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Food Science 8402 Library Problem Assignment: Individuals
and Scholars

Finding Someone's Thesis or Dissertation

A person's dissertation will tell you:

  • The subject matter or title of their Ph.D.
  • The university granting their Ph.D.
  • Their advisor

Other Databases for Cited Reference Searching

Cited reference searching allows you to locate books and articles that cite a previously published resource. This process allows you to track the research that has been done since the original item was published.

Finding an Individual's Most-Cited Article

1. Go to Scopus at

2.  Search the person's name in the "author" tab. It is best to search their first and middle initials to get the most complete results. Sometimes authors have multiple entries. For example: Smith, John D. and Smith, J.D. might be the same person.

3. Find the person you are researching.

4. Here, you will see an evaluation of the author and their work. On the right side, you can click to view all of their documents in Scopus.

5. On the left, you can see how many other documents in Scopus have cited each of their articles, and you can also choose to sort their work by the number of times it has been cited.