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Ellis Library


  Map of Ellis Library

  Ellis Library Hours

I was wondering...

 Can I buy school supplies at Ellis?

  • Yes, the vending machine contains Blue Books, pens, pencils, flash drives and more!
  • The vending machine is located between the north doors to Ellis Library and the Digiprint Center on the first floor.

 Can I bring something to eat or drink into the library?

  • Drinks in approved containers (containers with secure, screw-top lids) are allowed in Ellis Library. Food and drinks in any containers are allowed and encouraged in the Bookmark Café.

 Is there a lost and found in Ellis?

 Does Ellis have a Fiction section?

Study Areas

  I have to work on a group project with some of my classmates? Is there a place we can meet?

  Are there quiet places to study in Ellis?


  Where can I copy/fax something?

  Does Ellis have scanners?

  Can I print documents/pictures in color?

  • Yes. When using Ellis Library computers, select “Ellis Color Printer” from the printer drop-down menu on the printing page. You can also use the color printer from your laptop; just download "Ellis (color)" from Print Anywhere.
  • Printer Location

  Where can I print posters?

  •  There is a large-format printer or plotter available in Ellis Library in the Copy Services (DigiPrint Center) located by the north entrance of Ellis Library.



  How do I reserve a locker or study carrel?

     •  Locker

     •  Study Carrel (a.k.a Cages)

         *Study Carrels for Graduate students only