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Locate a Book Using its Call Number: Circulation status

Circulation Status Codes

Status Code Meaning

If the book is still on the shelf, it can be checked out for a shorter amount of time because of a pending request on it.

BILLED A patron has kept it past the due date.

Checked out until the listed date.

If a book you want is currently checked out, you can learn how request the book from:

a MOBIUS library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL@MU)

Or place a hold on that copy of the book if not available elsewhere


Is being processed to be added to the library. It will soon be available to check out.

If you need the book as soon as possible, you can place a RUSH request for the book at the Ellis Library Circulation Desk or any branch circulation desk. You may also send an email to request rush cataloging


Not available to check out. It is being transferred between libraries.


May only be used inside of the library.

This code is usually reserved for Reference Books and books in Special Collections.


Is lost.

NEW BOOKS On a new book shelf in Ellis or a branch library.
NOT CHECKED OUT In the library and available to be checked out.
ON HOLD Has been recalled by a patron.
ON HOLD         SHELF Being held at the circulation desk for the patron who has requested it.
UNDER CONSIDERATION In the approval room for the Library to evaluate. It will most likely be added to the library and soon be available to check out.

Where do I find the circulation codes?

The circulation codes will show in your Discover@MU search here:

Screenshot links to the EBSCO catalog