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This guide provides information on the integrated library system (ILS) FOLIO and integrated products.


Poppy Release now on FOLIO Tenant!

Our FOLIO tenant successfully upgraded to Poppy-SP-4 on Tuesday April 30, 2024.

For more information about the Poppy Release including new features, fixes, known issues, and training information, see the Poppy Release Information page.

EBSCO | FOLIO Poppy Release Updates (EBSCOConnect login required)

Current version of ILS Products

FOLIO: Poppy-SP-4

EDS: Classic


New Go Live date for OpenRS: June 12!

* The Go-live date for OpenRS is June 12. It is no longer May 22, 2024

MOBIUS moving to OpenRS and Locate

The MOBIUS Consortium is a union catalog that includes holdings from libraries in Missouri (including the University of Missouri System) and other states. For more information, please visit the MOBIUS Consortium site .

MOBIUS is currently in the process of moving from INN-Reach to OpenRS. The MOBIUS online catalog will also move to Locate. In addition, some MOBIUS libraries are  in the process of moving to FOLIO.

Important Upcoming Dates for OpenRS and new Locate MOBIUS catalog

For more information about MOBIUS and migration information, visit the MOBIUS page.