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LabArchives - Electronic Research Notebook

LabArchives is an Electronic Research Notebook product provided for use of University of Missouri researchers to record, organize, search, and share their research data from a single platform.

LabArchives Inventory is a module designed to help lab managers and researchers manage organization, usage, and ordering of physical inventory items.

Getting Started with Inventory

Inventory can be access by clicking the "test tube" icon in the top right corner of a Notebook:

or logging into

Click the "Gear" icon in the top right area of the window to access "Lab Management." This is where you, as the first member of your new lab to access LabArchives Inventory, can configure the Lab as the Lab Manager.

LabArchives Inventory - Lab Manager

From here, access the different menus on the left side to customize your lab's inventory "types," storage locations, authorized users, vendors, info and metadata, and import/edit items.

Importing Items

From the Inventory view at any time, lab managers and members (by default) may add items to inventory individually by clicking "Add Item to Inventory":

However, it may (especially at first) be convenient to upload multiple items at once. Ensure that your Inventory types are set up first, this defines the spreadsheet template for item import, and then begin the import process by clicking "Import Items." You will then follow the prompts to download the template (defined by your configured inventory types). Once you have the template spreadsheet, you may enter all of the information about your current inventory as appropriate, and then when you're ready, use "Import Items" again and drag (or click) in the indicated area to upload the data.

Using Inventory

From the main Inventory screen, you can search for particular items, and once you find the correct one, click "Use Now" and the quantity will be updated.

You can also have LabArchives generate QR codes for items, and scanning these codes with a phone or device will display the Inventory record. See here for more information on software plugins and mobile device apps for your convenience in using Inventory.