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ATU-AT-Motif: Anecdotes and Jokes 1200 - 1999

Anecdotes and Jokes - Stories About a Fool 1200 - 1349

This page shows how Thompson, AT, and ATU classifications are related. Go here for the full-text of the tales. 
ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1200 Sowing Salt AT 1200 Planting Salt J1932.3. Sowing salt to produce salt
    J1932.1. Numskulls sow cooked grain.
    J1932.2. Sowing cheese to bring forth a cow
    J1932.4. Planting a hog in order to grow pigs.
ATU 1201 Carrying the Horse AT 1201 The Protecting the Planted Field J2163. Carrying the plow horse so as not to tramp up the field
ATU 1202 The Dangerous Sickle AT 1202 Harvesting Grain with a Cannon J2196. Grain shot down with guns
ATU 1210 Cow is Taken to the Roof to Graze AT 1210 Grazing the Cow on the Roof J1904.1. Cow (hog) taken to roof to graze.
ATU 1213 The Pent Cuckoo AT 1213 The Pent Cuckoo J1904.2. The pent cuckoo.
ATU 1214 The Persuavive Auctioner AT 1214 The Persuavive Auctioner J2087. The persuasive auctioneer.
ATU 1215 The Miller, His Son, and the Donkey AT 1215 The Man, the Boy, and their Donkey J1041.2. Miller, his son, and the ass: trying to please everyone.
    J1041. Impossibility of pleasing everyone.
ATU 1218 Numskull Sits on Eggs to Finish Hatching AT 1218 Peasant Hatches Eggs J1902.1. Numskull sits on eggs to finish the hatching.
    K1253. The general hatches out an egg
ATU 1225 The man without a head   J2381. Question: did the man ever have a head?
ATU 1227 Catching the squirrel AT 1227 Jumping After a Squirrel J2661.3. One woman to catch squirrel; the other to get the cooking pot.
ATU 1229 If the Wolf's Tail Breaks AT 1229 Holding a Wolf by the Tail X1133.3.2. If the wolf's tail breaks.
ATU 1231 The Attack on the Hare (Crayfish) AT 1231 Planning an Attack on a Hare J2612. The attack on the hare (crayfish
ATU 1240 Cutting off the branch AT 1240 Fool Cuts off Branch He is Sitting on J2133.4. Numskull cuts off tree-limb on which he sits.
ATU 1241A Pulling Out the Tree AT 1241A Tying Up a Cliff na
ATU 1242 Loading wood AT 1242 Loading the wood J2213.4. If the horse can pull one load he can pull two
ATU 1242A Relief for the Donkey AT 1242A Carrying the Load to the Spare Horse J1874.1. Rider takes the meal-sack on his shoulder to relieve the ass of his burden
ATU 1244 Trying to Stretch the Beam AT 1244 Stretching the Bench J1964.1. Trying to stretch the beam.
ATU 1245 Sunlight carried in a bag into the windowless house AT 1245 Carrying the Sunlight Into a Windowless House J2123. Sunlight carried into windowless house in baskets.
ATU 1248 Tree-Trunks Laid Crosswise on a Sledge AT 1248 Loading a Beam Crosswise in a Wagon J1964. Tree-trunks laid crosswise of the sledge.
ATU 1250 The Human Chain AT 1250 A Human Well Rope J2133.5. Men hang down in a chain until top man spits on his hands.
ATU 1250A Hampers Pilled Up to Measure Tower AT 1250A Building a Ladder of Boxes J2133.6.1. Measuring the tower by piling up hampers
ATU 1255 A hole to throw the earth in AT 1255 Digging a Hole to Bury a Pile of Earth J1934. A hole to throw the earth in.
ATU 1260 The porridge in the ice hole AT 1260 Making Porridge in a Whirlpool J1938. Porridge in the ice hole
ATU 1263 The Porridge Eaten in Different Rooms AT 1263 Eating Porridge and Milk in Two Rooms J2167. Porridge eaten in different rooms.
ATU 1270 The Drying of the Candle AT 1270 Drying Candles in the Oven J2122. Candle put in the stove to dry: melts.
ATU 1271C* Cloak Given to a Stone AT 1271C* Cloak for a Tree J1873.2. Cloak given to a stone to keep it warm.
ATU 1276 Rowing without going forward AT 1276 Rowing without going forward J2164.1. Rowers pull in opposite directions.
    J2164.2. Rowing in a boat which is tied up.
ATU 1278 Marking the place on the boat AT 1278 Marking the boat J1922.1. Marking the place on the boat.
ATU 1278 Marking the place on the boat AT 1278* Hiding a Knife Beneath a Cloud (now ATU 1278) J1922.2. Marking the place under the cloud.
ATU 1281 Getting Rid of the Unknown Animal AT 1281 Burning the Barn to Destroy an Animal J2101. Getting rid of the cat.
ATU 1281A Getting Rid of the Man-Eating Calf AT 1281A The Man-Eating Cow J1815. Did the calf eat the man?
ATU 1284 Person Does Not Know Himself AT 1284 Fool Does Not Know Himself J2012. Person does not know himself.
ATU 1286 Jumping into the Breeches AT 1286 Jumping into Breeches J2161.1. Jumping into the breeches.
ATU 1287 Numskull unable to count their own number AT 1287 Fools Cannot Count Themselves J2031. Counting wrong by not counting oneself.
ATU 1287 Numskull unable to count their own number AT 1287 Fools Cannot Count Themselves J2031.1. Numskulls count selves by sticking their noses in the sand.
ATU 1288 Numskiulls Cannot Find Their Own Legs AT 1288 Fools Cannot Find Their Own Legs J2021. Numskulls cannot find their own legs.
ATU 1290 Swimming in the Flax-field AT 1290 Fool Mistakes a Flax Field For a Lake J1821. Swimming (fishing) in the flax-field.
ATU 1291 One Cheese Sent to Bring Back Another AT 1291 Sending One Cheese After Another J1881.1.2. One cheese sent after another
ATU 1291B Filling the Cracks with Butter AT 1291B Fool Greases Cracked Earth With Butter J1871. Filling cracks with butter
ATU 1291A Three-legged Pot Sent to Walk Home AT 1291C Expecting a Table to Walk on Its Own Legs (now ATU 1291A) J1881.1.3. Three-legged pot sent to walk home
ATU 1294 Getting the Calf's Head out of the Pot AT 1294 Beheading a Stuck Calf J2113. Getting the calf's head out of the pot.
ATU 1296 Fool's Errand AT 1296 Fool's Errand J2346. Fool's errand.
ATU 1297* Jumping Into the River After Their Comrade AT 1297* Fools Walk Into a River and Drown J1832. Jumping into the river after their comrade.
ATU 1305 Miser and His Gold AT 1305B Miser and His Stolen Gold (now ATU 1305) J1061.4. Miser's treasure stolen.
ATU 1310 Drowning the crayfish as punishment AT 1310 Drowning an Eel K581.1. Drowning punishment for turtle (eel, crab).
    J1762.1.2. Crab mistaken for tailor.
ATU 1313 The Man Who Wanted to Commit Suicide AT 1313 The Man who Thought He Was Dead J2311.2. The "poisoned" pot.
ATU 1313A The Man Takes Seriously the Prediction of Death AT 1313A Prediction of Death is Taken Seriously J2311.1. Numskull is told that he is to die when his horse breaks wind three times.
    J2311.1.4. Man believes he will die when he gets a scarlet thread on his coat.
    J2311.4. The dead man speaks up
ATU 1314 Mistaking Harmless Objects for Dangerous Ones AT 1315 Train is Taken for an Animal (now ATU 1314) J1771.1. Big tree thought to be snake.
ATU 1316 Mistaking One Animal for Another AT 1316 Mistaking a Rabbit for a Sheep J1757. Rabbit thought to be a cow
    J1755. Earthworm thought to be snake (or other monster).
    J1754. Ass thought to be hare.
    J1751. Dungbeetle thought to be bee.
ATU 1317 Blind Man and Elephant AT NA J1761.10. Blind men and elephant
ATU 1318 Mistaking a Person (Animal, Object) for a Supernatural Being AT 1318 Mistaking an Ordinary Object for a Ghost J1782.1. Robber or dog in church thought to be a ghost.
    J1782.2. Dropping dough thought to be a ghost
    J1782.8. Person in haunted house shoots off all his toes thinking they are ghosts.
ATU 1319 Pumpkin Sold as a Donkey's Egg AT 1319 Fool Thinks a Pumpkin is a Horse's Egg J1772.1. Pumpkin thought to be an ass's egg.
ATU 1319A* Watch Mistake for the Devil's Eye AT 1319A* Fools Mistake a Watch for a Ghost J1781.2. Watch mistaken for the devil's eye.
ATU 1319J* Fool Eats a Beetle Thinking it a Blueberry With Wings AT 1319J* Fools Eat Beetles for Berries J1761.11. Fool mistakes dung-beetles for fruit: eats them.
ATU 1321 Fools frightened AT 1321 Fools are Frightened J2600. Cowardly fool
ATU 1321C Fools are Frightened at the Humming of Bees AT 1321C Fool is Frightened by Humming Bees J2614.1. Fools are frightened at the humming of bees.
ATU 1325A Fireplace Gives Too Much Heat AT 1325A Moving the Fireplace J2104. Moving the fireplac
ATU 1326 Moving the church AT 1326 Moving the church J2328. The moving church tower.
ATU 1327 Emptying the Flour Sack AT 1327 Emptying a Bag of Meal J2062.1. Which way the sheep shall return
ATU 1328A* Oversalting the Soup AT 1328A* Oversalted Soup na
ATU 1333 The Shepherd who Cried "Wolf!" too often AT 1333 The Shepherd who Cried "Wolf!" too often J2172.1. The shepherd who cried "Wolf!" too often
ATU 1334 The Local Moon AT 1334 The Local Moon J2271.1. The local moon.
ATU 1335 The Swallowed Moon AT 1335 The Eaten Moon J1791.1. Drinking the moon.
ATU 1335A Catching the Moon AT 1335A Rescuing the Moon J1791.2. Rescuing the moon.
ATU 1335* Setting Sun (Rising Sun) Mistaken for Fire AT 1335* Fools Mistake Setting Sun for a Camp Fire J1806. Setting sun mistaken for fire
ATU 1336A Not Recognizing Own Reflection AT 1336A Woman Does not Recognize Her Own Reflection J1791.7. Man does not recognize his own reflection in the water.
ATU 1339 Strange Foods AT 1339 Fools Eating Unfamiliar Foods J1732. Ignorance of certain foods.
ATU 1339D Farmers are Unacquainted with Mustard AT 1339D Fools Eat a Whole Portion of Pepper J1742.3. Peasants in city inn order whole portion of mustard.
ATU 1342 Warming Hands and Cooling Soup with the Same Breath AT 1342 Hot and Cold with the Same Breath NA
ATU 1347 Living Crucifix Chosen AT 1347 Fools Choose a Living Crucifix J1738.2. Living crucifix chosen
ATU 1347* The Statue's Father AT 1347* The Statue's Father NA
ATU 1348 The Imaginative Boy AT 1348 The Imaginative Boy W211.2. "I surely saw a hundred wolves (snakes)."
ATU 1349D* What is Intelligence? AT 1349D* Tricking Someone into Hitting a Rock NA

Anecdotes and Jokes - Stories about Married Couples 1350 - 1439

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1350 The Soon-Consoled Widow AT 1350 A Man Feigns Death to Test His Wife H466. Feigned death to test wife's faithfulness.
    T231.3. Faithless widow ready to marry messenger who brings news of husband's death.
ATU 1351 The silence wager AT 1351 The silence wager H1194.0.1. Task: causing silent person to speak.
    J2511. The silence wager.
ATU 1352A The Tale-Telling Parrot AT 1352A Parrot's Tales Prevents an Adultery J551.1. Cocks who crow about mistress's adultery killed.
    K1591. Seventy tales of a parrot prevent a wife's adultery
ATU 1353 The old woman as troublemaker AT 1353 The old woman as the Devil's Helper G303.10.5. Where the devil can't reach, he sends an old woman.
    K1085. Woman makes trouble between man and wife: the hair from his beard.
ATU 1354 Death for the Old Couple AT 1354 The Angel of Death and the Married Couple J217.0.1. Unsatisfactory life preferred to death.
    J217.0.1.1. Trickster overhears man praying for death to take him
    K2065.1. Woman and sick husband.
ATU 1355A The Lord Above the Lord Below AT 1355A The Lord Above the Lord Below K1525. The Lord above; the lord below.
ATU 1355B "I Can See the Whole World!" AT 1355B Farmer Seeks His Lost Calf Among Lovers K1271.4. Adulteress tells lover "I can see the whole world."
ATU 1355C The Lord Above Will Provide AT 1355C The One Above Us Will Provide K1271.5. The Lord above will provide.
ATU 1358A Hidden Lover Buys Freedom from Discoverer AT 1358A Devil Jumps from a Lover's Hiding Place K1555.2. The devil in the barrel.
    K1554.1. Trickster sets fire to barrel of tow in which paramour is hidden
    K443.1. Hidden paramour buys freedom from discoverer.
ATU 1358C Trickster Discovers Adultery AT 1358C Exposing a Faithless Wife K1571. Trickster discovers adultery: food goes to husband instead of paramour.
ATU 1359C Husband Prepares to Castrate the Crucifix AT 1359C Would-Be Lovers Pose as Naked Statues K1558. The husband prepares to castrate the crucifix.
ATU 1360C Old Hildebrand AT 1360C Old Hildebrand K1556. Old Hildebrand
ATU 1361 The Flood AT 1361 Three Lovers and a Hot Kiss K1522. Husband in hanging tub to escape coming flood
    K1225. Lover given rump to kiss.
    K1577. Second lover burns paramour at window with hot iron.
ATU 1362 The Snow-child (Modus Leibinc) AT 1362 The Snow Child J1532.1. The Snow-Child.
ATU 1363 Tale of the Craddle AT 1363 Lodgers Sleep with the Host's Wife and Daughter K1345. Tale of the cradle.
ATU 1365 The obstinate wife AT 1365 The Obstinate Wife miscellaneous tales
ATU 1365A Wife Falls into a Stream AT 1365A Seeking a Contrary Wife Upstream T255.2. The obstinate wife sought for up-stream
ATU 1365B Cutting with the Knife or the Scissors AT 1365B Knife or Scissors? T255.1. The obstinate wife: cutting with knife or scissors
ATU 1365C Wife Insults the Husband as Lousy-Head AT 1365C Woman Who Called Her Husband Lousy T255.3. The obstinate wife: sign of the louse.
ATU 1365E Quarrelsome Couple AT 1365J* Asking by Opposites (now ATU 1365E) NA
ATU 1375 Who can Rule His Wife? AT 1366A* Horse for a Husband Who Rules His House (now ATU 1375) T252.1. Unsuccessful search for man who can rule his wife.
ATU 1370 The Lazy Wife is Reformed AT 1370 The Lazy Wife W111.3.2. Cat beaten for not working
ATU 1372 The Box on the Ears AT 1372 Prescribing Blows J2494. Getting a box on the ears.
ATU 1372* The Wife's Disease AT 1372* Prescribing Good Food J1511.3. Eating cure becomes epidemic
ATU 1373 The Weighed Cat AT 1373 Weighing the Cat J1611. The stolen meat and the weighed cat
ATU 1375 Who Can Rule His Wife? AT 1375 Search for a Husband Who Can Rule T252.1. Unsuccessful search for man who can rule his wife.
ATU 1377 Husband Locked Out AT 1377 An Adulteress Locks Her Husband Out K1511. The husband locked out.
ATU 1378 The Marked Coat in the Wife's Room AT 1378 A Present for a Mistress K1543. The marked coat in the wife's room.
ATU 1379 Wife Deceives Husband with Substitute Bedmate AT 1379 Wife Takes the Place of Her Husbands Lover K1843. Wife deceives husband with substituted bedmate.
    K1843.2. Wife takes mistress's place in husband's bed.
ATU 1380 The faithless wife AT 1380 A Faithless Wife Wishes Her Husband Blind K1553. Husband feigns blindness and avenges himself on his wife and her paramour.
ATU 1381 The talkative wife and the discovered treasure AT 1381 Man Discredits His Talkative Wife J1151.1.1. Talkative wife discredited.
ATU 1381B The Sausage Rain AT 1381B Mother Protects Her Half-Witted Son J1151.1.3. The sausage rain.
ATU 1381C Buried Sheeps Head AT 1381C Wife Talks About Her Husband's Crime H472.1. Test of wife's ability to keep secret: the buried sheep's head.
ATU 1381D Wife Multiples the Secret AT 1381D Wife Embellishes Her Husband's Secret J2353. The wife multiplies the secret.
ATU 1381E Old Man Sent to School AT 1381E Man Finds a Purse and Starts a School NA
ATU 1383 A Woman Does Not Know Herself AT 1383 A Woman Does Not Know Herself J2012.2. Woman's garments cut off: does not know herself.
    J2012.3. Woman in tar and feathers does not know herself.
ATU 1384 The husband hunts for three persons as stupid as his wife AT 1384 Man Seeks Someone as Stupid As His Wife H1312.1. Quest for three persons as stupid as his wife.
ATU 1385 A Foolish Wife's Security AT 1385 A Woman Accepts Her Own Cow as Security J2086. The foolish pawn.
ATU 1385* Learning About Money AT 1385* Woman Loses Her Husband's Money na
ATU 1386 Meat as food for cabbage AT 1386 Feeding the Cabbage J1856.1. Meat fed to cabbages
ATU 1387 A Woman Goes to Get Beer AT 1387 A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar J2176. Fool lets wine run in the cellar
    J2176.1. Fool tries to dry up spilt wine with meal.
ATU 1387 A Woman Goes to Get Beer AT 1387A Foolish Wife Throws Things Away (now ATU 1387  
ATU 1405 The Lazy Spinning Woman AT 1405 The Lazy Spinning Woman K1971.4.1. Wife behind tree advises husband against having his wife work.
    J2325. Husband made to believe that yarn has changed to tow through his carelessness.
ATU 1406 Three Clever Wives Wager AT 1406 The merry wives wager J2301. Gullible husbands.
    K1545. Wives wager as to who can best fool her husband.
    J2317. Well man made to believe that he is sick.
    J2311.0.1. Wife makes her husband believe that he is dead.
    J2013.2. Man made to believe that he is a dog.
    J2314. Layman made to believe that he is a monk
    J2324. Wife persuades her husband to have a good tooth pulled
    J2315. Wife persuades husband that she has returned immediately.
    J2316. Husband made to believe that his house has moved during his absence
    J2312. Naked person made to believe that he is clothed.
ATU 1407 The Miser AT 1407 Miser Suspects His Wife of Eating Too Much W153.2. Miserly husband spies on wife to see that she does not eat too much
ATU 1407A "Everything" AT 1407A Miser Gives His Wife Everything He Owns K1155. Casual words uttered by dupe used to cheat him of his property.
ATU 1408 The man who does his wife's work AT 1408 The man who did his wife's work J2431. A man undertakes to do his wife's work.
    J2176.1. Fool tries to dry up spilt wine with meal.
    J2132.2. Numskull ties the rope to his leg as the cow grazes on the roof.
    J2465.4. Washing the child.
    J1881.1.3. Three-legged pot sent to walk home.
ATU 1408B Fault-Finding Husband Nonplussed AT 1408B Woman Fills Her Husbands Request J1545.3. Fault-finding husband nonplussed
ATU 1410 Four Men's Mistress AT 1410 Husband as His Wife's Confessor J1545.2. Four men's mistress.
ATU 1415 Lucky Hans AT 1415 Lucky Hans J2081.1. Foolish bargain: horse for cow, cow for hog, etc.
ATU 1416 The mouse in the silver jug AT 1416 The mouse in the silver dish C324. Tabu: looking into jug.
    H1554.1. Test of curiosity: mouse in jug.
ATU 1417 The Cut-off Nose (Hair) AT 1417 Wife Who Put Another Woman In Her Bed K1512. The cut-off nose.
    J2315.2. Gullible husb and made to believe he has cut off his wife's nose.
ATU 1418 The Equivocal Oath (Isolde's Ordeal) AT 1418 The Oath of Chastity K1513. The wife's equivocal oath.
ATU 1419 Returning Husband Hoodwinked AT 1419 Woman and Her Lover Trick Her Husband K1510. Adulteress outwits husband.
    K1521.2. Paramour successfully hidden in chest
ATU 1419B Animal in the Chest AT 1419B Woman Substitutes an Animal for her Captured Lover K1515. The animal in the chest.
ATU 1419C One-Eyed Husband AT 1419C Husband with One Eye K1516. The husband's good eye covered.
    K1516.1. The husband's good eye treated.
ATU 1419D Lovers as Pursuer and Fugitive AT 1419D Two Lovers Pretend to be a Murderer and His Fugitive K1517.1. The lovers as pursuer and fugitive
ATU 1419G Clergyman's Breeches AT 1419G Priest's Breeches na
ATU 1419H Woman Warns Lover of Husband by Singing Song AT 1419H Woman Warns Her Lover with a Song K1546.1. Woman warns lover of husband by singing song.
ATU 1420C Borrowing from the Husband and Returning to the Wife AT 1420C Borrowing Money From a Lover's Husband K1581.3. Lover's gift regained: borrowing from the husband and returning to the wife.
ATU 1420A The Broken (Removed) Article AT 1420E Buying Love with Fur Coat (now ATU 1420A) K1581.1. Lover's gift regained: the broken (removed) article.
ATU 1422 Parrot Report's Wifes Adultery AT 1422 The Parrot and the Adulterous Woman J1154.1. Parrot unable to tell husband details as to wife's infidelity
ATU 1423 The Enchanted Pear Tree AT 1423 The Enchanted Tree K1518. The enchanted pear tree.
ATU 1424 Friar Adds Missing Nose AT 1424 Curing an Unborn Child K1363.2. Friar adds missing nose (fingers) to unborn child: foetus is imperfect and he will substitute for absent husband.
ATU 1424* Wife Recovers What Her Husband First Found and Then Lost AT 1424* Woman Assumes a Vulgar Name NA
ATU 1425 Putting the Devil into Hell AT 1425 Putting the Devil into Hell K1363.1. Putting the Devil in Hell.
ATU 1425B* Why the Seventh Child has Red Hair AT 1425B* You're Not Related to Your Father na
ATU 1430 Man and His Wife Build Air Castles AT 1430 Air Castles J2060. Absurd plans. Air-castles.
    J2060.1. Quarrel and fight over details of air-castles.
    J2061. Air-castle shattered by lack of forethought.
    J2061.1. Air-castle: the jar of honey to be sold.
    J2061.2. Air-castle: pail of milk to be sold.
    J2061.1.2. Air-castle: basket of eggs to be sold.
ATU 1430A Foolish Concerns for an Unborn Child AT 1430A Foolish Concerns for an Unborn Child J2060.1. Quarrel and fight over details of air-castles.

Anecdotes and Jokes - Stories about a Woman 1440 - 1524

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1440 Substituted Animal AT 1440 Horse Instead of a Bride J1615. That which was promised him
ATU 1443* Pillow Too High AT 1443* Man Who Could Not Jump Over a Pillow NA
ATU 1374* Woman Who Does Not Know How to Bake Bread AT 1445* Kneading Dough (now ATU 1374*) J2499.1. "Till the front sweats."
ATU 1450 Clever Elsie AT 1450 Clever Elsie J2063. Distress over imagined troubles of unborn child.
ATU 1451 The Thrifty Girl AT 1451 A suitor chooses the thrifty girl H381.1. Bride test: making dress from wasted flax.
ATU 1452 Thrifty Cutting the Cheese AT 1452 Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese H381.2. Bride test: thrifty cutting of cheese.
ATU 1453 Key in Flax Reveals Laziness AT 1453 The Key in the Flax H382.1. Bride test: key in flax reveals laziness.
ATU 1456 The blind fiancée AT 1456 The Blind Fiancée K1984.5. Blind fiancée betrays self
    K1225. Lover given rump to kiss
ATU 1459** Keeping up appearances AT 1459** Girls Family Puts on Show of Welath K1984. Girls keep up appearances to deceive suitors as to their desirability
ATU 1462 The unwilling suitor advised from the tree AT 1462 Suitor Pretends to Be an Angel K1971.6. Girl behind the tree advises the unwilling suitor
ATU 1476 Prayer for a Husband AT 1476 Prayer for a Husband K1971.9. Sexton behind statue tells old maid praying for a husband to raise her foot to her neck.
ATU 1476A Prayer to Christ Child's Mother AT 1476A Praying to a Statue's Mother NA
ATU 1476B Old Maid Married to a Devil AT 1476B Girl Who Married the Devil G303.12.5. Devil marries girl.
ATU 1479* Old Maid on the Roof AT 1479* An Old Woman Stays Out All Night X753. A youth promises to marry an old maid if she will sit all night on the roof
ATU na AT 1500 Old Woman's Cure (new classification Ashlimann) na
ATU 1510 Matron of Ephesus AT 1510 Widow of Ephesus K2213.1. Matron of Ephesus.
ATU 1516* Marriage as Purgatory AT 1516B* Marriage as a Substitute for Purgatory (now ATU 1516*) T251.0.2. Christ, not having married, knew nothing about suffering
    T251.0.1. Man ejected from heaven for folly of marrying twice.

Anecdotes and Jokes - Stories about a Man - The Clever Man 1525 - 1639

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1525 The Master Thief AT 1525 The Master Thief K301. Master thief.
ATU 1525A Tasks for a Thief AT 1525A Stealing a Horse, Sheet, and Parson K301.1. Youth learns robbery as a trade: boasts of it.
    H1151. Theft as a task.
    H1151.2. Task: stealing twelve horses out of stall.
    K332. Theft by making owner drunk
    H1151.3. Task: stealing sheet from bed on which person is sleeping.
    K362.2. Ring to put on corpse's finger
ATU 1525D Theft by Distracting Attention AT 1525D Thief's Bait K341.6. Shoes dropped to distract owner's attention.
    K341.3. Thief distracts attention by apparently hanging (stabbing) himself.
    K341.7. Animal's cry imitated to distract owner's attention from his goods.
ATU 1525G Thief in Disguise AT 1525G Thief Assumes a Disguise K311. Thief in disguise
ATU 1525E Thieves Steal from One Another AT 1525H Thieves Rob Each Other (now ATU 1525E) K306. Thieves steal from each other.
    L142.1. Pupil surpasses thieves in stealing.
    J1516. Rogues exchange objects and cheat each other
    K307.1. One thief hides in money bag; other carries it off.
ATU 1525Z* Other Tales of Theft AT 1525J* Thief Leaves Food he thinks is Poisoned (now ATU 1525Z*) na
ATU 1525M Sheep in the Cradle AT 1525M Hiding a Stolen Sheep in a Cradle K406.2. Stolen sheep dressed as baby in cradle, so that thief may escape detection.
ATU 1525E Thieves Steal from One Another AT 1525N Two Thieves Trick Each Other (now ATU 1525E) K306. Thieves steal from each other.
ATU 1525Q Two Thieves Married to the Same Woman AT 1525Q Two Thieves with the Same Wife NA
ATU 1525L* Theft Commited While Tale is Told AT 1525Q* Thief's Song (now ATU 1525L*) K341.20. The story about theft.
    K341.21. The dance of the thief.
ATU 1525R Robber Brothers AT 1525R Young Robber Tricks His Older Brothers K308. Youngest brother surpasses elder as thief.
ATU 1526A Supper Won by a Trick AT 1526A Winning Supper by a Trick K455.1. Supper won by trick: the mutual friend.
    K455.2. Supper won by disguising as an invited guest.
ATU 1527A The Robber Disarmed AT 1527A Tricking a Robber into Wasting His Bullets K630. Escape by disarming (making pursuit difficult).
    K724. Dupe induced to waste his bullets, then seized.
ATU 1528 Holding Down the Hat AT 1528 Bird Under the Trickster's Hat K1252. Holding down the hat.
ATU 1529 Thief as Donkey AT 1529 Thief Claims to have been a Donkey K403. Thief claims to have been transformed into an ass.
ATU 1529A* Exchange of Horses AT 1529A* Winning a Bet by Eating Disgusting Food na
ATU 1530 Holding up the Rock AT 1530 Holding up a Rock K1251. Holding up the rock
ATU 1533 The wise carving of the fowl AT 1533 Dividing the Fowl NA
ATU 1534 Series of Clever Unjust Decisions AT 1534 Justice Restored with Unjust Decisions J1173. Series of clever unjust decisions: plaintiff voluntarily withdraws.
ATU 1534A* Barber Substituted for Smith at Execution AT 1534A* Substituting the Man to be Hanged J2233.1.1. Men hang old bedridden weaver instead of young, valuable member of colony after the young man has accidentally killed an Indian.
ATU 1535 The Rich and the Poor Farmer AT 1535 The Rich Peasant and the Poor Peasant na
ATU 1536 Disposing of a Corpse AT 1536 Disposing of a Corpse K2151. The corpse handed around.
ATU 1536A Woman in the Chest AT 1536A Woman in the Chest K2151. The corpse handed around.
    K2321. Corpse set up to frighten people.
ATU 1536B Three Hunchback Brothers Drowned AT 1536B Three Hunchbacks Plus One N320. Person unwittingly killed.
    K1551.1. Husband returns secretly and kills unwelcome suitor.
ATU 1537 The corpse killed five times AT 1537 Killing a corpse K2152. Unresponsive corpse
    K2151. †K2151.
ATU 1538 Revenge of the Cheated Man AT 1538 The Boy and the Cow Thieves K713.1. Deception into allowing oneself to be tied
    K1825.1.3. Trickster masks as doctor and punishes his cheaters.
ATU 1539 Cleverness and gullibility AT 1539 Tricksters and Their Victims K132. Wolf sold as a goat (sheep).
    K111.2. Alleged bill-paying hat sold.
    K113.4. Alleged resuscitating wand sold
    K111.1. Alleged gold-dropping animal sold.
    K131.1. Rabbit sold as letter-carrier.
    K112.1. Alleged self-cooking kettle sold.
    K1068.2. Teaching Latin
    K911.1. Sham death to wound enemies.
ATU 1540 The student from Paradise (Paris) AT 1540 The Man from Paradise J2326. The student from paradise.
    K341.9.1. Thief persuades owner to take his place so he can go and catch thief: really steals owner's horse.
ATU 1541 For the long winter AT 1541 For the long winter K362.1. For the long winter.
    J2460.1. Disastrous following of misunderstood instructions
ATU 1542 The clever boy AT 1542A Trickster Borrows a Horse (now ATU 1542) K341.8.1. Trickster pretends to ride home for tools to perform tricks.
    K112.1. Alleged self-cooking kettle sold.
    K113. Pseudo-magic resuscitating object sold.
    J2401. Fatal imitation.
    K1321.1. Man disguised as woman admitted to women's quarters: seduction.
    K842. Dupe persuaded to take prisoner's place in a sack: killed.
    L161. Lowly hero marries princess.
ATU 1542** The Maiden's Honor AT 1542** Restored Virginity K1363. Seduction of person ignorant of sexual intercourse.
ATU 1543* The man without a member AT 1543* Wife Gives her Husband Money to Buy a Better Penis J1919.8. The man without a member: foolish wife gives her husband money to buy himself one.
ATU 1543* The man without a member AT 1543A* The Comb (now ATU 1543*) J1919.8. The man without a member: foolish wife gives her husband money to buy himself one.
ATU 1543C* The Clever Doctor AT 1543C* Patient With No Sense of Taste NA
ATU 1544 The man who got a night's lodging AT 1544 Gaining Lodging and Food by Trickery K1981.1. Trickster feigns deafness and gets hospitality from miser.
    K258. Stolen property sold to its owner.
    K1572. Trickster makes woman believe that her husband is coming to punish her adultery.
    K942. Angry man kills his own horse by mistake.
ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1544A* Soldier's Riddle AT 1544A* Soldier's Riddle NA
ATU 1545 The boy with many names AT 1545 The Boy with Fanciful Names K602. "Noman.
ATU 1545B Boy Who Knew Nothing of Women AT 1545B Boy Who Knew Nothing of Sex K1327. Seduction by feigned stupidity
ATU 1547* Trickster with Painted Penis AT 1547* Seducing a Woman with the Promise of a Gifted Baby K1398. The trickster with painted member.
ATU 1548 Stone Soup AT 1548 Nail Soup K112.2. "Soup stone" sold.
ATU 1551 The Wager that Sheep are Hogs AT 1551 Buying a Cow as a Goat K451.2. The wager that sheep are hogs.
ATU 1555A Paying for Bread with Beer AT 1555A Paying for One Item with Another K233.4. Man orders a bottle of beer, then returns it and takes a loaf of bread instead.
ATU 1555B Wine and Water Business AT 1555B Trading Water for Rum K231.6.2.2. Trickster fills his gallon jug half full of water, then has it filled with rum at the store.
ATU 1556 The Double Pension (Burial Money) AT 1556 The Double Funeral Money K482.1. Husband and wife each receive money (from different persons) to bury the other, who is supposed to be dead.
ATU 1557 Box on the Ear Returned AT 1557 The Circulating Slap K2376. The returned box on the ears.
ATU 1558 Welcome to the Clothes AT 1558 Man is Invited Because of His Clothes J1561.3. Welcome to the clothes.
ATU 1561 Three Meals in a Row AT 1561 Eating Three Meals One After the Other W111.2.6. The boy eats breakfast, dinner, and supper one immediately after the other; then lies down to sleep.
ATU 1562 "Think Thrice before you Speak." AT 1562 Think Three Times Before You Speak J2516.1. Think thrice before you speak.
ATU 1562A "The Barn is Burning" AT 1562A House with the Strange Names J1269.12. Youth announces fire in imitation of priest's metaphorical language.
ATU 1562B* Dog's Bread Stolen AT 1562B* Whole Loaf of Bread NA
ATU 1563 "Both?" AT 1563 Servant Takes Advantage of his Master's Wife and Daughter K1354.1. "Both?"
    K1354.2.1. Trickster asks husband for one thing and the wife for another.
ATU 1565 Agreement Not to Scratch AT 1565 Wager Not to Scratch K263. Agreement not to scratch.
ATU 1566A* Maids Must Rise Even Earlier AT 1566A* Killing the Rooster That Wakes You K1636. Maids must rise even earlier.
ATU 1567 Stingy Household AT 1567 Hungry Servant J1341.1. Softening bread-crusts.
    J1341.4. Two eggs.
ATU 1567F Hungry Shepherd AT 1567F One Cow With Two Calves J1341.6. Hungry shepherd attracts attention
ATU 1567G Good Food Changes Song AT 1567G Good Food Changes the Song J1341.11. Hired men sing of displeasure with food; change song when food is improved
ATU 1571* Servants Punish Their Master AT 1571* Finding an Excuse to Beat One's Master NA
ATU 1572C* "Don't Contradict Me!" AT 1572D* Accepting the Gift Not Offerred Seriously (now ATU 1572C*) NA
ATU 1574 The Tailor's Dream AT 1574 The Tailor's Dream J1401. The tailor's dream
ATU 1575* Clever Shepherd AT 1575* Servant Pretends to be an Angel K1971.2. Man behind the tree threatens his debtor.
ATU 1577* Blind Robber Paid Back AT 1577* Blind Beggar is Robbed N455.1. Overheard boast about hidden money brings about robbery.
ATU 1579 Carrying Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage across Stream AT 1579 Ferrying a Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage H506.3. Test of resourcefulness: carrying wolf, goat, and cabbage across stream.
ATU 1585 The Lawyer's Mad Client AT 1585 The Lawyer's Crazy Client K1655. The lawyer's mad client.
ATU 1586 The Man in Court for Killing a Fly AT 1586 The Fly on the Judge's Nose J1193.1. Killing the fly on the judge's nose.
    J1833.1. Numskull shoots grasshopper which lighted on the shoulder of his friend and kills friend.
ATU 1588** Cheater Caught by Seizing on His Own Words AT 1588** Cheater Caught With His Own Words K2310. Deception by equivocation.
ATU 1589 The Lawyer's Dog Steals Meat AT 1589 The Case of the Lawyer's Dog K488. Lawyer's dog steals meat
ATU 1590 The Tresspasser's Defence AT 1590 Dirt in the Tresspasser's Shoe K475. Cheating through equivocation.
    K2310. Deception by equivocation
    M105. Equivocal oaths.
    Q270. Misdeeds concerning property punished.
    J1161.3. Trespasser's defense: standing on his own land.
ATU 1591 The Three Joint Depositors AT 1591 The Three Joint Depositors J1161.1. The three joint depositors may have their money back when all demand it.
ATU 1592 The Iron-eating Mice AT 1592 The Iron-eating Mice J1531.2. The iron-eating mice.
ATU 1592B Pot Has a Child and Dies AT 1592B Pot That Had a Child and Died J1531.3. The pot has a child and dies.
ATU 1600 The fool as murderer AT 1600 Substituting An Animal for a Corpse NA
ATU 1610 Sharing the Reward AT 1610 Sharing Strokes with the King's Guard K187. Strokes shared.
ATU 1611 Contest in Climbing the Mast AT 1611 Sailor Falls from the Mast K1762. Bluff: climbing the mast.
ATU 1612 The Contest in Swimming AT 1612 The Contest in Swimming K1761. Bluff: provisions for the swimming match.
ATU 1613 "Playing-Cards are my Calendar and Prayer Book." AT 1613 Playing-Cards as a Prayerbook. H603. Symbolic interpretation of playing cards
ATU 1617 Unjust Banker is Deceived into Delivering Deposits AT 1617 Unjust Banker is Tricked into Repaying a Deposit K455.9. Worthless chests offered to obtain credit.
    K476.2. False articles used to produce credit.
    K1667. Unjust banker deceived into delivering deposits by making him expect even larger.
ATU 1620 The Emperor's New Clothes AT 1620 The Emperor's New Clothes K445. The emperor's new clothes.
    J2312. Naked person made to believe that he is clothed.
ATU 1626 Dream Bread AT 1626 Dream Bread K444. Dream bread: the most wonderful dream
ATU 1628* So They Speak Latin AT 1628* Pretending to Speakl a Foreign Language J1511.11. Boy pretends to speak only Latin.
ATU 1635 Eulenspiegel's Tricks AT 1635 Eulenspiegel's tricks K300. Thefts and cheats -- general.

Anecdotes and Stories - Stories about a Man - Lucky Accidents - 1640 -1674

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1640 The Brave Tailor (Seven with One Stroke) AT 1640 The Brave Little Tailor J1115.4. †J1115.4. Clever tailor.
    K1951.1. †K1951.1. Boastful fly-killer: "seven at a blow"
    K62. †K62. Contest in squeezing water from a stone.
    K71. †K71. Deceptive contest in carrying a tree: riding.
    K1112. †K1112. Bending the tree
    K63. †K63. Contest in biting a stone
K18.3. †K18.3. Throwing contest: bird substituted for stone.
    K72. †K72. Deceptive contest in carrying a horse.
K61. †K61. Contest in pushing hole in tree: hole prepared beforehand.
K525.1. †K525.1. Substituted object left in bed while intended victim escapes.
K1082. †K1082. Ogres (large animals, sharp-elbowed women) duped into fighting each other.
K771. †K771. Unicorn tricked into running horn into tree
H38.2.1. †H38.2.1. Tailor married to princess betrays trade by calling for needle and thread.
K1951.3. †K1951.3. Sham-warrior intimidates soldiers with his boasting.
    K1951.2. †K1951.2. Runaway cavalry-hero.
ATU 1641 Doctor Know-all
AT 1641 Doctor Know-all
K1956. †K1956. Sham wise man.
N611. †N611. Criminal accidentally detected: "that is the first."
    N688. †N688. What is in the dish: "Poor Crab"
K1956.1. †K1956.1. Sham wise man gives a purgative and helps find a lost horse.
K1956.2. †K1956.2. Sham wise man hides something and is rewarded for finding it.
K1961.1.3. †K1961.1.3. Sham parson: the sawed pulpit.
ATU 1641C Gibberish Thought to be Latin
AT 1641C Peasant Who Spoke Latin
K1961.1.2. †K1961.1.2. Sham parson repeats same expression over and over or says a few words of Latin.
ATU 1642 The Good Bargain
AT 1642 The Good Bargain
J1851.1.1. †J1851.1.1. Numskull throws money to frogs so that they can count it.
    J1852. †J1852. Goods sold to animals.
    J1853. †J1853. Goods sold to object.
    J1853.1. †J1853.1. Fool sells goods to a statue.
    H341. †H341. Suitor test: making princess laugh.
    K187. †K187. Strokes shared.
J1151.2. †J1151.2. Witness claims the borrowed coat: discredited.
ATU 1643 Money Inside the Statue AT 1643 The Selling Goods to a Statue J1853.1.1. †J1853.1.1. Money from the broken statue.
ATU 1645 Treasure at Home
AT 1645 Treasure at Home
N531.1. †N531.1. Dream of treasure on the bridge
ATU 1645A Dream of Treasure Bought AT 1645A Dream of Buried Treasure E721. †E721. Soul journeys from the body.
    E730. †E730. Soul in animal form
    N531.3. †N531.3. Dream of treasure bought.
ATU 1650 The Three Lucky Brothers AT 1650 Three Brothers Inherit a Rooster, Scythe, and Cat N411.1.1. †N411.1.1. Cat as sole inheritance.
    N411.2.1. †N411.2.1. Sickle as only inheritance.
N411. †N411. Object unknown in a country sold for a fortune.
N411.2. †N411.2. Sickle sold for fortune in land without sickles.
 1651 Whittington's cat
 1651 Dick Whittington and His Cat
N411.1. †N411.1. Whittington's cat.
 1651A Fortune in Salt  1651A Salt In a Saltless Land N411.4. †N411.4. Salt in saltless land sold for fortune.
 1652 The Wolves in the Stable  1652 The Fiddler and the Wolves
K443.5. †K443.5. Trickster entices wolves out of a stable by music: exacts money from their watcher for his carelessness.
 1653 The Robbers under the Tree  1653 The Robbers under the Tree K335.1.1. †K335.1.1. Object falls on robbers from tree.
    K1413. †K1413. Guarding the door.
K335.1.1.1. †K335.1.1.1. Door falls on robbers from tree.
K335.1.2.1. †K335.1.2.1. Corpse thrown among robbers frightens them from treasure.
K335.1.1.2. †K335.1.1.2. Cow-hide falls on robbers from tree.
    K335.1. †K335.1. Robbers frightened from goods
N612. †N612. Numskull talks to himself and frightens robbers away.
 1653 The Robbers under the Tree  1653A Securing the Door (now ATU 1653)
K335.1.1.1. †K335.1.1.1. Door falls on robbers from tree.
 1653 The Robbers under the Tree
 1653B Two Brothers in a Tree (now ATU 1653)
K335.1. †K335.1. Robbers frightened from goods
 1655 The profitable exchange
 1655 The profitable exchanges
K251.1. †K251.1. The eaten grain and the cock as damages.
 1657 How the Jews Were Lured Out of Heaven  1656 Luring Unwanted Souls Out of Heaven X611. †X611. How the Jews were drawn from heaven.
 1661 The Triple Tax
 1661 The Multiple Tax
N635. †N635. The triple tax
    J2225. †J2225. Three reasons for not giving alms.
 1663 Deviding Five Eggs Equally between Two Men and One Woman  1663 Deviding Eggs Among Men and Women
J1249.1. †J1249.1. Dividing five eggs equally between two men and one woman.

Anecdotes and Jokes - Stories about a Man - Stupid Man 1675 - 1724

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1675 The ox (ass) as mayor AT 1675 The ox that Learned to Talk K491. Trickster paid to educate an ass.
    J1882.2. The ass as mayor.
ATU 1676 Pretended Ghost AT 1676 Sham Ghost is Frightened by His Victim N384.10. Man playing ghost killed
    N384.11. Joker playing dead killed.
    K1682.1. "Big 'Fraid and Little 'Fraid."
ATU 1676 Pretended Ghost AT 1676A Sham Ghost if Frightened by a Monkey (now ATU 1676)  
ATU 1676B Frightened to Death AT 1676B Girl Who Died of Fright N384. Death from fright.
    N384.2. Death in the graveyard; person's clothing is caught; the person thinks something awful is holding him; he dies of fright.
ATU 1678 The boy who had never seen a woman AT 1678 The boy who had never seen a woman T371. The boy who had never seen a woman: the Satans.
ATU 1681B Fool as Custodian of Home and Animals AT 1681B Fool as Housekeeper K1462. Washing the grandmother -- in boiling water.
    K1461. Caring for the child: child killed.
ATU 1682 The Horse Learns not to Eat AT 1682 The Horse That Ate Straw J1914. Horse taught to live without food.
ATU 1142 How the Lazy Horse Was Cured AT 1682* Making a Stubborn Mule Go (now ATU 1142) K1181. Hot tin under the horse's tail.
ATU 1337C The Long Night AT 1684A* The Long Night (now ATU 1337C) J2332. Fool locked in dark room made to believe that it is continuous night.
ATU 1685 The Foolish Bridegroom AT 1685 The Fool's Courtship and Marriage J2462.1. The dog Parsley in the soup.
    J2465.5. Clearing out the room.
    J2462.2. Casting sheep's eyes at the bride.
ATU 1687 The Forgotten Word AT 1687 The Forgotten Word D2004.5. Forgetting by stumbling.
ATU 1689 "Thank God They Weren't Peaches" AT 1689 Gift That Was Thrown at the Giver J2563. "Thank God they weren't peaches!"
ATU 1689A Two Presents for the King AT 1689A Two Presents for the King J2415.1. The two presents to the king: the beet and the horse.
ATU 1692 The Stupid Thief AT 1692 The Stupid Thief J2136. Numskull brings about his own capture
    J2461.1.7. Numskull told to steal something heavy brings millstone.
    J2461.1.7.1. Numskull as thief: tries to carry off grinding-stone when told by confederates to bring out heavy things.
    J2136.5.6. Foolish thief asks help of owner.
    J2136.5.7. Thieving numskull beats drum (blows trumpet, etc.) he finds in outhouse.
    J2136.5.5. Foolish thief cooks food and awakens household
ATU 1693 The Literal Fool - the Burning of Lanka AT 1693 Fool Takes Instructions Literally J2450. Literal fool.
ATU 1696 "What Should I Have Said?" AT 1696 What Should I Have Said? J2461. What should I have done (said)?
    J2461.2. Literal following of instructions about greetings.
ATU 1697 "We Three; For Money" AT 1697 "We Three; For Money" C495.2.2. "We three" -- "For gold" -- "That is right": phrases of foreign language.
ATU 1698 Deaf Persons and Their Foolish Answers AT 1698 Deaf Man's Comical Answers X111. Deaf men and their answers
ATU 1698C Two Persons Believe Each Other Deaf AT 1698C Shouting Match Between Two Who Think Each Other Deaf X111.3. Two persons believe each other deaf.
ATU 1698J The Misunderstood Greeting AT 1698J Deaf Man's Memorized Answers X111.5. Deaf man on the bridge.
    X111.10. "Good day."
ATU 1698K Buyer and the Deaf Seller AT 1698K The Foreign Salesman X111.11. Buyer and deaf seller
ATU 1699 Misunderstanding Because of Ignorance of a Foreign Language AT 1699 A Foreigner's Comical Answers J2496.2. Misunderstandings because of lack of knowledge of a different language than one's own.
    X111.7. Misunderstood words lead to comic results
ATU 1700 "I Cannot Understand You" AT 1700 "I don't Know." J2496. "I don't know" thought to be a person's name.
ATU 1705 Talking Horse and Dog AT 1705 An Animal Talks Back B210.1. Person frightened by animals successively replying to his remarks

Anecdotes and Jokes - Tall Tales 1875 - 1999

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1875 The Boy on the Bear's (Wolf's) Tail AT 1875 Excaping from a Barrel by Seizing a Tail
X1133.3. Man in barrel grabs wolf by the tail and is drawn out of danger
ATU 1408C The String of Chickens AT 1876 Chickens on a String (now ATU 1408C)
X1267.1. Hawk flies away with geese on a line.-+
ATU 1880 Riding on the Cannonball AT 1880 Man is Shot from a Cannon
X1852. Boy shot from a cannon.
X1853. Boy with hat of butter, clothes of paper, etc.
ATU 1881 Man Carried Through the Air by Geese AT 1881 Carried Through the Air by Game Birds
X1258.1. Lie: man carried through air by geese.
ATU 1881* Parrots Fly Away with a Tree AT 1881* Birds Fly Away with a Tree
X1252. Lies about crows.
ATU 1882 The Man who Fell out of a Balloon AT 1882 Buried Man Digs Himself Free
X1757. Rope of sand (chaff).
ATU 1882 The Man who Fell out of a Balloon AT 1882 Buried Man Digs Himself Free
X1731.2.1. Man falls and is buried in earth: goes for spade and digs self out.
ATU 1889 Munchhausen Tales AT 1889 Munchhausen Tales
X900. Humor of lies and exaggeration
ATU 1889A Shooting off the Leader's Tail AT 1889A Shooting off the Leader's Tail
X1124.1. Shooting off the leader's tail.
ATU 1889B Hunter Turns Animal Inside Out AT 1889B Turning an Animal Inside Out
X1124.2. Hunter turns animal inside out.
ATU 1889C Fruit Tree Grows from Head of a Deer AT 1889C Deer With a Fruit Tree as Antlers
X1130.2. Fruit tree grows from head of deer shot with fruit pits.
ATU 1889D Tree Grows Out of a Horse and Gives Rider Shade AT 1889D Tree Grows Out of a Horse
X1130.2.1. Tree grows out of horse and gives rider shade
ATU 1889F Frozen Words (Music) Thaw AT 1889F Frozen Sounds
X1623.2.1. Lie: frozen words thaw out in the spring.
ATU 1889G Man Swallowed by Fish AT 1889G Another World Inside a Giant Fish
X1723.1. Swallowed person is discovered in animal's stomach still alive.
ATU 1889H Submarine Otherworld AT 1889H Another World Beneath the Sea NA
ATU 1889E Descent From the Sky on Rope of Sand (Chaff) AT 1889K Descending on a Rope Made of Chafe (now ATU 1889E)
X1757. Rope of sand (chaff)
ATU 1889L Split Dog AT 1889L Split Dog
X1215.11. Lie: the split dog.
ATU 1889M Snakebite Causes an Object to Swell AT 1889M Snakebite Causes an Object to Swell
X1205. Lie: venom of animal (snake, hornet, bee) causes object to swell.
ATU 1889N Long Hunt AT 1889N Extraordinary Hunting Dog
X1215.9. Lie: obedient or dutiful dog.
ATU 1889P Horse Repaired AT 1889P Horse is Cut In Two, Then Sewn Together NA
ATU 1890 The Lucky Shot AT 1890 The lucky shot
X1124.3. Accidental discharge of gun kills much game.
ATU 1890F Shot Causes Series of Lucky/Unlucky Accidents AT 1890D Ramrod Shot (now ATU 1890F)
X1122.2. Lie: person shoots many animals with one shot.
ATU 1890F Shot Causes Series of Lucky/Unlucky Accidents AT 1890E Bent Gun Barrel (now ATU 1890F)
X1122.3. Lie: ingenious person bends gun barrel to make spectacular shot.
ATU 1890F Shot Causes Series of Lucky/Unlucky Accidents AT 1890F Lucky Shot
X1124.3. Accidental discharge of gun kills much game.
ATU 1891 Catching a Rabbit AT 1891B* Catching Hares with Snuff (now ATU 1891) NA
ATU 1891 Catching a Rabbit AT 1893A* Two Hares Run Into Each Other and are Caught (now ATU 1891)
X1114.1. Two hares run into each other and are caught.
ATU 1894 The man shoots a ramrod full of ducks AT 1894 Shooting a Ramrod Full of Birds
X1111. Hunter shoots ram-rod full of ducks
ATU 1895 A man wading in water catching many fish in his boots AT 1895 Catching Fish In Wading Boots
X1112. Hunter catches fish in boots while wading.
ATU 1896 Man Nails the Tail of the Wolf to the Tree AT 1896 Making an Animal Jump Out of Its Skin
X1132.1. The nailed wolf's tail
ATU 1900 How a Man Came Out of a Tree Stump (Marsh) AT 1900 Escaping from a Hollow Tree on a Bear's Tail
X1133.4. Man escapes from bee's nest on bear's tail.
ATU 1910 Bear (Wolf) Harnessed AT 1910 Wolf Harnesses Itself by Eating a Horse
X1216.1. The wolf harnessed.
ATU 1911A Horse's New Backbone AT 1911A Horse With a Broken Back and a Sheep's Skin
X1721.1. New backbone for the horse made from a stick
ATU 1916 The Breathing Tree AT 1916 The Breathing Tree
X1116. The breathing tree.
ATU 1920 Contest in lying AT 1920 Contest in lying X905. Lying contests.
ATU 1920A "The Sea Burns" AT 1920A One Lie Begets Another
X908. Lie: sea has burned up
ATU 1920B "I Have No Time to Lie" AT 1920B No Time to Lie
X905.4. The liar: "I have no time to lie today"; lies nevertheless.
ATU 1920D Liar Reduces the Size of His Lie AT 1920D Reducing the Size of the Lie
X904.1. The liar reduces the size of his lie when his brother steps on his toes to remind him of his lying habits.
X904.2. Liar reduces the size of his yarn when challenged.
ATU 1920E* Seeing (Hearing) Enormous Distance AT 1920E* Seeing or Hearing an Enormous Distance NA
ATU 1920F* Skillful Hounds AT 1920F* Intelligent Dog
X1215.8. Lie: intelligent dog.
ATU 1920H Buying Fire by Storytelling AT 1920H Exchanging a Story for Fire NA
ATU 1920H* Will Blow Out Lantern AT 1920H* Lantern and the Fish NA
ATU 1927 The Cold May Night AT 1927 The Cold May Night
X1620. Lies about cold weather.
ATU 1930 Schlaraffenland AT 1930 Schlaraffenland (Land of Cockaigne)
X1503. Schlaraffenland.
ATU 1940 The Extraordinary Names AT 1940 The Extraordinary Names
X1506. The extraordinary names.
ATU 1950 The Three Lazy Ones AT 1950 Contest in Laziness
W111.1. Contest in laziness
W111.1.3. Man will not move in bed when water drops in his eyes.
W111.1.1. Man lets legs burn in fire rather than move them.
W111.1.2. Man will not lift knife to cut rope about to hang him
ATU 1951  "Is Wood Split?" AT 1951 Lazy Man Refuses a Gift
W111.5.10. Lazy man asks if wood is split before he accepts it as a gift.
ATU 1960A Great Ox AT 1960A Giant Animal
B871.1.1.1. Giant ox.
ATU 1960A Great Ox AT 1960A Giant Animal
B875.1. Giant serpent.
ATU 1960A Great Ox AT 1960A Giant Animal
B871.1.3. Giant sheep
ATU 1960A Great Ox AT 1960A Giant Animal
B871.1.6. Giant cat
ATU 1960B Great Fish AT 1960B Giant Fish B874. Giant fish.
ATU 1960D Great Vegetable AT 1960D Giant Vegetable
X1401. Lie: the great vegetable.
ATU 1960F Great Kettle AT 1960F Giant Kettle
X1031.1.1. Lie: The great kettle.
ATU 1960G Great Tree AT 1960G Giant Plant
F54. Tree to upper world.
ATU 1960H Great Ship AT 1960H Giant Ship
X1061.1. Remarkable size of great ship.
ATU 1960J Great Bird AT 1960J Giant Bird B31.1. Roc.
ATU 1960M Great Insects AT 1960M Giant Insects
X1280. Lies about insects.
ATU 1960 Great Animal or Object AT 1960Z Giant Objects (now ATU 1960) Miscellaneous Type
ATU 1962 My Father's Baptism (Wedding) AT 1962 At My Father's Baptism NA
ATU 1962A Great Wrestlers AT 1962A Intimidating an Opponent
F531.3.4.1. Giant eats a thousand cattle.
F531. Giants wrestle with each other
ATU 1965 Disabled Comrades AT 1965 Knoist and his Three Sons
X1791. Lie: deaf, dumb, blind, and lame men catch hare