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Linked ATU Tales: ATU 300 - 559 Tales of Magic

ATU 300 - 559 Tales of Magic

ATU Title AT Title Origin
ATU 300 The Dragon-Slayer 300 Three Brothers and the three Tasks British
  300 Three Dogs German
  300 Black Crow and the White Cheese Egyptian
  300 Five Counsels Mexican
  300 Monster's Hairs Armenian
  300 Widow's Son Irish
  300 Story of Hedgy US West Virginia
  300 Jack and Bill Irish
  300 The Little Bull-Calf English
  300 Janni and the Draken Unattributed
  300 Ilya Muromets and the Dragon Russian
  300 Anthousa the Fair with Golden Hair Greek
  300 The Red Ettin English
  300 Mari Girgis and the Beast Egyptian
  300 Three Dogs Italian
  300 Shortshanks Norse
  300 Nikita the Tanner Russian
  300 Bad Boy Who Became a Knight US West Virginia
  300 Trip to "Wag-el-Wag" Egyptian
  300 Assipattle and the Mester Stoorworm British
  300 St George for Merry England British
  300 Red Etin British
  300 Jack and the King's Daughter British
  300 Flower Queen's Dauther Bukovina
  300 Three Brothers German
  300 Widow's Son and the King's Daughter British
  300 Red Etin Scottish
  300 Jack the Giant Killer 1 British
  300 How Geirald the Coward was Punished Icelandic
  300 Little Bull-Calf British
  300 The Seven - Headed Monster French
  300 Lambton Worm British
  300 Shippei Taro Japanesse
  300 St George and the Dragon Greek
  300 Two Brothers US West Virginia
  300 Dragon of the North Estonian
  300 Twin Brothers Greek
  300 Schippeitaro Japanese
  300 Seven-Headed Serpent Greek
  300 World Below Armenian
  300 The Wise Men of Gotham English
  300 History of Jack Giant-Killer Scotland
  300 Story of Pretty Goldilocks French
ATU 300A The Fight on the Bridge 300A Ivan the Peasant's Son and the Thumb-sized Man Russian


ATU 301 Three Stolen Princesses 301 Dirt Boy Japanesse
  301 Little Gray Man German
  301 Prince Ivan and Byely Polyanin Russian
  301 Fire Boy Japanesse
  301 Gnome German
  301 The Oni's Laughter Japanesse
  301 The Bear's Husband Chinese
  301 Story of Bensurdatu Italian
  301 Norka Unattributed
  301 Shepherd Paul Hungarian
  301 Three Brothers German
  301 Three Stolen Princesses Chilean
  301 Juan Oso Mexican
  301 Dawn,evening, and midnight Russian
  301 Three Princesses in the Mountain-in-the-Blue Norwegian
ATU 301 Three Stolen Princesses (subsumed 301A) 301A Flowers That Vanished in the Night Arab
  301A Blue Mountains Unattributed
  301A Underworld Adventure Greek
  301A Golden Ball Italian
  301A The Big Bird Dan Norse
  301A World Below Armenian
  301A Little Redman British
  301A Rubezahl German
  301A Three Fairies of Sandy Batoum Greek
  301A Little Red Hairy Man British
  301A Man Wreathed In Seaweed Italian
ATU 301 Three Stolen Princesses (subsumed 301B) 301B Ivan the Peasant's Son and the Thumb-sized Man Russian
  301B Son of the Cow with a Broken Horn Hungarian
  301B Son of the Gray Horse Armenian
ATU 301D* Princess's Ring 301D* Bird Dam Norway
ATU 302 Ogre's (Devil's) Heart in the Egg 302 Son of the Gray Horse Armenian
  302 Trip to "Wag-el-Wag" Egyptian
  302 Crystal Mountain Russian
  302 Koshchey the Deathless Russian
  302 The Giant who had no Heart in his Body Norse
  302 Widow's Son and an Old Man British
  302 Ogre' Soul Armenian
  302 Juan Oso Mexican
  302 Prince and Dragon Serbian
  302 Troll's Daughter Danish
  302 King of the Animals Italian
  302 Pressemolina Italian
  302 Mermaid and the Poor Fisherman Chilean


ATU 303 The Twins or Blood-Brothers 303 Allison Gross British
  303 Dragon with Seven Heads Italian
  303 Twin Brothers Greek
  303 Child Rowland British
  303 Al-Black and All-White Norway
  303 Two Ivans, Soldiers Sons Russian
  303 Two Brothers US West Virginia
  303 Twin Brothers Unattributed
  303 Shortshanks Norse
  303 Crab and the Golden Eggs Italian
  303 Black Jack and White Jack African-American
  303 Shippei Taro Japanesse
  303 Red Etin Scottish
  303 Draglin Hogney British
  303 Knights of Fish Spanish
  303 Ivan the Cow's Son Russian
  303 Two Brothers Italian
  303 Fisherman Chilean
  303 Three Brothers German
  303 The Prince and the Fakir Indian
  303 Story of Johnnie and his younger brother Greek
  303 Three-legged Hare British
  303 Nine-Seeded Apple Armenian
  303 The King of the Fishes European
  303 Younger Brother rescues the Elder Greek
ATU 303A Brothers Seek Sisters as Wives 303A Trip to "Wag-el-Wag" Egyptian
  303A Eleven Brothers and Eleven Sisters US West Virginia
  303A Man without a Heart Unattributed
ATU 304 Dangerous Night-Watch 304 Three Brothers German
  304 Ogre' Soul Armenian
  304 Monk Greek
  304 Giant-Slayer Armenian
  304 Niels and the Giants Unattributed
  304 White-milk Deer British
  304 Jack and Bill Irish
  304 The Trained Huntsman German
  304 Clever Daniel Armenian
AT 305A The Sword of Wisdom (no ATU) 305A Sword of Wisdom Canadian
ATU 306 The Danced-out Shoes 306 The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces German
  306 Elena the Wise Russian
  306 Twelve Dancing Princesses Unattributed
  306 Giant-Slayer Armenian
ATU 307 The Princess in the Coffin 307 Jean of Bordeaux French
  307 Enchanted Princess German
  307 Sorceress Russian
  307 Son of the Gray Horse Armenian
  307 Princess in the Chest Danish


ATU 310 Maiden in the Tower 310 King of Denmark's Son Italian
  310 Garden Witch Italian
  310 Canary Prince Italian
  310 Rapunzel German
  310 Golden Hair, or The Little Frog French
  310 Louliyya, Daughter of Morgan Egyptian
  310 Rapunzel German
  310 Prunella Unattributed
ATU 311 Rescue by the Sister 311 Tale of the Faderawisch German
  311 Human Flesh to Eat Greek
  311 Three Chicory Gatherers Italian
  311 Perrifool British
  311 Seven Cauldrons Bubbling Arab
  311 The Hare's Bride German
  311 Silver Nose Italian
  311 Hen is Tripping in the Mountain Norway
  311 The Old Dame and bee Hen Norse
  311 Captain Murderer British
  311 Fitcher's Bird German
  311 Old Rinkrank German
ATU 312 Maiden-Killer 312 Girl who Married the Devil German
  312 Blue Beard French
ATU 312D Rescue by the Brother 312D Child Rowland British
  312D Born of his Mother's Tears Greek
  312D Childe Rowland English


ATU 313 The Magic Flight 313 Green Sleeves British
  313 Prince Who Wanted to See the World Portuguese
  313 Daughter Greengown British
  313 Green Man of Knowledge British
  313 White-milk Deer British
  313 Fiorendino: or the Forgotten Bride Greek
  313 Mastermind Norway
  313 The Devil and His Three Daughters French
  313 Leaves that hung but never grew British
  313 King Kojata Russiann
  313 Black Dog of the Wild Forest British
  313 Black Cloak British
  313 Grateful Prince Estonian
  313 The Mastermaid Norse
  313 Billiards Player Italian
  313 Water Nixie German
  313 Unlooked-for-Prince Slavic
  313 Blancaflor Mexican
  313 Silly Jack and the wee Robin British
  313 The Orange Tree French
  313 Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise Russian
  313 Master-Maid Norwegian
  313 The Master-Maid European
  313 Foundling-Bird German
  313 Iron Pestle and the Girl with the Donkey's Head Arab
  313 Nicht Nought Nothing British
  313 Clever Pat British
  313 The Witch's Daughter Chinese
  313 Louliyya, Daughter of Morgan Egyptian
  313 The Two Kings' Children German
  313 White Dove Danish
  313 Abo Beckeer Armenian
  313 Anthousa the Fair with Golden Hair Greek
  313 Story of Fiorendino Greek
  313 Story of Dschemil and Dschemila African
  313 Glass Axe Hungarian
ATU 313E* The Sister's Flight 313E* Prince Danila Govorila Russian
ATU 313 The Magic Flight (subsumed 313H*) 313H* Baba Yaga Russian
ATU 314 Goldener 314 The Seven Foals Norse
  314 The Boy Whose Mother Wanted to Throw Him In Boiling Water French
  314 Monster's Hairs Armenian
  314 Mangy One Italian
  314 Fire Boy Japanesse
  314 Prince of the Sword Chilean
  314 Magician's Horse Unattributed
  314 Prince in Disguise Greek
  314 Paperarelloo Italian
  314 Magic Filly Egyptian
  314 The Widow's Son Norse


ATU 313 Magic Flight (subsumes 314A) 314A Seven Colors Chilean
ATU 314A* Animal as Helper in the Flight 314A* Milk of wild beasts Russian
ATU 315 The Faithless Sister 315 Faithless Sister Chilean
  315 Clever Daniel Armenian
ATU 315A The Cannibal Sister 315A Strigla Greek
ATU 316 The Nix of the Mill-Pond 316 The Nixie in the Pond German
  316 Nixy German
  316 Story of Yara Brazilian
  316 Mermaid and the Poor Fisherman Chilean
ATU 321 Eyes Recovered from Witch 321 The Son of Seven Queens Indian
ATU 325 The Magician and his Pupil 325 Master and Pupil Danish
  325 Magic Book Danish
  325 The Thief and His Master German
  325 Farmer Weathersky Norse
  325 The Maghrabi's Apprentice Egyptian
  325 Farmer WeatherBeard Norwegian
  325 Boy Magician Arab
  325 Pupil Who Excelled His Master Israeli
  325 School of Salamanca Italian
  325 Two Witches United States
  325 Master and Pupil Greek
ATU 325* Sorcerer's Apprentice 325* Master and his Pupil British
  325* The Master and his Pupil English
ATU 326 The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Is 326 Man who went to find Fear Greek
  326 Yann the Fearless French
  326 Boy who feared Nothing British
  326 Tale of a Youth Who Set Out to Learn What Fear Was German
  326 Headless Dwarfs Estonian
  326 Man who did not know fear Russian
  326 Boy Who Found Fear at Last Turkish
  326 The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear German
  326 Dauntless Girl British
  326 Waiting for Martin African-American
  326 Good Fortune Kettle Japanesse
  326 Ashypelt British
  326 I'm Going to Fall African-American
  326 Fearless Simpleton Italian
  326 Wager won British
  326 Queen of the Three Mountains of Gold Italian


ATU 326A* Soul Released from Torment 326A* Haunted Castle British
  326A* Three golden balls British
  326A* Cutler and the Tinker British
  326A* Twopenny Priss British
  326A* Black Cat British
  326A* Grey Castle British
  326A* Soldier in the Haunted House Irish
  326A* Lousy Jack and his eleven Brothers British
  326A* King of Cats British
ATU 326B* The Youth and the Corpse 326B* Resurrection Men British
  326B* Down the Rotten Row British
  326B* Man who didn't believe in Ghosts and 'Chantments British
ATU 327 The Children and the Ogre 327 Mally Whuppie British
  327 Black Brottie British
  327 Mr Miacca British
  327 Woodcutter's Wealthy Sister Arab
  327 Molly Whuppie English
  327 Little Guava Mexican
  327 Jean and Jeannette French
  327 Witch Russiann
ATU 327A Hansel and Gretel 327A Johnnie and Grizzle European
  327A Hansel and Gretel German
  327A Chick Italian
  327A Hansel and Grettel German
  327A The Oni and the Three Children Japanesse
ATU 327B The Brothers and the Ogre 327B Esben and the Witch Danish
  327B Little Thumb French
ATU 327C Devil (Witch) Carries the Hero home in a sack 327C Fairy Jip and Witch One-Eye British
  327C Buttermilk Jack British
  327C Tib and the Old Witch British
  327C Petie Pete versus Witch Bea-Witch Italian
  327C Butterball Norwegian
  327C Buttercup Norse
ATU 327G Brothers at the Witch's House 327G Boots and the Troll Norse


ATU 328 Boy Steals the Ogre's Treasure 328 Jack and the Beanstalk English
  328 Jack and the Beanstalk Unattributed
  328 Jack and the Giants British
  328 Molly Whuppie English
  328 Jack the Giant Killer English
  328 Esben and the Witch Danish
  328 The Wang-Uang's Magic Cap Chinese
  328 Lost Prince Chilean
  328 Jack and the Beanstalk 2 British
  328 Jack and the Beanstalk 1 British
  328 Rooster-Brother Armenian
  328 How the Stalos Were Tricked Lapp
  328 Jack and the Beanstalk 3 British
  328 How the Dragon Was Tricked Greek
  328 Boy called Thirteen Greek
  328 Tabagnino the Hunchback Italian
  328 Cock and the hand mill Russian
  328 History of Jack Giant-Killer Scotland
ATU 328A Jack and the Beanstalk 328A Csucskari Hungarian
ATU 329 Hiding from the Princess 329 Wandering Soldier Chilean
  329 Mule Irish
  329 Princess Elisa French
  329 King of Ireland's Son Irish
AT 329A* Man Who Sold His Shadow (no ATU) 329A* Man Who Sold His Shadow US West Virginia
ATU 330 The Smith and the Devil 330 Devil, Death, and Simon Greene US West Virginia
  330 Blacksmith who sold himself to the Devil British
  330 Legend of Twardowski US West Virginia
  330 Jump into My Sack Italian
  330 Willy the Wisp Irish
  330 The Master-Smith Norse
  330 Smith and the Devil British
  330 Pedro de Ordimalas United States
  330 Carpenter's Tale Indian
  330 Old Smith British
  330 Man who wouldn't go out at Night British
  330 Gambling Hansel German
  330 Three Wishes Irish
  330 Dule upon Dun British
ATU 330 The Smith and the Devil (subsumed 330*) 330* Pedro Urdimale Gest into Heaven Chilean
ATU 330 The Smith and the Devil (subsumed 330A) 330A Pedro the Blacksmith Chilean
ATU 330 The Smith and the Devil (subsumed 330B) 330B Legend of Twardowski US West Virginia
  330B The Lad and the Deil Norse


ATU 331 The Spirit in the Bottle 331 Yallery Brown English
  331 Virgilius the Sorcerer Unattributed
  331 The Spirit in the Glass Bottle German
  331 Yallery Brown British
ATU 332 Godfather Death 332 Shepherd and the Three Diseases Greek
  332 Just man for Godfather Greek
  332 The Godfather German
  332 Godmother US West Virginia
  332 Godfather Death German
  332 Town That Had Faith in God Israeli
  332 Soul-Taking Angel Armenian
  332 Boy with the Beer Keg Norwegian
  332 Contract with Azreal Egyptian
ATU 332 Godfather Death (subsumed AT 332A*) 332A* Shepherd and the Three Diseases Greek
ATU 333 Little Red Riding Hood 333 Finn and the Dragon British
  333 False Grandmother Italian
  333 The Golden Chain from Heaven Japanesse
  333 True History of Little Golden Hood French
  333 Little Red Cap German
  333 Little Red Riding Hood Unattributed
  333A Uncle Wolf Italian
ATU 334 Household of the Witch 334 Frau Trude German
ATU 335 Death' Messengers 335 Death's Messengers German
ATU 360 Bargain of the Three Brothers and the Devil 360 The Three Journeymen German
  360 Three Traveling Artisans German
ATU 361 Bear-skin 361 Bearskin German
  361 Don Giovanni de la Fortuna Italian
  361 Three Traveling Artisans German
  361 Coat or the Task British
  361 Devil's Breeches Italian
  361 Road to Hell German
ATU 363 The Corpse-Eater 363 Vampire Russian
  363 Wanted a Husband British
ATU 365 Dead Bridegroom Carries off His Bride 365 Seven Bones US West Virginia
ATU 366 The Man from the Gallows 366 Old Man at the White House British
  366 Peggy with the Wooden Leggy British
  366 Bone British
  366 Lady that went to Church British
  366 Ma Uncle Sandy British
  366 Lazy Maiden Russian
  366 The Golden Arm English
  366 Golden Arm British
  366 Teeny-Tiny English
  366 Liver British
  366 Teeny-tiny British


ATU 400 Man on a Quest for His Lost Wife 400 Dove Girl Italian
  400 Handsome Andras Hungarian
  400 The Drummer German
  400 Iron Pestle and the Girl with the Donkey's Head Arab
  400 Mountain of Jewels and the Dove-Maiden Greek
  400 Woman Who Came Down from Heaven Japanesse
  400 The Swan Maidens European
  400 Three Black Princesses German
  400 The Raven German
  400 Enchanted Palace Italian
  400 Soria Moria Castle Norse
  400 Jose Guerne Chilean
  400 Maiden Tsar Russian
  400 Three Princesses in Whittenland Norway
  400 The Iron Pot French
  400 Wild Edric British
  400 Country of the Beautiful Gardens Armenian
  400 Nine Pea-Hens and Golden Apples Serbian
ATU 400 Man on a Quest for His Lost Wife (subsumed AT 400*) 400* Singing Bride British
ATU 400 Man on a Quest for His Lost Wife (subsumed AT 401A) 401A Enchanted Princess Russian
  401A Soria Moria Castle Norse
  401A Two Sea Merchants Italian
  401A Quest for the Fair One of the World Greek
  401A Tritill, Litill, and the Birds Hungarian
  401A King of the Golden Mountain German
  401A Queen of the Three Mountains of Gold Italian
ATU 402 The Animal Bride 402 Doll i' the Grass Norse
  402 The Piece of Cloth French
  402 Prince Who Married a Frog Italian
  402 Monkey Palace Italian
  402 Little Frog Chilean
  402 Animal Wife Greek
  402 Enchanted Lake Greek
  402 The Three Feathers German
  402 Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat German
  402 Golden Hair , or The Little Frog French
  402 Frog Italian
  402 White Cat French
  402 Puddocky German
  402 Frog Princess Russian
ATU 402* Princess Who Scorned and Unloved Suitor 402* Bewitched Princess US West Virginia
ATU 402A* Princess Transformed into a Toad 402A* Laidley Worm of Spindleston Heughs British
ATU 402A* Princess Transformed into a Toad 402A* Marriage of Sir Gawain British


ATU 403 The Black and the White Bride 403 Pippina the Serpent Italian
  403 Belmiele and Belsole Italian
  403 King of the Peacocks Italian
  403 White Duck Russian
  403 Merchant's daughter and the maidservant Russian
  403 The Three Little Men in the Woods German
  403 Lord Krishna's Wives Indian
  403 Fair, Brown, and Trembling Irish
  403 White Bride and the Black Bride German
  403 Witch in the Stone Boat Icelandic
  403 White Duck Unattributed
  403 Girl Who Spoke Jasmines and Lillies Arab
  403 Three Robes Icelandic
  403 Delgaina and the Snake Chilean
  403 Kecha Nahar Indian
  403 Bushy Bride Norwegian
  403 White Bird Sister Japanesse
  403 Bushy Bride Norse
  403 Yeghnig Aghpar Armenian
  403 Roses and Pearly Greek
ATU 403 Black and White Bride (subsumed AT 403A) 403A Brother and Sister Greek
ATU 403 The Black and White Bride (subsumed AT 403B) 403B Three Dwarfs German
ATU 405 Jorinde and Joringel 405 Jorinde and Joringel German
  405 Jorinde and Joringel German
  405 Tale Within a Tale Arab
AT 405A* Enchanted Girl Saved by Various Means (no ATU) 405A* Sheikh of the Lamps Arab
  405A* Fair Foster Child of the Ghoul Arab
  405A* Daughter of Buk Ettemsuch African
ATU 407 The Girl as a Flower 407 A Riddling Tale German
  407 Water-Lily. Gold-Spinners Unattributed
  407A Girl in the Bay-tree Greek
  407A Apple Girl Italian
  407B Vampire Russian
  407B Mrizala and Her Bridegroom, Death German
  407B Pretty Maid Ibronka Hungarian


ATU 408 The Three Oranges 408 Maiden of the Tree of Raranj and Taranj Arab
  408 Girl out of the Egg German
  408 Bad Negress Mexican
  408 Lovely Ilonka Hungarian
  408 Three Oranges Greek
  408 Little Shepherd Italian
  408 Love of the Three Pomegranates Italian
ATU 409A The Girl as Goat 409A Chicken Laundress Italian
ATU 410 Sleeping Beauty 410 Little Brier-Rose German
  410 Sleeping Beauty and Her Children Italian
  410 The Sleeping Beauty French
  410 Crystal Coffin German
  410 Sleeping Beauty Chilean
  410 Neapolitan Soldier Italian
  410 Sleeping Beauty in the Wood Unattributed
  410 The Glass Coffin German
ATU 412 Maiden with a Separable Soul in a Necklace 412 Dead Husband Indian
  412 Fairy Child Armenian
ATU 425 Search for the Lost Husband 425 Speckled Bull Irish
  425 Handmade King Italian
  425 Magic Box Armenian
  425 Ten Serpents Israeli
  425 The Gold Ball French
  425 Man Who Came Out Only at Night Italian
  425 Greenish Bird Mexican
  425 The Beast French
  425 Tamlane English
  425 Wonderful Sheep French
  425 Dough Prince US West Virginia
  425 Snail Choja Japanesse
  425 Feather of finist, the Bright Falcom Russian
  425 Fair as the Sun Greek


ATU 425A The Animal as Bridegroom 425A Enchanted Pig Romanian
  425A Hoodie-Crow Scottish
  425A King's Son in the Henhouse Italian
  425A East o' the Sun, and West o' the Moon Norse
  425A East of the Sun and West of the Moon Norwegian
  425A Master Semolina Greek
  425A Mouse with the Long Tail Italian
  425A Red Bull of Norroway British
  425A Snotty Goat Russian
  425A Girl who married and Animal Greek
  425A Cupid and Psyche Greek
  425A Iron Stove German
  425A The Unseen Bridegroom European
  425A Glass Mountains British
  425A White Wolf Unattributed
  425A White-Bear-King-Valemon Norwegian
  425A Enchanted Snake Unattributed
  425A Snake Prince Indian
  425A Glass Mountain British
  425A Ten Serpents Israeli
  425A Black Bull of Norroway British
  425A The Black Bull of Norroway Scottish
  425A Filo d'Oro and Filomena Italian
  425A The Iron Stove German
  425A Sprig of Rosemary Catalan
  425A The Black Bull of Norroway English
  425A Brown Bear of Norway Scottish
ATU 425C Beauty and the Beast 425C Gift to the youngest Daughter Greek
  425C Bellinda and the Monster Italian
  425C The Singing Springing Lark German
  425C Three Feathers British
  425C Beauty and the Beast European
  425C Small-Tooth Dog English
  425C Beauty and the Beast French
  425C Sorrow and Love British
ATU 425D The Vanished Husband 425D Crab Greek
  425D Golden Crab Greek
  425F Princess's Kerchief Greek
  425F Thieving Dove Italian
ATU 425A The Animal as Bridegroom 425G Nourie Hadig Armenian
  425G Sleeping Prince Greek
ATU 425B Son of the Witch 425J Man Who Was Rescued from Hell Irish
ATU 425E Enchanted Husband Sings Lullaby 425L Human Flesh to Eat Greek
  425L Sun and His Wife Greek


ATU 425B Son of the Witch 425N Crow Polish
ATU 426 Two Girls, the Bear, and the Dwarf ( Snow White and Rose Red) 426 Snow-White and Rose-Red German
  426 Snow-White and Rose-Red German
ATU 430 Donkey 430 The Little Donkey German
  430 Camel Husband Arab
ATU 431 The House in the Forest 431 House in the Wood German
  431 Hut in the Woods German
ATU 432 The Prince as a Bird 432 Little Orphan Girl Chilean
  432 Greenish Bird Mexican
  432 Earl Mar's Daughter British
  432 Blue Bird French
  432 Earl Mar's Daughter English
ATU 433B King Lindorm (formerly AT 433A) 433A Crab Prince Italian
  433A Beast that Took a Wife Egyptian
  433A Turtle and his Bride Native American
ATU 433B King Lindorm 433B Serpent King Italian
  433B Girl with two Husbands Greek
  433B King Lindorm Swedish.
ATU 440 The Frog King or Iron Henry 440 Frog Prince British
  440 Well of the World's End British
  440 Paddo British
  440 Frog Sweetheart British
  440 Frog and the Princess United States
  440 The Frog King, or Iron Heinrich German
  440 Frog British
ATU 441 Hans My Hedgehog 441 Jack My Hedgehog German
  441 King Crin Italian
  441 Hans My Hedgehog German
ATU 442 The Old Woman in the Forest 442 Old Woman in the Woods German
ATU 444* Enchanted Prince Disenchanted 444* Wounded Lion Catalan
  444* Habogi Icelandic
  444* Prince Ring Icelandic
  444* Enchanted Head MidEast/Central Asian
ATU 449 Sidi Numan 449 Queen Who Was a Witch Israeli
  449 Sure News if Up Aheard Egyptian


ATU 450 Little Brother and Little Sister 450 Sister Alionushka, Brother Ivanushka Russian
  450 Little boy and his elder sister Greek
  450 The Brother Who Was a Lamb French
  450 The Little Lamb and the Little Fish German
  450 Little Brother and Little Sister German
  450 Cruel Stepmother German
  450 Little Boy and his Elder Sister Greek
  450 Brother and Sister German
AT 450A Brother Who Was Turned Into a Snake (not ATU) 450A Allison Gross British
ATU 451 The Maiden who Seeks Her Brothers 451 Twelve Wild Ducks Norwegian
  451 Six Swans German
  451 Strigla Greek
  451 Twelve Brothers German
  451 The Ogre French
  451 Seven Giant Brothers Armenian
  451 Girl Who Banished Seven Youths Arab
  451 Seven Brothers British
  451 The Twelve Brothers German
  451 Six Brothers German
  451 Udea and Her Seven Brothers African
  451 Seven Ravens German
  451 Seven Ravens Greek
  451 Calf with the Golden Horns Italian
  451 Six Swans Unattributed
  451 Silent for Seven Years Italian
  451 Magic swan geese Russian
ATU 460B Journey in Search of Fortune 460B Lucky Luck Hungarian
  460B Chance and the Poor Man Greek
  460B Search for Luck Greek
ATU 461 Three Hairs from the Devil's Beard 461 Feathers from the Bird Venus German
  461 Queen of the Planets Irish
  461 The Three Gold Hairs from the Devil French
  461 Story of Three Wonderful Beggars Serbian
  461 Marco the rich and Vasily the luckless Russian
  461 Magic Box Armenian
  461 The Mason Wins the Prize Chinese
  461 Rich Peter the Pedlar Norse
  461 Feathered Ogre Italian
  461 The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs German
ATU 460A Journey to God 461A King of Snakes Armenian
ATU 460A Journey to God (Fortune) 461A King of Snakes Armenian
AT 463A* Prince Seeks His Father's Lost Friend (no ATU) 463A* Tale of a King, a Prince, and a Horse Hungarian


ATU 465 Man Persecuted because of his Beautiful Wife 465 The Pig That Warms the Ocean Chinese
  465 Huntsman Armenian
  465 Turtle Skin Armenian
  465 The Mason Wins the Prize Chinese
  465 One Sesame Seed Egyptian
  465 Wife's Portrait Japanesse
  465A Turtle and Chickpea Greek
  465A Woman Who Came Down from Heaven Japanesse
  465A Go I know not wither Russian
ATU 317 The Tree That Grows uo tp the Sky 468 Tree That Reached Up to the Sky Hungarian
  468 Tree That Reached Up to the Sky Hungarian
ATU 470 Friends in Life and Death 470 One Night in Paradise Italian
  470 Invited Guest US West Virginia
  470 "It Serves Me Right!" Egyptian
ATU 470B Land Where No One Dies 470* Usheen's Reture to Ireland Irish
ATU 471 The Bridge to the Otherworld 471 Seven Foals Norway
  471 Sheep and the Ram Canadian
ATU 471A Monk and the Bird 471A Priest Who had one Small Glimpse of Glory Mexican
AT 471A* A Visit in Hell (no ATU) 471A* Fiddler in hell Russian
ATU 475 The Man as Heater of Hell's Kettle 475 Magic shirt Russian
  475 The Devil's Sooty Brother German
ATU 476* In the Frog's House 476* Reward of a Midwife Israeli
  476* Fairy Frog Irish
  476* Fairy Nurse Irish
  476* Midwife and the Frog Hungarian


ATU 480 The Kind and the Unkind Girls 480 Man with the long Nose British
  480 Green Lady English
  480 Old Man Who Cut Bamboo Japanesse
  480 The Three Heads of the Well English
  480 Old Man Who Made Flowers Bloom Japanesse
  480 Tongue-cut Sparrow Japanesse
  480 St. Joseph in the Woods German
  480 Twelve Months Greek
  480 Maiden Bright-Eye Danish
  480 Little Watercress Girl British
  480 Wal at the World's End British
  480 Sparrow with Slit Tongue Japanese
  480 Bottle of Water from the World's End Well British
  480 Toads and Diamonds French
  480 Two Caskets Scandinavian
  480 Green Lady 1 British
  480 Two Women and the Twelve Months Greek
  480 The Two Step-Sisters Norse
  480 Story of King Frost Russiann
  480 The Old Witch English
  480 Gold in the Chimley United States
  480 Tolerance and Jealousy Indian
  480 Baba Yaga Russian
  480 Green Lady 2 British
  480 Water in the Basket Italian
  480 Yeghnig Aghpar Armenian
  480 Corpse Watchers Irish
  480 Glass House British
  480 Glass Ball British
  480 Tale of the Cats Italian
  480 Frau Holle German
  480 Enchanted Wreath Scandinavian
  480 Two Cousins Italian
  480 Mother Holle German
  480 Old Witch British
ATU 500 Name of the Supernatural Helper 500 Tom Tit Tot English
  500 King Olav, Master Building of Seljord Church Norway
  500 Rumpelstiltzkin German
  500 The Little Devil of the Forest French
  500 Rumpelstiltskin German
  500 Duffy and the Devil British
  500 Perrifool British
  500 Tom Tit Tot British
  500 Svein Unafraid Norway
  500 Whuppity-Stoorie 1 British
  500 King Olav, Master Builder of Trondheim Cathedral Norway
  500 Titty Tod British


ATU 501 The Three Old Spinning Women 501 Buzz-Buzz Aunty Armenian
  501 And Seven! Italian
  501 Habetrot British
  501 Habetrot and Scantlie Mab English
  501 Three Spinners German
  501 The Three Aunts Norse
  501 The Three Spinning Women German
  501 Whuppity-Stoorie 2 British
  501 Gypsy woman British
ATU 502 The Wild Man 502 Three for a Pot British
  502 Hairy Man Russiann
  502 Monster's Hairs Armenian
  502 Country of the Beautiful Gardens Armenian
  502 Iron Hans German
  502 Prince Ivan and Princess Martha Russian
  502 Gold-Bearded Man Hungarian
ATU 503 Gifts of the Little People 503 Two Humps British
  503 Old Men Who Had Wens Japanesse
  503 Monkey's Jizo-sama Japanesse
  503 That's Enough to go on with British
  503 Two Hunchbacks Italian
  503 Miser and the Fairies of the Gump British
  503 Gifts of the Little People German
  503 The Elves German
  503 Goblin Combe British
  503 Four Little Dwarfs Chilean
  503 Goblin Combe English
  503 Food and Fire and Company British
AT 503* Helpful Elves (no ATU) 503* Finger Lock British
AT 504 The Changeling (new Ashliman classification) 504 Inishkeen's on Fire Irish
  504 Brewery of Eggshells Celtic
AT 504 Changeling (new Ashlimann category) 504 Brewery of Eggshells Celtic
  504 Inishkeen's on Fire Irish
ATU 505 Grateful dead 505 Jack and the Ghosts British
  505 Grateful Fish Egyptian
  505 Boy and his Guardian or Kindness Rewarded Greek
  505 Four Eggs for a Penny British
  506 Joseph Ciufulo, Tiller-Flutist Italian
  506 John of Calais French
  506 Bald Man at the Funeral Arab
  506 Fair Brow Italian
  506 Golden Duck US West Virginia
  506 Box with Bones Israeli


ATU 507 The Monster's Bride 507A Companion Norwegian
  507A Red Etin British
  507A Jack and the Giants British
ATU 507 Monster's Bride (formerly 507C) 507C Box with Bones Israeli
ATU 507 Monster's Bride (formerly 507C) 507C Helpful Spirit Armenian
ATU 510 Cinderella and Peau d'Ane 510 True Bride German
  510 Dirty Shepherdess French
  510 Green Knight Danish
  510 Teja and Teji Indian
  510 Girl who went through Fire, Water, and the Golden Gate British
  510 Cinderella Chinese
  510 Dear as Salt Italian
ATU 510A Cinderella 510A Golden Slipper Russian
  510A Fair, Brown, and Trembling Irish
  510A Cinderella German
  510A Cinderella French
  510A Little Red Fish and the Clog of Gold Arab
  510A Katie Woodencloak Norse
  510A Cinderella French
  510A Cinder-Maid European
  510A Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper French
  510A Maria Cinderella Chilean
  510A Broken Pitcher British
  510A Ashpitel British
  510A Kari Woodengown Norwegian
  510A Cinderella Greek
  510A Rosina in the Oven Italian
  510A Benizara and Kakezara Japanesse
  510A Little Cinder-Girl British


ATU 510B Peau d'Ane 510B All-Kinds-Of-Fur German
  510B Girl whose Father wanted to marry her Greek
  510B Cap o' Rushes English
  510B Princess in the Suit of Leather Arab
  510B Golden Box Armenian
  510B Mossycoat British
  510B Little Stick Figure Chilean
  510B Catskin 2 the Princess and the Golden Cow British
  510B Mossycoat English
  510B Black Yow British
  510B Bear Unattributed
  510B Ashey-Pelt British
  510B Wooden Maria Italian
  510B Red Calf British
  510B Tattercoats British
  510B Rashin Coatie British
  510B Rashie-Coat British
  510B Cap o' Rushes British
  510B Donkey Skin French
  510B The She Donkey' s Skin French
  510B Grey Castle British
  510B Allerleiraugh, or the Many-Furred Creature German
  510B Tattercoats English
ATU 511 One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes 511 Little One-Eye, Little Two-Eyes, and Little Three-Eyes German
  511 Burenushka, the little red cow Russian
  511 One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes German
  511A Little Black Bull British
  511A Little Bull-calf, de three Giants, and de Fiery Dragon British
  511A The Little Bull-Calf English
ATU 513 Extraordinary Companions 513 Simpleton Italian
  513 Long, Broad, and Quickeye Slavic
  513 Eleven Brothers and Eleven Sisters US West Virginia


ATU 513A Six Go Through the Whole World 513A King of Ireland's Son Irish
  513A How Six Men Got On in the World German
  513A Dreamer and His Dream Armenian
  513A Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise Russian
  513A Seven Semyons Russian
  513A Ash Lad and the Good Helpers Norwegian
  513A The Six Servants German
  513A Dirt Boy Japanesse
ATU 513B Land and Water Ship 513B Flying Ship Russiann
  513B Story of Seven Simons