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SOCIOL 4425W - Sociology of Food

Finding Books On the History and Culture of Food

In the Advanced (multi-line) search in Discover@MU, which is where your results list appears after you execute a simple search in the blue box on the library homepage, you can...

  • Specify that a word, or any of a set of synonymous words separated by "OR," be found in the subject of the book by selecting "subject" from the dropdown menu to the right of the search box
    • Line 1: salt in SUBJECT, Line 2: history in SUBJECT
    • Line 1: corn OR maize in SUBJECT Line 2:  social or cultural or history in SUBJECT
  • Companies also make good subject headings, but for companies whose names have more than one word, use quotation marks, e.g., :"United Fruit Company" in SUBJECT
  • Search the phrase "farm to table"  find some food safety brochures from the USDA, as well as several interesting general books.
  • Search for word variants starting with a common set of letters using asterisk (*) and you can combine synonyms with "or" - e.g.,    fish* and (ecolog* or environment*) in SUBJECT


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