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U.S. Federal Information on Foreign Countries: United Nations

This is primarily a guide to U.S. federal government information resources describing conditions in foreign countries, but also provides links to selected NGO and IGO resources which also describe international conditions.

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Online Books

Our MERLIN catalog has links to online books published by the United Nations.



The 62nd General Assembly of the United Nations begins on September 25, 2007. According to tradition since the 1970's, a Brazilian gives the inaugural speech.

Logo of UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

United Nations Headquarters view from the East River. On the right, skyscraper "United Nations Plaza"

Second preliminary session of the World Summit Information Society, plenary meeting, 18-25 February 2005, UNO building, Geneva, Switzerland.


The Duane G. Meyer Library at MSU in Springfield, Missouri became a United Nations Depository in 2000. This designation makes MSU the only UN depository in the state of Missouri. They receive documents from all areas of the United Nations, including official records of the General Assembly, Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council, as well as sales publications. These documents are being cataloged in SWAN (the MSU Library online catalog). The MSU Library has also acquired a historical collection of UN documents in microformat, dating from 1946-1994. For expert assistance on UN topics, contact UN depository librarian Ann Fuhrman at MSU.

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