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Journalism - Resources for Journalism Undergraduates

Checking out items at the Journalism Library

Notice: You must present a valid and physical photo ID (ex. MU ID, license, passport) to check out library materials. You may be asked for your university ID number if using a non university form of photo ID. Your account becomes active when you pay your fees at Jesse Hall and the information is entered into the library system. This can take a few days or a week depending on when you paid the fees.

Circulation Policies


  • 4 month check-out
    • Merlin Faculty
    • Graduate students
    • Staff
    • Undergraduates
    • Visiting Scholars

Reserve Material –  (all borrowers)

  • Most items are placed on 2 hour reserve.
  • Some material may be on overnight, 2 day, 3 day or 1 week reserve.
  • Fines are $2.00 an hour for late material except camera and equipment.
  • Cameras and equipment are $10.00 an hour overdue.

Photojournalism Reserve Books – DO NOT LEAVE THE LIBRARY

  • Recalls  (Abook may be recalled from the borrower after two weeks. Patrons will be given one week from the date of the recall to return the book. After this new due date, fines begin to accrue at the rate of $2.00/day.)

Print Journals. Film.

  • Bound journals can be requested through the MERLIN Library Catalog. They check out for 2 weeks.
  • Unbound Journals – Non-Circulating (all borrowers)

Current Newspapers, Reference Books, Microfilm – Non-Circulating (all borrowers)

Videos, DVD’s & CD’s ( all borrowers)

  • 24 hours checkout
  • Faculty may have them longer than 24 hours.  Check with full-time staff to override the due date.

Circulation Periods for other Items - Equipment

  • You must sign the Journalism Equipment Agreement form before you can check out any equipment.  You are responsible for any damage or loss of equipment and any late fees.  If you check out camera equipment and keep the equipment after being billed and do not respond to your MU emails from us you will be reported to the Student Conduct Center.
  • Equipment the J-Library checks out.