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Libraries' Collection Development and Management

What can I do to support library collections and access to information?

  • When you publish, negotiate to retain your author rights.  The Libraries encourage you to retain your copyright whenever you publish.
  • Become informed on Open Access and resist the commercialization of scholarly publication.
  • Help us to keep you informed and make good decisions about our funds by talking with your subject librarian about what is happening in the Libraries.
  • Though it is tempting to use informal methods to obtain articles, please be aware that these often involve violations of copyright and license agreements, can pose online security issues, and prevent our institution from knowing what you need.  We will deliver materials via Interlibrary Loan as quickly as possible, and use request data to make future budget decisions.
  • Linking to our licensed content rather than re-posting PDFs helps us to be more aware of what materials are used and valued at Mizzou.
  • Please be aware especially of how budget cuts and declining purchasing power may impact our students as they must rely more on interlibrary loan and MOBIUS for materials.  Impacts include shorter loan periods and stricter overdue fines from other libraries.
  • Share concerns about access to resources with your Department Chair, your Dean, and the Campus Library Committee so that we can all work on solutions together. 
  • Consider making a donation to our Collection Enhancement Fund or becoming a Friend of the Libraries.
  •  Include funds for library resources in grant applications.
  • Consider costs of library support when developing new programs or positions.

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