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LabArchives - Electronic Research Notebook

LabArchives is an Electronic Research Notebook product provided for use of University of Missouri researchers to record, organize, search, and share their research data from a single platform.

Electronic Research Notebook (ERN, ELN)

The Division of Research, Innovation, & Impact is providing an electronic research notebook (ERN) tool called LabArchives to MU faculty, researchers, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students to assist in capturing, collaborating on, and sharing data collected or generated from a variety of research activities. This is designed to replace paper notebooks and manuals, and can be used in your research to manage almost any kind of project data.

This Electronic Research Notebook (ERN, also known as Electronic Lab Notebook/ELN) is a secure, cloud-based software program accessible 24/7 from anywhere and any device with a standard web browser. It is also discipline and data agnostic: it is available, appropriate, and used by researchers and scholars in a variety of fields (e.g. not just science labs!)

LabArchives is useful for both researchers in organizing and managing research data, and useful for instructors in managing student lab information and notebooks.

Researchers can:

  • Create notebooks and templates and manage permissions and sharing with a research group and/or other users
  • Upload and store files and data: text, spreadsheets, images, and other attachments
  • Create and manage inventory, including tracking of items like samples and equipment and tracking movement and usage of resources
  • Maintain revisions and history of notebook entries, and 'sign' pages to indicate and freeze the final version
  • Download notebooks or selected portions to PDF
  • Navigate and search across notes and data
  • Easily comply with data management mandates from funders

The campus license for LabArchives has been provided by the Office of Research, Innovation, and Impact.

Accessing LabArchives

1. Click here to log in.

2. Select "Sign in through your institution" and select "University of Missouri"

3. You will authenticate with the University of Missouri single-sign-on. If you're already authenticated to another service you'll go right in. Otherwise log in with your UM credentials.

If you experience any difficulties with single-sign-on, please report them to your department's local IT help desk.