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Visitors: Purchase a Borrower Card

Purchase a Borrower Card

Persons who are not MU students, faculty or staff and who are not affiliated with any other MERLIN/MOBIUS Library or an employee of Missouri State Government may purchase a borrower card if:

  1. You are a Missouri resident 16 years old or older
  2. Have no outstanding fines or overdue books
  3. Have never been sent to Collection Agency because of non-return of Library materials

Documentation you need to bring with you to the Ellis Library Circulation Desk in order to purchase a borrower card:

  1. You must bring a current Missouri Driver’s License or Missouri State photo ID card.
    Your Missouri State Drivers' License number will be used as your ID # so we must see the actual license or card.
  2. Proof of permanent address (no post office boxes, please)
  3. $35 either in cash or check or money order (no credit cards)
  4. An email address is required.

Night and weekend applications may need to be verified during a weekday before borrower cards can be issued.

Purchased borrower cards are good for one year unless circumstances such as non-return of library materials become an issue.

Before asking to purchase a borrower card, please inquire to see if you qualify for a courtesy borrower card.