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Food Science 8402 Library Problem Assignment

Can't Find the Conference you Need? Try these too.

Sometimes you have to get creative when searching for conferences. Conferences are not always called "conferences." When searching, remember these other terms:

  • conference
  • meeting
  • proceedings
  • symposium/symposia
  • Papers from  . . . .

Also, look around the place you are searching. There usually is an option to search only conference papers. Look for check boxes that say "conference proceeding" or "conference paper."

Also, don't be afraid to check your department's bulletin board, talk to your adviser, or look through journals for conference announcements/advertisements.

Quick Search for Conference Publications (Scopus)

Scopus is a great place to search for conference papers. Find Scopus at

First, search Scopus as your normally would.

Then scroll down. On the left, check "conference papers" then click the button that says "limit to"

You now have a list of papers that have been presented at conferences. On the left, you can find the name of the conference the paper was presented at,

and on the left, you can find the paper's name and how to access it.