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Libraries' Collection Development and Management

The Library Catalog

The four University of Missouri campuses (University of Missouri, University of Missouri Kansas City, University of Missouri St. Louis and the Missouri University of Science & Technology), and the State Historical Society of Missouri and Western Historical Manuscripts share a catalog of holdings. The shared catalog allows for the borrowing of books between campuses quickly and easily.  Some electronic resources are also licensed for access to all campuses.

Search the catalog at Discover@MU.

For more information and links to tutorials, read Changes to the Catalog.


MOBIUS is a consortium of over 70 academic, public and special libraries, including the Missouri State Library, that shares library materials.  Patrons at any of these member libraries can borrow items from other member libraries quickly via the MOBIUS Union Catalog.  In addition, access to some electronic resources are available to member libraries at reduced pricing via MOBIUS consortial licensing.

Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of academic and independent research libraries.  CRL supports research in the areas of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving and providing primary source materials to scholars.  The University of Missouri is a member of the consortium and therefore are allowed access to their vast collections, able to purchase resources at a discounted price, and have a say in the resources collected.  CRL also offers webinars to library staff and raises such issues as national preservation initiatives, collaborative collection development, and digitization of materials.


HathiTrust is an organization of members from research libraries and institutions devoted to ensuring the preservation of print materials through digitization for the future.  The University of Missouri Libraries is a member of the HathiTrust and contributes materials to the Digital Library of over 15 million volumes (as of 8/31/17).  By being a partner in this organization, the University Libraries are contributing to the unfettered access to materials as well as taking advantage of materials contributed by other libraries. 

Another component of our partnership with HathiTrust is the commitment to being a national partner in the retention of print materials to help preserve the scholarly record for future generations.  The University Libraries have made commitments to maintain certain materials for at least 25 year as part of the Shared Print Program.  This program aims to help steward print copies of HathiTrust digital holdings for preservation of the materials and to ensure there are always print copies available if needed. 


The Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) is a shared, distributed print journal repository for academic and research libraries.  WEST aims to retain print copies of journals, magazines, and newspapers either at their home storage facility in California or in partner libraries and storage facilities around the country.  This collaborative project allows libraries and scholars to know that content is being preserved, duplicates online available often, and ensure that future scholars will have access to such rich research.  The University Libraries are members of WEST and contribute to the mission by making commitments to retain print journals for the next 25 years.