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Assessment Team

Committee Member  
Shannon Cary


Gwen Gray  
Navadeep Khanal  
Jeannette Pierce, chair  

Caryn Scoville


Contact: Jeannette Pierce

Collection Steering Committee

Committee Member
Denice Adkins
Corrie Hutchinson, chair
Jeannette Pierce
Deborah Ward
Rhonda Whithaus


Contact:  Corrie Hutchinson

Copyright Team

Committee Member
Anne Barker, coordinator
Cynthia Bassett
Cindy Cotner
Felicity Dykas
Navadeep Khanal
Jeannette Pierce, LMT


Contact:  Anne Barker

Data Management Team

Committee Member  
Kate Anderson  
Felicity Dykas  
Janice Dysart  
Noel Kopriva  
Steven Pryor  


Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee

Committee Member Term
Rachel Brekhus, chair 2018-2020
Cindy Cotner 2018-2020
Ruth Feldkamp 2019-2021
John Fifield 2018-2020
Mara Inge 2018-2020
Jeannette Pierce ex officio
Steven Pryor 2019-2021
Brenda Slade ex officio


Contact: Brenda Slade or Rachel Brekhus

DIAC Committee Charge

Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee Sharepoint Site

Ellis Library Space and Facilities Advisory Committee

Committee Member Term
Tom Barnes 2018-2020
Ryan Bish 2018-2020
Felicity Dykas 2019-2021
Seth Huber 2019-2021
PT Martin 2019-2021
Mike Muchow 2018-2020
Kathy Peters ex officio
Sheila Voss, chair ex officio


Contact: Sheila Voss

Space & Facilities Advisory Committee Website

Instruction Committee

Committee Member Term
Joe Askins, chair ex officio
Shannon Cary ex officio
Rebecca Graves ex officio
Kelli Hansen 2019-2021
Navadeep Khanal ex officio
Mike Muchow 2018-2020
Sandy Schiefer 2019-2021
Lindsay Yungbluth 2019-2021


Contact: Joe Askins

Instruction Committee charge

Library Undergraduate Research Contest Committee

Committee Member Term
Marie Concannon 2019-2021
Gwen Gray 2019-2021
Ying Hu 2019-2021
Corrie Hutchinson ex officio
Taira Meadowcroft 2019-2021
Dave Walsh 2018-2020

Contact: Corrie Hutchinson

Marketing Team

Committee Member  
Kelli Hansen  
Taira Meadowcroft  
Shannon Cary  

Contact: Shannon Cary

MERLIN Advisory Committee

Meeting Archive

Links: MU MAC Subcommittee on Improving Access to the Catalog and Other Sources

MU Libraries Staff Association

Election of Executive Board officers is in May of each year at the annual membership meeting.  All members are allowed to vote.  Elected officers assume their duties on June 1st.  Members of the Executive Board meet once a month.  To find out more about what MULSA officers do, check our job descriptions.

President – Presides at all meetings, appoints special committees.

  • Ryan Bish

Vice President/President Elect – Assists president in carrying out work of the Association. Assumes Presidency during second year of term.

  • vacant

Secretary – Records and distributes minutes, keeps MULSA records

  • vacant

Treasurer – Maintains the financial records of MULSA, including keeping the books and authorizing and writing checks.

  • Tom Barnes

Courtesy Chair – Extends congratulations or condolences to employees in the form of cards, gifts or flowers.

  • Karen Eubanks

MUSE Editors – Responsible for the publication of the staff newsletter, The Muse.

  • Katy Emerson

Ellis Staff Lounge Chair – Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the staff lounge, vending machine refunds.

  • Gwen Gray

Social Chair – Primary organizer for all social activities.

  • Lindsey Yungbluth

Book Sale Co-Chairs – Coordinate the year-round book sale, the main income driver for the MU Libraries Staff Association.  Maintain relationships with our partners, and organize volunteers to assist in moving and separating books.

  • Rachel Brekhus
  • Mara Inge

Community Service Chair – Organizes fundraising activities and community outreach programs.

  • Ashley Granger

MULSA Sharepoint Site
MULSA Web Site

MULAC Officers and Committees

Officers 2020-2021

MULAC Executive Committee

  • Chair: Rachel Brekhus, 2020-2021
  • Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect: Edward McCain, 2020-2021
  • Recorder: Jennifer Walker, 2020-2021
  • Faculty Council Representative: Rebecca Graves, 2018-2021
  • NTT Standing Committee Representative: Kate Anderson, 2018-2021

Administrative Affairs, Policy, and Nomination Committee (AAPN)

  • Anne Barker, 2019-2021
  • Steven Pryor, 2019-2021
  • Paula Roper, 2020-2022

Welfare and Professional Development (WPD)

  • Gwen Gray, 2019-2021
  • John Henry Adams, 2020-2022
  • Taylor Kenkel, 2020-2022

Promotion Committee

  • Kate Anderson, Chair, 2019-2021
  • Gwen Gray, 2019-2021
  • Abbie Brown, 2020-2022
  • Kelli Hansen, 2020-2022
  • Noel Kopriva, 2020-2022
  • 1st alternate: Christina Pyror, 2020-2021
  • 2nd alternate: Felicity Dykas, 2020-202 

MULAC Teams site

MULAC Sharepoint Site

Scholarly Communication Committee

Committee Member Term
Rachel Alexander ex officio
Kate Anderson, chair 2019-2021
Anne Barker 2019-2020
Shannon Cary ex offico
Felicity Dykas ex officio
Janice Dysart 2019-2021
Diane Johnson 2019-2021
Kimberly Moeller 2019-2020
Jeannette Pierce ex officio
Steven Pryor ex officio


Contact: Kate Anderson

Social Media Team

Committee Member  
Kate Anderson  
Shannon Cary  
Kelli Hansen, chair  
Mara Inge  
Taira Meadowcroft  


Contact:  Kelli Hansen

Staff Advisory Group

Committee Member Term
Chair:                   Erin Powell 2019-2020
Vice Chair:          Rachel Alexander 2019-2020
Recorder:            Noel Kopriva 2019-2020
HR Specialist:  Brenda Slade ex officio

Contact: Erin Powell or Rachel Alexander

Staff Advisory Group Sharepoint Site

Staff Development Committee

Committee Member

Joe Askins 2018-2020
Stara Herron 2018-2020
Noel Kopriva 2018-2020
Peter Kuba 2019-2021
Chris Pryor 2019-2021
Brenda Slade ex officio
Kate Anderson ex officio


Contact: Kate Anderson


Staff Development Sharepoint Site

Staff Development Committee Charge

Web Steering Committee

Committee Members

  • Navadeep Khanal (chair)
  • Caryn Scoville
  • Ernest Shaw
  • Gwen Gray
  • Janice Dysart
  • Mathew Stephen
  • Michael Spears
  • Rhonda Whithaus
  • Shannon Cary


Sharepoint Site

WAG Charge

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