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Journalism - J4450 Reporting and Writing I

Use Information From the "Finding & Evaluating Information" Tab to Answer the Following Questions:

  • Explain the step-by-step process that you used to find the information
  • Indicate what you found
  • Determine whether the information that you found is trustworthy

Finding & Evaluating Information

  • Search Google for general information about Martin Luther King.
    • Pick two items from the first search engine results page (SERP).
    • Look for information about who "owns" or is responsible for the information on the site. 
    • Search for an "about us" link on the site.  Does it say anything about the author(s), organization or company associated with the site?
  • Using Domain Tools Whois Lookup, Internic Whois or IP Whois domain search, see if you can trace the registrant of the site.
  • Compare the quality of information on each site as well as the sites' possible audience(s).
  • Explain why you think that each site was ranked high enough to be on the first SERP.