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Online Plays and Monologues


Edward Albee Zoo Story 1958
Edward Albee Death of Bessie Smith 1959
Edward Albee Fam and Yam  1960
Edward Albee Sandbox 1960
Edward Albee American Dream 1961
Edward Albee  Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf  1962
Edward Albee  Tiny Alice  1964
Edward Albee Delicate Balance 1966
Edward Albee Everything in the Garden 1967
Edward Albee Box and Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung 1968
Edward Albee  All over  1971
Edward Albee Seascape 1975
Edward Albee Counting the Ways 1976
Edward Albee Listening 1976
Edward Albee Lady from Dubuque 1980
Edward Albee Man Who Had Three Arms 1982
Edward Albee Three Tall Women 1991
Edward Albee The Goat or Who Is Sylvia? 2000
Edward Albee Me, Myself and I  2007
William Alfred Hogan's Goat 1965
William Alfred  Hogan's goat  1965
Woody Allen.  Play it again, Sam  1969
Maxwell Anderson Saturday's Children  1927
Maxwell Anderson and Harold Hickerson Gods of Lightning  1929
Maxwell Anderson Winterset. 1935
Maxwell Anderson High tor. 1937
Maxwell Anderson  Anne of the thousand days  1948
Maxwell Anderson Lost in the Stars 1949
Robert Anderson  Tea and sympathy  1953
Robert Anderson  Silent night, lonely night  1959
Robert Anderson  You know I can't hear you when the water's running  1967
George Axelrod
The seven year itch 

B -C

Thomas Babe  A prayer for my daughter  1977
John L. Balderston Berkeley Square  1926
James Baldwin  Blues for Mister Charlie  1964
Philip Barry Paris Bound  1927
Philip Barry  Holiday 1928
Philip Barry Animal kingdom. 1932
Philip Barry  Here come the clowns  1938
Philip Barry  The Philadelphia story  1939
Lewis Beach The Clod  1914
S. N. Behrman The Second Man  1927
S. N. Behrman  Biography  1932
S. N. Behrman End of summer. 1936
Saul Bellow  The last analysis  1965
Ed Bullins Taking of Miss Janie 1974
Carlos, Laurie Carlos White chocolate for my father 1990
Mary Chase  Harvey  1944
Paddy Chayefsky  Gideon  1961
John Colton  Rain  1922
E.P. Conkle Minnie Field  1928
Marc Connelly Green pastures. 1930
Kia Corthron Cage rhythm 1993
Noel Coward Ways and Means 1935
Louis O Coxe and Robert Chapman  Billy Budd  1949
Mart Crowley  The boys in the band  1968

D- G

Owen Davis and Donald Davis  Ethan Frome  1935
Thulani Davix Life and Times of Malcolm X 1985
Jan de Hartog  The fourposter  1951
Martin B. Duberman  In white America  1963
Philip Dunning and George Abbott Broadway  1926
Lonne Elder III  Ceremonies in dark old men  1969
Jules Feiffer  Little murders  1967
Jules Feiffer Grown Ups 1982
Horton Foote  The widow Claire  1986
Paul Foster  Tom Paine  1983
Bruce Jay Friedman  Scuba duba  1967
Ketti Frings  Look homeward, Angel  1957
Christopher Fry Venus Observed 1949
Herb Gardner  A thousand clowns  1962
Herb Gardner  I'm not Rappaport  1985
Michael Gazzo Hatful of Rain 1954
Michael V. Gazzo  A hatful of rain  1955
William Gibson  Two for the seesaw  1958
Frank D. Gilroy.  The subject was roses  1964
Jean Giraudoux  Madwoman of Chaillot 1949
 Susan Glaspell Trifles  1916
James Goldman  The lion in winter  1966
Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett. The diary of Anne Frank  1955
James Gow and Arnaud d'Usseau  Tomorrow the world  1943
Paul Green  In Abraham's Bosom 1926
Paul Green White Dresses  1928
Paul Green House of Connelly 1931
Paul Green The house of Connelly  1931
Paul Green  Johnny Johnson 1936
Paul Green  Hymn to the Rising Sun 1936
John Guare  The house of blue leaves  1971
A.R. Gurney  The Cocktail Hour  1988

H - I

Lorraine Hansberry  The sign in Sidney Brustein's window  1964
Ben Hecht and Charles MacAuthor The Front Page  1928
Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan  Mister Roberts  1948
Joseph Heller We Bombed in New Haven 1967
Lillian Hellman Children's hour. 1934
Lillian Hellman Days to Come 1936
Lillian Hellman Little Foxes 1939
Lillian Hellman  Watch on the Rhine  1941
Lillian Hellman Searching Wind 1944
Lillian Hellman Another Part of the Forest 1946
Lillian Hellman Montserrat 1949
Lillian Hellman Autumn Garden 1951
Lillian Hellman  The autumn garden  1951
Lillian Hellman Lark 1955
Lillian Hellman Candide 1956
Lillian Hellman Toys in the Attic 1960
Lillian Hellman My Mother, My Father and Me 1963
Beth Henley Crimes of the heart  1979
F Hugh Herbert  The moon is blue  1951
Dorothy and DuBose Heyward Porgy  1927
William M. Hoffman  As is  1985
John Cecil Holm Three men on a horse. 1935
Israel Horovitz Indian Wants the Bronx 1966
Israel Horovitz  Morning  1968
Sidney Howard They Knew What They Wanted  1924
Sidney Howard  Yellow Jack  1934
Tina Howe  Painting churches  1983
William Inge  Come back, little Sheba  1950
William Inge  Picnic  1953
William Inge  Bus stop  1955
William Inge  The dark at the top of the stairs  1957
Albert Innaurato 

J - K

Judith Alexa Jackson WOMBmanWARs 1992
Robinson Jeffers  Medea  1947
Tom Jones  The Fantasticks  1965
LeRoi Jones  The toilet  1967
Garson Kanin  Born yesterday  1946
George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly  Beggar on Horseback  1924
George S. Kaufman Royal Family 1927
George S. Kaufman Dinner at Eight  1932
George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber Stage door. 1936
George S. Kaufman You can't take it with you. 1936
George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart  The man who came to dinner  1939
George S. Kaufman and Howard Teichmann.  The solid gold Cadillac  1956
George Kelly Craig's Wife  1925
George Kelly Poor Aubrey  1925
Adrienne Kennedy Funnyhouse of a Negro 1964
Adrienne Kennedy Owl Answers 1965
Adrienne Kennedy Rat's Mass 1967
Adrienne Kennedy Lesson in Dead Language 1968
Adrienne Kennedy Sun 1968
Adrienne Kennedy Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White 1976
Kennedy Adrienne Dramatic circle  1992
Jean Kerr  Mary, Mary  1961
Joseph Kesselring  Arsenic and old lace  1939
Sidney Kingsley  Men in white  1933
Sidney Kingsley Dead end. 1935
Sidney Kingsley  The patriots  1943
Sidney Kingsley  Detective story  1949
Sidney Kingsley  Darkness at noon  1951
Jack Kirkland Tobacco road. 1933
Arthur L. Kopit  Oh dad, poor dad, mamma's hung you in the closet and I'm feelin' so sad  1963
Arthur Kopit  Indians  1969
Arthur Kopit  Wings  1978
Arthur Kopit  End of the world  1984
Tony Kushner Bright Room Called Day 1985
Tony Kushner Angels in America Part One: Millennium Approaches 1991
Tony Kushner Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika  1992
Tony Kushner Slavs! 1995
Tony Kushner Reverse Transcription 1996
Tony Kushner Dybbuk or Between Two Worlds 1997
Tony Kushner East Coast Ode to Howard Jarvis  1998
Tony Kushner G. David Schine in Hell  1998
Tony Kushner Hydriotaphia or the Death of Dr. Browne 1998
Tony Kushner Notes on Akiba 1998
Tony Kushner Terminating or Sonnet LXXV 1998
Tony Kushner Illusion 1999

L _ M

Arthur Laurents  Home of the brave  1946
Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee  Inherit the wind  1955
Ira Levin and Mac Hyman  No time for sergeants  1955
Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse  Life with father  1939
Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse  State of the Union  1945
Robert Lowell Benito Cereno 1964
Robert Lowell  Benito Cereno  1964
Clare Boothe Luce Women. 1936
Archibald MacLeish Fall of the city. 1937
Archibald MacLeish  J.B.  1958
David Mamet  American buffalo  1975
David mamet  Glengarry Glen Ross  1983
Bill Manhoff  The owl and the pussycat  1964
Edwin Justus Mayer  Children of darkness  1930
Robbie McCauley Sally's Rape 1989
Carson McCullers Member of the Wedding 1950
Carson McCullers  The member of the wedding  1950
Terrence McNally  Noon  1968
Terrence McNally  The Ritz  1976
Terrence McNally  Frankie and Johnny in the clair de lune  1982
Leonard Melfi  Night  1968
 Edna St. Vincent Millay Aria de Capo  1919
Arthur Miller  All my sons  1947
Arthur Miller  Death of a salesman  1949
Arthur Miller  The Crucible  1953
Arthur Miller  A view from the bridge  1955
Arthur Miller  The Price  1968
Jason Miller  That championship season  1982
Robert Montgomery  Subject to fits  1971
Tad Mosel  All the way home  1960


Clifford Odets  Awake and sing!  1935
Clifford Odets Paradise Lost 1935
Clifford Odets Till the Day I Die 1935
Clifford Odets Waiting for Lefty 1935
Clifford Odets Rocket to the Moon  1938
Clifford Odets Big Knife 1949
Clifford Odets Country Girl 1950
Clifford Odets Golden boy. 1950
 Eugene O'Neill Ile  1917
Eugene O'Neill Beyond the Horizon 1918
Eugene O'Neill Moon of the Caribees 1918
Eugene O'Neill Straw 1919
Eugene O'Neill Anna Christie 1920
Eugene O'Neill Emperor Jones 1920
Eugene O'Neill Gold  1920
Eugene O'Neill Diff'rent 1921
Eugene O'Neill First Man  1922
Eugene O'Neill The Hairy Ape   1922
Eugene O'Neill All Go'd Chillun Got Wings 1924
Eugene O'Neill Desire Under the Elms  1924
Eugene O'Neill Welded 1924
Eugene O'Neill Great God Brown 1926
Eugene O'Neill Strange Interlude 1928
Eugene O'Neill Dynamo 1929
Eugene O'Neill Mourning Becomes Electra: 1) Homecoming 1931
Eugene O'Neill Mourning Becomes Electra: 2) The Hunted 1931
Eugene O'Neill Mourning Becomes Electra: 3) The Haunted 1931
Eugene O'Neill Ah, Wilderness 1933
Eugene O'Neill Days without End 1933
Eugene O'Neill  The Iceman Cometh  1939
Eugene O'Neill  Hughie  1941
Eugene O'Neill Long Days Journey Into Night 1941
Eugene O'Neill  A touch of the poet  1942
Eugene O'Neill Marco Millions 1923-25
Eugene O'Neill  A moon for the misbegotten  1941-43

O - R

Paul Osborn  On borrowed time  1938
Paul Osborn  Morning's at seven  1939
Suzan-Lori Parks Betting on the Dust Commander 1987
Suzan-Lori Parks Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom 1989
Suzan-Lori Parks The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World 1989
Suzan-Lori Parks Pickling  1990
Suzan-Lori Parks Devotees in the Garden of Love 1992
Suzan-Lori Parks The America Play  1994
Suzan-Lori Parks Venus 1996
Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/Underdog 1999
Suzan-Lori Parks 365 Days/365 Plays 2002
John Patrick  The hasty heart  1945
John Patrick  The teahouse of the August moon  1953
Bernard Pomerance  The elephant man  1977
David Rabe Basic Training of Pavlo Hummer 1971
David Rabe  Sticks and bones  1972
David Rabe  Streamers  1977
David Rabe  Hurlyburly  1985
Aishah Rahman, Mojo and the sayso 1989
Mark Reed Yes my darling daughter. 1937
Elmer Rice  The adding machine  1923
Elmer Rice Street Scene  1929
Elmer Rice  Dream girl  1945
Lynn Riggs  Green grow the lilacs  1930


Howard Sackler  The great white hope  Sackler
William Saroyan  The time of your life  Saroyan
William Saroyan Time of Your Life Saroyan
William Saroyan Hello Out There Saroyan
William Saroyan  The cave dwellers  Saroyan
Ntozake Shange  For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf  Shange
Ntozake Shange From The resurrection of the daughter: Liliane Shange
Irwin Shaw Bury the dead. Shaw
Wallace Shawn Aunt Dan and Lemon Shawn
Sam Shepard Rock Garden Shepard
Sam Shepard 4-H Club Shepard
Sam Shepard Chicago Shepard
Sam Shepard Icarus's Mother Shepard
Sam Shepard Fourteen Hundred Thousand Shepard
Sam Shepard Red Cross Shepard
Sam Shepard Cowboys #2 Shepard
Sam Shepard Forensic & the Navigators Shepard
Sam Shepard La Turista Shepard
Sam Shepard Unseen Hand Shepard
Sam Shepard Holy Ghostly Shepard
Sam Shepard Operation Sidewider Shepard
Sam Shepard Back Bog Beast Bait Shepard
Sam Shepard Cowboy Mouth Shepard
Sam Shepard Mad Dog Blues Shepard
Sam Shepard Tooth of Crime Shepard
Sam Shepard Action Shepard
Sam Shepard Killer's Head Shepard
Sam Shepard Angel City Shepard
Sam Shepard  Buried child  Shepard
Sam Shepard Curse of the Starving Class Shepard
Sam Shepard Tongues Shepard
Sam Shepard True West Shepard
Sam Shepard Savage/Love Shepard
Sam Shepard Fool for Love Shepard
Sam Shepard Simpatico Shepard
Robert E. Sherwood The Road to Rome  1927
Robert E. Sherwood Idiot's delight 1936
Robert E. Sherwood.  Abe Lincoln in Illinois  1938
Neil Simon  The odd couple  1965
Neil Simon  The prisoner of Second Avenue  1971
Neil Simon  Chapter two  1977
Neil Simon  Brighton Beach memoirs  1983
Bernard Slade  Same time, next year  1975
Anna Deveare Smith From Fires in the mirror 1992
Stephen Sondheim  Sunday in the Park with George 1984
Stephen Sondheim Into the woods  1986
Bella and Samuel  Spewack Boy meets girl. 1935
Maxwell Anderson What Price Glory?  1924
Joseph Stein  Fiddler on the roof  1964
John Steinbeck Of mice and men. 1937
Jerry Sterner   Other people's money  1991
Peter Stone and Sherman Edwards  1776 1969
Preston Sturges Striclty Dishonorable  1929

T - W

 Booth Tarkington  Clarence  1919
James Thurber and Elliot Nugent  The male animal  1942
Sophie Treadwell  Machinal  1928
Alfred Uhry Driving Miss Daisy  1987
John Van Druten  The voice of the turtle  1943
John Van Druten  I remember mama  1944
John van Druten  Bell, book and candle  1950
John Van Druten  I am a camera  1951
Danitra Vance From Live and in color! 1991
Gore Vidal.  The best man  1960
Joseph A. Walker  The river niger  1972
Wendy Wasserstein Heidi Chronicles 1988
Wendy Wasserstein Sisters Rossensweig 1992
Wendy Wasserstein American Daughter 1997
Michael Weller Moonchildren 1970
Michael Weller  Loose ends  1979
Michael Weller  Spoils of War  1988
Hugh Wheeler  A little night music  1973
Thornton Wilder Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden 1931
Thornton Wilder Our Town 1938
Thornton Wilder Skin of Our Teeth 1942
Thornton Wilder  The matchmaker  1954
Tennessee Williams The glass menagerie  1944
Tennessee Williams  A streetcar named desire  1947
Tennessee Williams.  Summer and smoke  1948
Tennessee Williams  The rose tattoo  1951
Tennessee Williams Camino Real 1953
Tennessee Williams  Cat on a hot tin roof  1955
Tennessee Williams  Orpheus descending  1957
Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer 1958
Tennessee Williams Sweet Bird of Youth 1959
Tennessee Williams Period of Adjustment 1960
Tennessee Williams  The night of the iguana  1961
Tennessee Williams Eccentricities of a Nightingale 1962
Tennessee Williams Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore 1963
Tennessee Williams Mutilated 1965
Tennessee Williams Kingdom of Earth 1968
Tennessee Williams Small Craft Warnings 1972
Tennessee Williams Out Cry 1973
Tennessee Williams Vieux Carre 1977
Tennessee Williams  A lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur  1979
Lanford Wilson  Lemon sky  1968
Lanford Wilson  Talley's folly  1979
Lanford Wilson  Burn this  1986
Lanford Wilson Home Free  1964
Lanford Wilson Balm in Gilead 1965
Lanford Wilson Ludlow Fair 1965
August Wilson Jitney 1982
August Wilson Ma Rainey's Black Bottom 1984
August Wilson Fences 1985
August Wilson Joe Turner's Come and Gone 1986
August Wilson Piano Lesson  1987
August Wilson Two Trains Running 1990
August Wilson Seven Guitars 1995
August Wilson King Hedley II  1999
Morton Wishengrad  The rope dancers  1957
Herman Wouk  The Caine Mutiny court-martial  1954