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LabArchives - Electronic Research Notebook

LabArchives is an Electronic Research Notebook product provided for use of University of Missouri researchers to record, organize, search, and share their research data from a single platform.

LabArchives - Sharing Notebooks and Data

Share Your Notebook With Your Team

When you create a Notebook, you are the Notebook Owner. By default, only the Owner may see the content in the Notebook until other members are invited. Each Notebook member can be assigned one of these roles:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • User
  • Guest

To manage Notebook users, click the "triple dot" menu in the top right, select "Notebook Settings" and go to the "User Management" tab.

Then, click "New User," type their email address, and click "Add user," which will send them an email invitation to access your shared content. Once they login, they will see your shared notebook. Users are by default invited as a notebook User. Users cannot manage notebook access or invite other users. You can use the User Management tab to assign additional roles and rights to invited users, or transfer ownership of the Notebook.

Communicate With Your Team

You will need to develop a plan, or guidelines, with your team about the data you are storing inside and outside of LabArchives. If outside of LabArchives, where will it be? In either case, you will want to document how data should be entered/standardized...file naming conventions, etc. One way you can discuss, communicate, and/or document these is by adding comments to entries in LabArchives. Select the "Comment" bubble on the entry toolbar to add a comment, and you can alert a specific user to something needing their attention using @mentions (@ sign followed by their name). They will receive an email and LabArchives notification about the comment.