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Locate a Book Using its Call Number: Book not on Shelf?

Having difficulty finding a book?

At Ellis, you can:

  • Find the closest reshelving area (marked by a sign RESHELVING) and browse for your book.
  • If the book is not in the reshelving area, you can go to  shelving room on the 4th floor and search for it there.

Shelving Department

At branch libraries, you can:

  • Ask for assistance at the front desk.

What to do if the information is missing?

You will not be able find location, call number, or status information for certain books. These are books that the library does not own, but that the library can buy. To request that the library order the book, click the "MU: Request the library order this book" link (picture below). Most books arrive within 14-21 days, and you are emailed when they arrive. 


Search & Find

In Search & Find, click the "Check Availabiliy" link to be taken to MERLIN where you can request the library order the book.