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Linked ATU Tales: ATU 850 - 999 Realistic Tales

ATU 850 - 999 Realistic Tales

ATU Title AT Title Origin
ATU 850 The Birthmarks of the Princess 850 Simple Lad and the Three Little Pigs Chilean
  850 Story of a Clever Tailor German
  850 Self-Playing Gusla Russian
  850 Swineherd Who Married a Princess German
  850 The Clever Little Tailor German
  850 Tamacasti Mexican
  850 Golden Breasts, Diamond Navel, Chain of Gold African-American
ATU 851 The Princess Who Cannot Solve the Riddle 851 Riddle German
  851 Princess Who Wanted to Solve Riddles Russian
  851 Son of the Merchant from Milan Italian
  851 Man Who Put His Mother over His Shoulder and Rode his Father Egyptian
  851 Riddles Armenian
  851 Ignes Was a Burro United States
  851 Three Shining Stones Mexican
  851 Riddle Greek
  851 The Riddle German
  851 Young Prince British
  851 Three Killed Florrie, Florrie Killed Ten African-American
ATU 851 Princess Who Cannot Solve the Riddle (subsumed AT 851A) 851A Riddle Greek
ATU 852 Lying Contest 852 Village of Lies Greek
  852 The Master and the Tenant Farmer French
  852 Ash Lad Who Made the Pricess Say, "You're a Liar" Norwegian
  852 Great Liar Irish
  852 Jack and the King British
  852 King of the Liars British
  852 Great Lie Israeli
  852 Boots who made the Princess say, "That's a Story" Norse
ATU 853 Hero Catches Princess with Her Own Words 853 Princess of Canterbury British
  853 The Princess of Canterbury English
  853 Daft Jack and the heiress British
  853 Princess Who Always Had to Have the Last Word Norwegian
  853 Three Questions British
  853 Foolish Brother British
  853 Taming the Shrew Norse
  853 Rich Man's Daughter US Ozarks
  853 Blockhead-Hans Unattributed
  853 Prick Teaser US Ozarks
ATU 853A "No" 853A Three Shining Stones Mexican
  853A Shepherd at Court Italian
ATU 854 The Golden Ram 854 He Who has Money Does What He Likes Chilean
  854 Money Can Do Everything Italian
AT 858 To Your Good Health (no ATU) 858 To Your Good Health! Russiann
ATU 859 The Penniless Bridegroom Pretends to Wealth 859 Hans gets married German
ATU 853 Hero Catches the Princess with Her Own Words 860A* Golden Lion Italian
ATU 870 The Princess Confined in the Mound 870 Princess Who was Hidden Underground German
  870 Maid Maleen German
  870 Finn King's Daughter Norway

ATU 870A The Goosegirl 870A Annie the Goose Girl Norse
  870A Destined Girl wins her Place as the Prince's Bride Greek
  870A Little Lucy Goosey Girl Norway
AT 870B* True Bride Sows a Wedding Dress (no ATU) 870B* Asmund and Signy Icelandic
AT 870D* Magic Mirror (no ATU) 870D* Juan, Pedro, and Diego Chilean
ATU 871 Princess and Ogress 871 Haughty Prince Italian
ATU Unfaithful Queen 871A Tale Within a Tale Arab
ATU 873 The King Discovers his Unknown Son 873 King Clarion and the Islant of the Talagante Chilean
ATU 875A Girl's Riddling Answer Betrays a Theft (formerly AT 873*) 873* Count's Sister Italian
  873* Rose in the Chest Arab
ATU 875 The Clever Farmgirl 875 What is the Faster Thing in the World? Greek
  875 Catherine, Sly Country Lass Italian
  875 The Peasant's Clever Daughter German
  875 Clever Peasant Girl Greek
  875 Basil Plant Chilean
  875 Gobborn Seer British
  875 Farmer's Clever Daughter German
  875 The Clever Lass European
  875 What Melody is the Sweetest? Israeli
  875 Not Driving and Not Riding Norwegian
  875 Women's Wiles Arab
  875 Clever Minister's Daughter Arab
ATU 875A Girl's Riddling Answer Betrays a Thief 875A Riddle Greek
ATU 875B Clever Girl and the King 875B Sultan's Camp Follower Arab
ATU 875D Clever Young Woman at the End of the Journey 875D Clever Boy Armenian
  875D Why the Fish Laughed Indian
ATU 877 The Old Woman who was Skinned 877 Jealous Sisters Greek
  877 Three Crones Italian
  877 One-Tooth and Two-Teeth Arab
ATU 879 The Basil Maiden 879 Fanfinette and the King ' s Son French
  879 Convent of Nuns and the Monastery of Monks Italian
  879 Pot of Marjoram Italian
  879 Basil Plant Chilean
ATU 881 Oft-proved Fidility 881 King of Spain and the English Milord Italian
  881 Flight of Birds British
ATU 882 The wager on the wife's chastity (Cymbeline) 882 Wormwood Italian
  882 Piniated Englishman and Hellfire Jack British
  882 Innkeeper of Moscow German
  882 Wager on the Wife's Chastity Chilean
  882 Great Narbone Italian
ATU 882A* Suitors at the Spinning Wheel 882A* Wright's Chaste Wife British
ATU 883A Innocent Slandered Maiden 883A Girl who was left at home Greek
  883A Honor Armenian
  883A Girl Outwits Three Men Arab
ATU 883B Punished Seducer 883B Fanfinette and the King ' s Son French
ATU 884 The forgotten fiancee: Service as a Menial 884 Twelve Huntsmen German
  884 Twelve Huntsmen German
  884 King of Portugal's Son Italian
  884 Swallow Greek
  884 Princess Plumpkins (Pachoulenia) Greek

ATU 884 Forsaken Fiance: Service as Menial (formerly AT 884B*) 884B* Is it a Girl? Is it a Boy? Greek
ATU 884 Forsaken Fiancee: Service as a Menial 884B Girl Who Pretended to be a Boy Romanian
  884B Fanta-Ghiro the Beautiful Italian
  884B Is it a Girl? Is it a Boy? Greek
ATU 885A Woman Feigns Death 885A Gay Goshawk British
ATU 887 Griselda 887 Nut-Brown Maid British
ATU 888 The Faithful Wife 888 Lute Player Russiann
ATU 888A Wife Who Would Not be Beaten 888A Right Nought British
ATU 889 Wager on the Faithfulness of the Servant 889 Steward Truth Italian
ATU 890 The Pound of Flesh 890 White Onion Chilean
ATU 891 The Man Who Deserts his Wife 891 Three Measures of Salt Greek
  891 Catherine the Wise Italian
  891 Sultan's Camp Follower Arab
ATU 891A Crystal Palace 891A Girl shut up in a Tower Greek
ATU 891B* King's Glove 891B* Left-Hand Squire Italian
ATU 891B* King's Glove 891B* Lion Who Walked in the Garden Israeli
ATU 893 The Unreliable Friends. 893 True Friendship British
ATU 893 The Unreliable Friends. 893 Tests of Friendship Arab
ATU 894 Ghoulish Schoolmaster and the Stone of Pity 894 Sleeping Prince Greek
  894 Nourie Hadig Armenian
  894 Deceived Girl and the Stone of Suffering Israeli
  894 Lost Shoe of Gold Arab
ATU 897 Orphan Girl and Her Cruel Sister-in-Law 897 Seven Giant Brothers Armenian
ATU 898 The Daughter of the Sun 898 Terrible Head Unattributed
  898 Sunchild Unattributed
  898 Silent Princess Greek
  898 Silent Princess Turkish
  898 Daughter of the Sun Italian
  898 White Doe French
AT 898* Daughter to Be Given the Sun when Twelve (no ATU) 898* Maroula Greek
ATU 899 Alcestis 899 Look in Your Own Backyard US West Virginia
ATU 900 King Thrushbeard 900 Baron's Haughter Daughter German
  900 Mincing Princess Italian
  900 Haaken Grizzle beard Norway
  900 Cannetella Italian
  900 The Comte de Mes Comtes French
  900 King Thrushbeard German
  900 Hacon Grizzlebeard Norse
AT 900A The Girl with a Goat Face (no ATU) 900A Goat-Faced GIRL Italian
  900A Invisible Grandfather Italian
  900A Buffalo Head Italian
ATU 901 Taming of the Shrew 901 You Haven't Packed the Saddle United States
  901 Taming the Shrew Russian
ATU 902* The Lazy Woman is Cured 902* Lazybone Hungarian
  902* Lazybones Hungarian
ATU 903A* Quick-Tempered Maiden 903A* Watchers at the Well British
ATU 910A Father's Precepts Disregarded 910A Master Vavasour and Turpin his Man British
ATU 910A Father's Precepts Disregarded (formerly AT 911*) 911* Three Words of Advice Greek
  911* We Two Against Fortune Arab
  911* Father's Advice Arab

ATU 910B Observance of the Master's Precepts 910B Tinner of Chyannor British
  910B Three Words of Advice Greek
  910B The Tale of Ivan Celtic
  910B Tale of Ivan British
  910B Wisely Spent Armenian
  910B Three good Advices British
  910B Gobborn Seer British
  910B Patient Suitor Armenian
  910B Five Counsels Mexican
  910B Cheater-cheated Russian
  910B Long Wait US West Virginia
  910B Yalla-Britches British
  910B Pottle of Brains British
  910B Tale Within a Tale Arab
ATU 910D Treasure Behind the Nail 910D Spendthrift Son Israeli
  910D Heir of Linne British
  910D Spendthrift Son US West Virginia
ATU 910F Quarreling Sons and the Bundle of Twigs 910F Vinegrower, the Priest, the Frankish Priest, and the Chotzas Greek
ATU 910G Man Buys a Pennyworth of Wit 910G Wisely Spent Armenian
  910G Advice that Cost a Thousand Ryo Japanesse
  910G Pottle of Brains British
  910G Pottle o' Brains English
AT 915B Clean Sister and the Dirty Sister (no ATU) 915B Souillon French
ATU 920A Case of the Boiled Eggs 920A Eggs Greek
ATU 921 The King and the Farmer's Son 921 Farmer Gag's Clever Son British
  921 Right Answer to the Right Question Israeli
  921 King and the Tanner British
  921 Lord Craven British
  921 Discreet Answers British
  921 Pedro de Urdemalas and the Priest Mexican
  921 King and the Hermit British
  921 King Matyas and his Scholars Hungarian
  921 Jack Hornby British
  921 Jack and the Vicar British
  921 Under the Earth I go British
  921 Clever Boy British
  921 King and the Northern Man British
ATU 921A Sharing of Bread or Money 921A Riddles Russian
  921A King and the Basket Weaver Greek
ATU 921B* Beggar, Thief, Murderer 921B* Friar who told the Three Children's Fortunes British
ATU 921C* Astronomer and Doctor at Farmer's House 921C* Otto's Astronomer, Watchmaker, and Doctor Greek
ATU 921D* Witty Answers 921D* Sharing Joy and Sorrow German
  921D* Djuha and the Donkey Arab
  921D* Djuha and the Tough Chicken Arab
  921D* Djuha Fries Quails Arab
  921D* Djuha and the Hunter's Gift Arab
  921D* Djuha in His Old Age Arab
  921D* Abu Nuwas and the Hundred Eggs Arab
  921D* The Truth Arab

ATU 921E* The Potter 921E* Potter Russian
ATU 921F* Plucking Geese 921F* Clever Answers Russian
ATU 922 The Shepherd Substituting for the Clergyman Answers the Kings Questions 922 King John and the Abbot Canterbury English
  922 Independent Bishop British
  922 Little Shepherd Boy German
  922 Parson and the Sexton Norwegian
  922 King John and the Abbot of Canterbury British
  922 Two Little Scotch Boys English
  922 Three Questions British
  922 Dispute in Sign Language Israeli
  922 What Melody is the Sweetest? Israeli
  922 Two Little Scotch Boys British
  922 Famer's Answers Irish
  922 Three Questions Irish
  922 King Matt and the Wise Old Farmer US West Virginia
  922 Dsipute in Sign Language Israel
  922 Three Questions Mexican
  922 Story of the Miller British
ATU 922B The King's Face on the Coin 922B King Matyas and his Scholars Hungarian
  922B King and the Basket Weaver Greek
ATU 923 Love Like Salt 923 The Goose-Girl at the Well German
  923 Cap o' Rushes British
  923 Sugar and Salt British
  923 Princess who loved her Father like Salt Greek
  923 Three Killed Florrie, Florrie Killed Ten African-American
  923 Dear as Salt Italian
  923 Old Woman's Hide Italian
ATU Princess Who Was Responsible for her Own Fortune 923B Wisely Spent Armenian
  923B Who Is Blessed with the Realm, Riches, and Honor? Israeli
ATU 924 Discussion in Sign Language 924A Dsipute in Sign Language Israel
  924A Dispute in Sign Language Israeli
  924B Professor of Signs British
  924B Wise Man and Bahlul Arab
ATU 926A Clever Judge and the Demon in the Pot 926A Ghost of a Brahman Indian
ATU 926C Cases Solved in a Manner Worthy of Solomon 926C King Who Changed His Way Arab
  926C Justice Arab
ATU 927 Out-riddling the Judge 927 Under the Earth I go British
ATU 929 Clever Defences 929 Si'Djeha and the Qadi's Coat Arab
ATU 930 The Prophecy 930 Rich Peter the Pedlar Norse
  930 Dragon and the Enchanted Filly Italian
  930 Fish and the Ring British
  930 Fairest of all Others British
  930 Man born to be King Greek
  930 Stepney Lady British
  930 The Fish and the Ring English
  930 Bride who had never been Kissed British
  930 Abraham Our Father and the Dogs Israeli
  930 Chance and the Poor Man Greek
  930 Emperor's Lesson Armenian
  930 Ismailian Merchant Italian
  930 Tanzana and the Dyeer Armenian
  930 With God's Will All is Possible Israeli
  930 What Is Inscribed on the Brow the Eye Will See Arab
  930 What God Wrote Cannot be Unwritten Arab

ATU 930A Predestined Wife 930A Ordering of the Fates Greek
ATU 931 Oedipus 931 Curse laid on Rosa Greek
ATU 934 Tales of the Predestined Death 934 Foretelling the Future Armenian
  934 No Escape from Fate Israeli
ATU 934 Tales of the Predestined Death (subsumed AT 934A) 934A Girl Fated to Die by Snakebite Indian
ATU 938 Placidas 938 Slave Mother Italian
  938 Catherine and Her Destiny Italian
  938 Shepherd's Dream Armenian
ATU 938A Misfortunes in Youth 938A Ill-fated Princess Greek
ATU 938B Better in Youth 938B Sultan Hasan Egyptian
ATU 939A Killing the Returned Soldier 939A Son Murdered by His Parents English
  939A Jack White's Gibbet English
ATU 945 Luck and Intelligence. 945 Silent Princess Greek
  945 Luck and Good Sense Greek
  945 Four Men and One Miracle Arab
AT 946A* Baldak Borisievich (no ATU) 946A* Baldak Borisievich Russian
ATU 947 The Man Followed by Bad Luck 947 "I've Seen it with My Own Eyes, Nobody Told Me" Egyptian
ATU 947A Bad Luck can not be Arrested 947A Tailor and His Luck Locked Up Israeli
  947A When the Wheel of Fortune Turns Israeli
  947A Sackmaker Greek
  947A God Disposes Arab
ATU 947A Luck Cannot be Arrested (subsumes 947B*) 947B* Queen of the Planets Irish
ATU 950 Rhampsinitus 950 Quico and Caco Chilean
  950 Hagop's Wish Armenian
  950 Prince Ferdinand German
  950 Thief in the King's Treasury Greek
  950 A Brother's Love Israeli
  950 Story of the Robbers Armenian
ATU 952 The King and the Soldier 952 The Boot of Buffalo Leather German
ATU 953 The Robber and His Sons 953 Three Tales by Three Sons of Three Merchants Italian
ATU 954 The Forty Thieves (Ali Baba) 954 Wise Maiden and Seven Robbers Russian
  954 Jewel Stone Chilean
  954 Simeli Mountain German
ATU 955 The Robber Bridegroom 955 Mr. Fox's Courtship English
  955 Mr Fox's Courtship British
  955 Marriage of a Queen and a Bandit Italian
  955 Old Foster United States
  955 Bobby Rag British
  955 Mr. Fox English
  955 Cellar of Blood British
  955 The Robber Bridegroom German
  955 Mr Fox British
  955 Girl who got up a Tree British

ATU 956 Hot Chamber in the House of Robbers 956A Black and his Master British
ATU 956B Clever Maiden Alone at Home Kills the Robbers 956B Hand British
  956B One-Handed Murderer Italian
  956B Robber Captain Greek
  956B The Girl and the Thief French
  956B The Robbers Russian
ATU 960 The Sun Brings All to Light 960 Sidi 'Aabdul-Rahman Egyptian
  960 There is Righteousness Armenian
  960 The Bright Sun will bring it to light German
ATU 926C Cases Solved In a Manner Worthy of Solomon (formerly AT 964) 964 Thief detected British
ATU 968 Miscellaneous Robber and Murder Stories 968 Pride Goeth before a Fall Indian
ATU 973 Man as Sacrifice to the Storm 973 Brown Robyn's Confession British
ATU 974 The Homecoming Husband 974 Two Irish Lads in Canada British
  974 Hind Horn British
ATU 980 Ungrateful Son 980 Old Grandfather and his Grandson German
ATU 980D Meat Springs as a Toad on the Face of an Ungrateful Son 980D The Ungrateful Son German
ATU 981 Wisdom of Hidden Old Man Saves Kingdom 981 Mountain Where Old People were Abandoned Japanese
  981 Mountain Where Old People Were Abandoned Japanesse
ATU 982 Pretended Inheritance 982 Ungrateful Sons British
ATU 987 False Magician Exposed by Clever Girl 987 Rooster Beam German
ATU 990 Seemingly Dead Revives 990 Thievish Sexton English
  990 Buried Alive African-American
  990 Buried Alive United States
ATU 992A Adulteress's Penance 992A Riddle Greek
  992A Moor's Bones Italian