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Missouri Government: Rules, Regulations & Executive Orders

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Missouri Rules, Regulations and Executive Orders

Missouri Code of State Regulations  (MO CSR)
Full text for current edition * Paper version in the Library


Arranged by "titles" corresponding to state agencies, the Code compiles rules and regulations for all operations of the state government.   The Code is revised twice monthly by the Missouri Register (see below).   The Code of State Regulations is being revised continuously. If you are doing historical research and need to know how the CSR looked at a certain point in history, please consult the MU Law Library.


Missouri Register
Full text * Paper version in the Library


Proposed new state regulations are first announced in the Missouri Register. New proposals must undergo a period of public comment. Enough negative feedback can prevent a proposed regulation from being put into effect.


Executive Orders from the Governor

Full text for 1984-present


Orders are arranged by year, then numerically.  Ellis Library has most of 1921-1986 in print. See also the dissertation by James Burns titled Use of the executive order by the governors of Missouri from 1941-1985. Available in print, microformat, and in full text through the Current Research @ MU database.