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Locate a Book Using its Call Number: Book Search

Search the Catalog for Books

  1. Search the Catalog for Books
  2. On the result page, filter the results by Format books in the Library Location you want, e.g.: MU Ellis Library


NOTE: To check out books, you'll need a current MU ID or guest borrower's card

Locate Your Book

After you search and find a book in the catalog, you need three pieces of information to locate your material.

1. Location

The location tells you which library or part of the library where the book is located. There are many different libraries on campus (Math, Journalism, etc.), and each library has its own location code. There are also special areas with their own codes, like Reference in Ellis.

2. Call Number

The call number tells you exactly where the book is on the shelf. Books are arranged in the library by subject, and every book has it's own specific place on the shelf. Write this number down or use the "text call number" feature to be able to find the book on the shelf.

3. Status

The status tells you if the book is currently on the shelf and available to check out. For example, if a book is, "NOT CHECKED OUT," that means it is on the shelf and available. If the status is "DUE," the book is currently checked out until the date listed.

The three things needed as shown in the search

The three things needed as shown in the search