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LabArchives - Electronic Research Notebook

LabArchives is an Electronic Research Notebook product provided for use of University of Missouri researchers to record, organize, search, and share their research data from a single platform.

LabArchives - Data Management Plans

If you are applying for funding, note that you will want (and often need) to provide information regarding how you plan to manage the research data output of your project. See here for general information about data management planning.

Remember that DMPs are subject to peer review, so the nature of the plan will be specific to your project. If you will be using LabArchives as part of your data collection and archiving plan (and we encourage you to do so!), you can say something like the following:

"Data collected in the course of this research will be organized and managed using LabArchives, a secure cloud-based electronic research notebook application provided by a license through the University of Missouri. This platform enables researchers to easily collect, manage, store and share their research files, data, and documentation. [Describe here how access/permissions are granted and managed, and who will have primary responsibility for ensuring access]. All data is regularly backed up and maintained in multiple locations and the system maintains edit history, audit trail, and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. [Describe, if applicable, other parameters around data access - e.g. will it be exported at the completion of the project and provided through another system/repository/MOspace?]"