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Libraries' Collection Development and Management

Possible Withdrawals

The University Libraries are committed to maintaining a large, diverse, and historic collection of print materials for use by faculty and students.  However, to ensure that we maintain appropriate space and staffing to grow and care for our print collections, librarians may propose to withdraw titles that are deemed less important to the quality of our long-term collection.   To do so in a transparent manner that allows for feedback from our campus community, the Libraries have established a process to review materials proposed for deselection.   Lists of titles proposed for withdrawal will be posted here with a defined deadline for feedback.  Librarians will distribute links to the lists to contacts in academic departments.  Per university policy, titles selected for withdrawal will be sent to Better World Books or Surplus.  If you would like to ensure direct communication about new lists that are posted, please contact your subject librarian.

Thank you for your feedback on the October 2021 list.