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Locate a Book Using its Call Number: How to Find a Book

Where is my Book in Ellis Library?

Search the call number of a book at Ellis Library, and receive a map and written directions to the book's location.

Call Number:  


Special Locations in Ellis library

Sometimes books are in specific areas of Ellis Library, like Reference or Special Collections. To find a map to the specific department or area where the book is, click on the hyperlinked location information (picture below) or view an interactive floor plan of Ellis Library. 


Call Number Locations

Library of Congress Call Numbers
Call Number
AC ... to ... AZ 4 East
B ... to ... HE 3 East
HF ... to ... LT 2 East
M ... to ... NX 4 East
P ... to ... PG 2A West
PH ... to ... PQ 2999 3 Central

PQ 3000 ... to ... QL 99

2 East
QL 100 ... to ... QR 2 Central
QS ... to ... QZ Health Sciences Library
R ... to ...RZ 2 Central
S ... to ... SK 2 West
T ... to ... VM 1A West
W ... to ...WZ Health Sciences Library
Z ... to ... ZA 1 West


Dewey Decimal Call Numbers

If the call number of your book starts with numbers, not letters, then it has a Dewey Decimal Call Number and will be in one of the following locations:

Dewey Decimal Call Number
001 ... 353.7
353.8 (Government Documents)
353.9... 999


 Dissertations & Theses - Most print MU dissertations and theses are housed off-campus. Use the Request Item feature in the Library Catalog to order.

NOTE:  You can request books stored in the depository by using the Request Item feature from the Library Catalog. Or ask at Ellis Library Circulation.