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Women's Monologues

Title Author Start line of monologue
Amen Corner James Baldwin David, I'm older than you.
Anna Christie Eugene O'Neill It was one of them cousins
Another Antigone A.R. Gurney What's a job anyway?
Approaching Zanzibar Tina Howe I was on a train somewhere between Paris
Bad Habits Terrence McNally His hobby is tropical fish. 
Blue Window Craig Lucas When I first came to New York?
Buck  Ronald Ribman Do you think I could be an actress. 
Burn This Lanford Wilson In about eight seconds I know they 
Candida George Bernard Shaw I give myself to the weaker of the two. 
Chapter Two Neil Simon  You know what you want better than me, George.
Cheaters Michael Jacobs I was remembering the first time I ever went
Coastal Disturbances Tina Howe You know what I read in a book?
Colored Museum George Wolfe Yoho! Party!  Party!
Colored Museum George Wolfe Yes, it's me!
Come Back, Little Sheba William Inge You know what, Doc?
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea John Patrick Shanley There's boats right up by Westchester Square. 
Day in the Death of Joe Egg Peter Nichols I join in these jokes to please him. 
Death and the Maiden Ariel Dorfman When I heard his voice
Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller I don't say he's a great man.
Delicate Balance Edward Albee Thank you, Claire
Division Street Steve Tesich We met in Chicago
Dream Girl Elmer Rice All right, Mother. 
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams I always say too much or say too little. 
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams Oh, how wise and superior you are. 
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams Father, I do all I can.
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Tennessee Williams Sit down and I'll point out
Educating Rita Willy Russell I'm all right with you, 
Empress of China Ruth Wolff White Christians!
Empress of China Ruth Wolff When I first came to the palace
Fences August Wilson I been standing with you!
Fences August Wilson You can't be nobody but who you are. 
FOB David Hwang Yeah, It's tough trying to live in Chinatown.
Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune Terrence McNall I've always been very  suspicious
Getting Out Marsha Norman So, there was this little kid, see
Gingerbread Lady Niel Simon Damn you, Evy. 
Gingerbread Lady Niel Simon Martin has grown accustomed to my face
Glass Managerie Tennessee Williams Now, Laura, Just look at your mother. 
Heidi Chronicles Wendhy Wasserstein Hello, Hello. 
Hello and Goodbye Athol Fugard What did you know about her?
House of Blue Leaves John Guare Miss Henshaw's saving us this divine place
House of Blue Leaves John Guare Oooo, it’s freezing out there.
Hurlyburly David Rabe I'm telling this guy on the phone that drugs are
I Stand Before You Naked Joyce Carol Oates This boy named Kit
I Stand Before You Naked Joyce Carol Oates One of you's to blame
In the Boom Boom Room David Rabe Listen to me what I'm saying
In the Boom Boom Room David Rabe All through my sophomore year
Joe Turner's Come and Gone August Wilson If I was you, Mattie
Joe Turner's Come and Gone August Wilson I don't trust none of these men
Keely and Du Jane Martin I can't raise this baby.
Keely and Du Jane Martin Hey, I didn't choose to have this baby
Lark Jean Anouilh And I will wear castoff brocade
Lark Jean Anouilh Then I'll start at the beginning
Last of the Red Hot Lovers Neil Simon You hypocrite!
Laughing Wild Christopher Durang I want to talk to you about life.
Les Belles Soeurs Michel Tremblay It's easy to judge people.
Les Belles Soeurs Michel Tremblay The first time I saw him I thought he was ugly. 
Les Belles Soeurs Michel Tremblay Life is life and no Goddamn Frenchmen ever
Lips Together, Teeth Apart Terence McNally Before I go into my six-hour exile
Little Foxes Lillian Hellman Mama used to give me elderberry wine
Long Days Journey Into Night Eugene O'Neill If you think Mr. Tyrone is handsome now
Look Homeward, Angel Ketti Frings Mrs. Gant, I am not marrying Eugene
Lost in Yonkers Neil Simon You think I can't have healthy babies
Lovers and Other Strangers Renee Taylor And Joan, of all the pictures in your wedding album
Ludlow Fair Lanford Wilson I don't know why you should worry
Marco Polo Sings a Solo John Guare I really started cookin when I was eight.
Matchmaker Thornton Wilder Ephraim Levi, I'm going to get married again. 
Mrs. Warren's Profession George Bernard Shaw Vivie, listen to me. You don't understand. 
Nature and Purpose of the Universe Christopher Durang Death comes to us all, my brothers
Nature and Purpose of the Universe Christopher Durang You phony liar. Your oldest son pushes dope
Night of the Iguana Tennessee Williams You see, in my profession I have to look hard
Oleanna David Mamet The issue here is not what I 'feel.'
Otherwise Engaged Simon Gray You know the most insulting thing, 
Painting Churches Tina Howe If you want to paint us so badly, 
Play Memory Joanna Glass I remember my first time I knew I loved you
Porch Jeffrey Sweet My father's daughter. That sounds so possessive. 
Scenes from American Life A.R. Gurney Before we begin, you probably want to know, don't you,
Scenes from American Life A.R. Gurney Um. I want to make three quick points about this whiole business
Sea Gull Anton Chekhov Why did you say you kiss the ground I walk on?
Sea Horse Edward Moore I was sitting on the pier one day, doing my homework.
Shirley Valentine Willy Russell Guess where I'm goin? 
Shirley Valentine Willy Russell Do you remember her, wall? Remember Shirley Valentine?
Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window Lorraine Hansberry You don't know what it's like though.
Six Degrees of Separation John Guare Can you believe it?
Still Life Emily Mann I hate to cook. Probably because he likes to cook.
Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams He was a boy, just a boy, when I was a very young girl.
Subject was Roses Frank Gilroy I think it was his energy
Summer and Smoke Tennessee Williams But I don't want to be talked to like some incurably sick patient
Summer and Smoke Tennessee Williams I'm afraid you and I move in different circles.
Sweet Bird of Youth Tennessee Williams You are trembling and sweating
Sweet Bird of Youth Tennessee Williams Stars in retirement sometimes give acting lessons.
Talking with … Jane Martin Fifteen minutes
Talking with … Jane Martin Clear Glass Marbles
Talking with … Jane Martin Scraps
Talking with … Jane Martin Marks
Talking with … Jane Martin French Fries
Talking with … Jane Martin Dragons
Talking with … Jane Martin Handler
Talking with … Jane Martin Lamps
Talking with … Jane Martin Twirler
Talking with … Jane Martin Rodeo
Talking with … Jane Martin Audition
Tenth Man Paddy Chayefsky I'm being institutionalized again. 
Top Girls Caryl Churchill I too was often in embarrassing situations, 
Touch of the Poet Eugene O'Neill Don't tell me not to worry.
Tribute Bernard Slade Okay, maybe it's about time I introduced myself.
Vieux Carre Tennessee Williams I know what I said. I said a buyer to look at my illustrations, 
Vital Signs Jane Martin I sat in the chair by the bed watching him sleep
Vital Signs Jane Martin Suitable? No actually that doesn't seem suitable.
Waiting for the Parade John Murrell When Billy and I were first married. 
Wash Philip Kan Gotanda here are things you kids don't know. 
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Edward Albee You're all flops. 
Woolgatherer William Mastrosimone You swear this is your last run.
Woolgatherer William Mastrosimone You may think it's funny but I was the last one to see them last summer.