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U.S. Federal Information on Foreign Countries: Science & Technology

This is primarily a guide to U.S. federal government information resources describing conditions in foreign countries, but also provides links to selected NGO and IGO resources which also describe international conditions.

Internet Resources



Hervé This, chimiste inventeur de la gastronomie moléculaire.

A female scientist samples of DNA for a round in the thermocycler, as preparation for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection chemist reads a DNA profile to determine the origin of a commodity.

G S Rautela (born 17th February, 1954). First class M.Sc in Physics from Kumaun University in 1976. He is the present Director General of the National Council of Science Museums, India.

Alex Shigo (far right) explaining markings on an Oak section during one of his last symposia.

Eric H. Cline excavating at Megiddo.