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SOCIOL 4425W - Sociology of Food

Encyclopedias (online)

When Did It First Appear In Books?


Finding Books On the History and Culture of Food

In the Books & Media tab of the central search box on the library homepage:

  • You can specify that a word be found in the subject of the book by using s:, e.g., 
    • s:salt and s:history
    • (s:corn or s:maize) and (s:social or s:cultural or s:history)
  • Companies also make good subject headings, but for companies whose names have more than one word, use quotation marks, e.g., s:"United Fruit Company"
  • If you search the phrase "farm to table" you will find some food safety brochures from the USDA, as well as several interesting general books.
  • You can search for word variants starting with a common set of letters using asterisk (*) and you can combine synonyms with "or" - e.g.,    s:fish* and (ecolog* or environment*)


Article and Book Search: Discover@MU

Do a simple search in the Discover@MU search box. When you reach your results list, you will be presented with a multi-line search that you can use like this:

Discover@MU search example - line 1=almonds - line 2 - histor* OR cultural OR meaning*

Note that you can require that each keywords must appear in the TITLE of the item by manipulating the dropdown to the right of your search terms.