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Linked ATU Tales: Explanations


ATU 1 (formerly AT1*) AT number has been reassigned to another ATU number
ATU 301 Three Stolen Princesses (subsumed AT 301A) Another way of saying that AT 301A is now ATU 301
AT 100* Parrot and the Hawk (no ATU) Could not locate an ATU for the old AT number in current ATU classification.
AT 504 The Changeling (new Ashliman classification) D.L. Ashliman proposed a number of new classifications and assigned them AT numbers in his book A Guide to Folktales in the English Language. I have left them with the AT number he assigned. The type does not appear in the ATU classification, but is useful nonetheless. 

Q: Where does the link go?   
A:  For the most parts the links go to digitized books in the Internet Archive. Most of time you will see 
      a message saying this is a limited preview. YOU CAN EASILY SET UP A FREE ACCOUNT AND ACCESS

Q: Why go to these books?
A: These are the collections D.L. Ashliman used  in his book A Guide to Folktales in the English Language. He either assigned
    AT types to the tales in these collection or compiled the AT types assigned by the authors of those collections.
    These digitized books should be easier for researchers to cite as well as being authoritative than translations on webpages.
    Also, some of them contain wonderful illustrations.