580-PS619, found in 2 EAST.

English Poetry...

Try browsing in PR500-PR614 and PR1170-PR1228 in 2 EAST.

Other languages...

Use the call number ranges under the maps to the left to find where in Ellis these numbers are located.

Danish: PT7975-PT7994

Dutch: PT5470-PT5488

French: PQ1160-PQ1193

German: PT1151-PT1241

Italian: PQ4207-PQ4225

Norwegian: PT8675-PT8695

Old Norse: PT7230-PT7252

Portuguese: PQ9149-PQ9163

Russian: PG3230-PG3238

Spanish: PQ6174.95-PQ6215

Swedish: PT9580-PT9599