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Visitors: Courtesy Borrower Card

Courtesy Borrower Card

Persons who qualify for courtesy cards:

  • Graduates of MU who are also paid members of the MU Alumni Association. Please bring your Alumni Association membership card along with other documentation.
  • Missouri State Government employees are members of the Arthur Cluster in the MOBIUS Consortium and may borrow books from the MU Libraries as visiting patrons.  State employees should bring
    • your borrower card issued by the Missouri State Library. 
    • a picture ID card (either from your place of employment or your Missouri Drivers License). 
  • Spouses and domestic partners of active and retired MU faculty and staff who are in good standing and who are accompanied by the employed or retired spouse.
  • Children of MU faculty and staff who are 16 years old or older and accompanied by the employed parent.
  • Members of  Friends of the MU Libraries

There are other categories of borrower cards in addition to those listed above. Please inquire if you think you might qualify under other conditions that are not listed.