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Resource Linking for Librarians: Basics

Guide to best practices for linking in LibGuides, LibAnswers, Blackboard, email, etc.

Proxy Prefix

This proxy prefix must be added to the beginning of any URL for a LICENSED resource so that off-campus users can access.

Do NOT add the proxy prefix to URLs for free sites - users will get an error message.

Finding the Right URL

NEVER copy the URL that displays in the address bar in your browser window.   Those are usually session URLs and will not work for others.

Different platforms display the durable URL in different ways.  There is no one standard that all vendors follow.

Some have a field labeled PermaLink, Durable Link, Document URL or Stable URL.

Some require you to build the durable link based on specific information (like the accession number or DOI).

I've provided some tips in this guide.  If you are not sure what the durable URL is for an item, contact Rhonda.

Testing and Help

We can test off-campus access to links and web pages using the old Reference Department laptop (set up to the Guest wireless network). 

If you have any questions, just contact me and I will be happy to help.