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Journalism - Entrepreneurship@Journalism: Library Resources

A resource guide for journalism/media entrepreneurs

New Media Business Model Reading List

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            Journalism Library  PN 4815.2 .F88 2014

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Engineering Library QA 76.9 .H85 C655 1995

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            Journalism Library  HF 5415.55 .B536 2007 (2013 edition on order)

            Engineering Library Reserve  HB 615 .B6225 2013

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            Journalism Library  HD 62.5 .B593 2012

            Engineering Reserve  HD 62.5 .B593 2012    

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            Ellis Library  HD 53 .C49 2011

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            Journalism Library HD 62.5 .C76 2013

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D’Vorkin, L. (2013, October 15). Inside Forbes : the path forward for the news business, my eBook on journalism for a new era.  Forbes.

            Creating the new newsroom.  Infographic from D/Vorkin article. 

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           Ellis Library  HD 58.9 .F864 2014

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            Ellis Library  HD 45 .L337 2013

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              Ellis Library  HF 5415 .I53 .K53 2015.

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            Ellis Library HD 30.28 .O778 2010

Osterwalder, A. (2015).  Value proposition design : how to make stuff people want. Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons.  (eBook with 5 simultaneous users).

            Print version (2014) :  Value proposition design: how to create products and services customers want.

            Ellis Library  HF 5415.5 .O884 2014

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            Journalism Library   HD 62.5 .T525 2014

            Ellis Library  HD 62.5 .T525 2014

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            Journalism Library  PN4867.2 2014

            Journalism Library  PN 4899 .N42 T5745 2014

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