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Business Torts: Fiduciaries, Unfair Practices, & Trade Secrets: Pending Litigation

Uber Sued For Theft of Self Driving Car Formula

Waymo v. Uber is a major case making headlines throughout the United States regarding self driving technology for cars. In this case, plaintiff alleges that a former employee of Waymo knowingly misappropriated technology related to the trade secret and left to another company later acquired by Uber. Waymo has sought over 2 billion in damages but that number has dramatically went down throughout the course of the pre trial litigation. Waymo asserted causes of action under the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act and California's Uniform Trade Secrets Act. For the latest updates see below. 

Spirit Airlines Sued For Deceptive Bait and Switch Business Practices

Filed on 8/31/17, Cox brought a class action lawsuit against Spirit airlines for deceptive business practices under New York state Law. Plaintiff's assert bait and switch tactics offering low bare fare prices then excessively charging consumers for an assortment of miscelaneous fees when they arrive at the airport.  The lawsuit was filed under diversity jurisdiction. However, Spirit has since asserted in their defense that the claims should be preempted by the Airline Deregulation Act. This statute preempts state laws from being asserted against the defendant unless it was related to a contract. Plaintiff's have since amended their claim to not tie so much in with the state statute. If all of the amended claims are totally preempted by the Airline Deregulation Act, consumers will have limited options in fighting against all airlines.