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Finding Business Information Online: AR/Balance Sheet/Income & Cash Flow Statement

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What are they?

The annual report is sent to shareholders.  There is another version called the 10-K report that is filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).  Both documents contain balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

The balance sheet is the listing of assets (items owned), liabilities (obligations), and owners' equity (the difference between assets and liabilities), prepared at a specific point in time.

The income statement is a financial statement that provides a historical perspective about a company's revenues, costs, and profitability for a specific time period.  Also called profit and loss statement.

The cash flow statement is the cash money flowing in and out of the business.  Cash flow is not the same as profitability.


10-K reports, the annual report filed with the SEC, are available on EDGAR.  They will have balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Search by company name (first option).  After you've selected your company from the list of results, you'll have the option to filter the results by filing type.  Enter 10-K in that box and press search.