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SOCIOL 4425W - Sociology of Food

Article and Book Search: Discover@MU

Do a simple search in the blue Discover@MU search box. When you reach your results list, you will be presented with a multi-line search that you can use like this:

Discover@MU search example - line 1=almonds - line 2 - histor* OR cultural OR meaning*

Note that you can require that each keywords must appear in the TITLE of the item by manipulating the dropdown to the right of your search terms.

More Discover@MU search strings

Search lines to combine with particular foods and commodities - require these search lines to be in the TITLE at first, but if you get too few hits, remove that requirement. This is done in the dropdown box to the right of the search blank.

  • environment* OR ecolog* OR sustainab*
  • labor OR "working conditions" OR workers OR employees
  • ethic* OR unethical OR dignity
  • distribut* OR "supply chain" OR sourcing OR sourced