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Linked ATU Tales: ATU 2000 - 2399 Formula Tales

ATU 2000 - 2399 Formula Tales

ATU Title AT Title Origin
ATU 2012 The Days of the Week 2012 Priest who made Baskets British
ATU 2013 "There was once a woman, the woman had a son." 2013 Round Mexican
ATU 2014 Chains Involving Contradictions or Extremes 2014 Tall Tale Arab
  2014A Good and Bad News British
ATU 2015 The goat that would not go home 2015 Ram in the Chile Patch Mexican
  2015 Skinned Goat German
ATU 2016 Wee Wee Woman 2016 The Wee Wee Mannie English
  2016 Wee, wee Mannie British
ATU 2019 Pif-Paf-Poltrie 2019 Fair Katrinelje and PifPaf Poltrie German
ATU 2021 The Rooster and the Hen 2021 The Cock and Hen a-Nutting Norse
  2021 The Death of the Little Hen German
ATU 2022 Death of the Little Hen 2022 Tale of the Little Sausage and the Little Mouse German
  2022 Little Louse and Little Flea German
  2022 Flech an' da Loose shackin' dir sheets British
  2022 Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse English
  2022 The Rat and the She Rat French
  2022 Death of Mosquito Indian
  2022 Flea and the Louse British
  2022 Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse British
ATU 2023 Little Ant Marries 2023 Little Cockroach Martina Cuban
  2023 Sister Cat Italian
  2023 Perez the Mouse Mexican
  2023 Perez the Mouse Mexican
ATU 2025 The Fleeing Pancake 2025 The Wee Bannock English
  2025 Wee Bannock British
  2025 Little Cake British
ATU 2028 Devouring Animal That Was Cut Open 2027 Tabby Who was Such a Terrible Glutton Norwegian
  2028 Whale that followed the Ship British
ATU 2029 Chains of Events 2029 Crystal Rooster Italian
  2029 Story of about a Darning-Needle Unattributed
  2029 The Stars in the Sky English
  2029 Nightingale That Shrieked Arab
AT 2029C* Series of Things Acquired by Mouse (no ATU) 2029C* Tale of the Mouse Indian
ATU 2030 The Old Woman and Her Pig 2030 Old Woman and her Pig British
  2030 Cat and the Mouse British
  2030 The Old Woman and her Pig English
  2030 I went to Market British
  2030 The Cat and the Mouse English
  2030 Wife and her Bush of Berries British
  2030 Chain of Won'ts African-American
ATU 2031 Stronger and Strongest 2031 Little Ant Mexican
  2031 The Thrush Chilean
ATU 2031C Mightiest Being as Husband for the Daughter 2031C Husband of Rat's Daughter African
  2031C Mole's Bridegroom Japanesse
ATU 2032 Healing of the Injured Animal 2032 Little Hen French

ATU 20C Animals Flee in Fear of the End of the World (formerly AT 2033) 2033 Cickie Birdie British
  2033 Chick-Licken British
  2033 Hen and her Fellow-travellers British
  2033 Henny Penny British
  2033 The Cock and Hen that went to the Dovrefell Norse
ATU 2034 The Mouse Regains its Tail 2034 Cat and the Mouse British
  2034 How the Fox Got Back His Tail Arab
AT 2034D Bird's Pea Gets Stuck in Socket of Mill-handle (no ATU) 2034D Crow and the Sparrow Indian
  2034D Parrots and the Carpenter's Scale Indian
ATU 2035 The House That Jack Built 2035 House the Jack Built British
ATU 2039 The Horseshoe Nail 2039 The Nail German
ATU 2040 The Climax of Horrors 2040 From Bad to Worse Armenian
  2040 Munuck Armenian
  2040 News British
  2040 News! English
  2040 How Si'Djeha Staved Off Hunger Arab
ATU 2042A* Trial Among the Animals 2042A* Why the Ow Fruit Drops in March Indian
  2042A* Sharpening the Dagger Indian
ATU 106 Animal's Conversation (formerly AT 2075) 2075 Talking Animals Mexican
ATU 2204 The Dog's Cigar 2204 Two Rings British
ATU 2260 Golden Key 2260 Golden Key German
ATU 2300 Endless Tales 2300 Endless Tale British
  2300 Endless Story Japanesse
  2300 The Black One , the White One , and the Plucked One French
ATU 2013 "There was once a woman, the woman had a son." (formerly AT 2320) 2320 Round Mexican
ATU 2335 Tales Filled With Contradictions 2335 Five Men British
  2335 Once There Were Three Egyptian