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Journalism - J4450 Reporting and Writing I

Tools for Journalists

Reference Resources for Journalists:

Social Media Tools

Social Media Resources:

  • Twitter  - communicate in 140 characters or less
  • Pinterest - social bookmarking/pinning site
  • Reddit - post and vote on top posted stories
  • Stumbleupon - recommends sites based on interests
  • Buzzfeed - shared stories based on interest topics
  • Crowd Signal - create polls
  • Ebby -  a fast and accurate automated transcription service that supports more than 100 languages and dialects
  • FARK - online news aggregator and social media site
  • Google Trends - compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics
  • Google Docs - allows you to create and share work online

Blogging Tools

Aggregated Data


Image and Audio Editing Tools

Try These Image and Auditing Tools :

Image Editors:

Web Scraping Tools