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ATU-AT-Motif: Realistic Tales 850 -999

Realistic Tales - Man Marries the Princess 850 -869

This page shows how Thompson, AT, and ATU classifications are related. Go here for the full-text of the tales. 
ATU 850 The Birthmarks of the Princess AT 850 The Princess's Birthmarks H51.1. Recognition by birthmark.
H525. Test: guessing princess's birthmarks
K1358. Girl shows herself naked in return for youth's dancing hogs.
K443.6. Trickster exacts promise of marriage as price of silence after having seen a princess naked.
H315. Suitor test: to whom the princess turns.
ATU 851 The Princess Who Cannot Solve the Riddle AT 851 Winning the Princess with a Riddle
H342. Suitor test: outwitting princess.
H551. Princess offered to man who can out-riddle her.
H565. Riddle propounded from chance experience.
H81.2. Clandestine visit of princess to hero betrayed by token.
H117. Identification by cut garment.
    H792. Riddle of the unborn.
H802. Riddle: one killed none and yet killed twelve.
H762. Riddle: what is the creature that is of all countries, that is loved by all the world, and that has no equal?
H734. Riddle: what is the mother who devours her children when they grow up?
H721.1. Riddle: tree with twelve branches, each with thirty leaves, black and white.
ATU 852 Lying Contest AT 852 Forcing the Princess to say "That is a lie!"
H342.1. Suitor test: forcing princess to say, "That is a lie.
X1237. Lie: remarkable ox or steer.
    F54.2. Plant grows to sky.
    X1547.2. Lie: river of honey.
    X1757. Rope of sand (chaff).
X1036.1. Lie: the great stable: distance to stall.
    X1201. Lie: the great animal.
X1423.1. Lie: the great cabbage
X1726.2. Man cuts off own head, picks it up and replaces it.
X1739.2. Lie: man makes drinking water from his own skull.
K1271.1. Threat to tell of amorous intrigue used as blackmail.
ATU 853 Hero Catches Princess with Her Own Words AT 853 Catching the Princess with Her Own Words
H507.1. Princess offered to man who can defeat her in repartee.
H507.1.0.1. Princess defeated in repartee by means of objects accidentally picked up
ATU 853A "No" AT 853A Princess Always Answers "No!" K1331. "No!"
ATU 854 The Golden Ram AT 854 Money Does Everything H322. Suitor test: finding princess
K1341.1. Entrance to woman's room in golden ram
ATU 859 The Penniless Bridegroom Pretends to Wealth AT 859 The Penniless Suitor
K1917. Penniless bridegroom pretends to wealth.
K1917.1. Penniless wooer: patch of land.
K1917.2. Penniless wooer: money in hand.
    K1917.4. Penniless wooer.

Realistic Tales - Woman Marries the Prince 870 -879

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 870 The Princess Confined in the Mound AT 870 The Entombed Princess
R45. Captivity in mound (cave, hollow hill).
    R211. Escape from prison.
K1816.0.2. Girl in menial disguise at lover's court.
K1831. Service under a false name.
K1843.1. Bride has maid sleep in husband's bed to conceal pregnancy.
H13.1. Recognition by overheard conversation with animal.
H13.2. Recognition by overheard conversation with objects.
H151.5. Attention attracted by hints dropped by heroine as menial: recognition follows.
H15.1. Identity tested by demanding that person say again what he said on former occasion.
    H92. Identification by necklace.
K1911.3. Reinstatement of true bride.
ATU 870A The Goosegirl AT 870A The Goosegirl T55. Girl as wooer.
K1843.1. Bride has maid sleep in husband's bed to conceal pregnancy.
    H90. Identification by ornaments
H411.1. Magic stone as chastity test.
ATU 871 Princess and Ogress AT 871 Princess and Ogress C611. Forbidden chamber
T11.2. Love through sight of picture.
    D567. Transformation by sunlight.
    G11.3. Cannibal witch.
F93.0.2.1. Well entrance to lower world
C325. Tabu: looking into the pots in hell.
N681.1. Wife finds lost husband just as he is to marry another
ATU 873 The King Discovers his Unknown Son AT 873 The King Discovers his Unknown Son
T645. Paramour leaves token with girl to give their son.
H1381. Boy twitted with illegitimacy seeks unknown father.
N731. Unexpected meeting of father and son.
    H80. Identification by tokens.
L162. Lowly heroine marries prince (king).
ATU 875 The Clever Farmgirl AT 875 The Clever Peasant girl
J1111.4. Clever peasant daughter.
H561.1.2. Found mortar taken to king reveals peasant girl's wisdom.
H561.1. Clever peasant girl asked riddles by king.
H583.7. King: Where shall I tie my horse? Maiden: Between summer and winter.
H641.1. What is most beautiful? The spring.
H631.3. What is strongest? Earth.
    H632. Riddle: what is the swiftest?
    H633. Riddle: what is sweetest?
    H636. Riddle: what is the richest?
H1053. Task: coming neither on horse nor on foot (riding nor walking).
H1054. Task: coming neither naked nor clad.
H1023.1. Task: hatching boiled eggs.
L162. Lowly heroine marries prince (king).
J1191.1. Reductio ad absurdum: the decision about the colt.
J1545.4. The exiled wife's dearest possession.
ATU 875A Girl's Riddling Answer Betrays a Thief AT 875A Revealing a Thief with Riddles
H582.1.1. The full moon and the thirtieth of the month.
ATU 875B Clever Girl and the King AT 875B Task and Countertask H1010. Impossible tasks.
    H951. Countertasks.
    J2121. Drying snow on the stove.
H1021.9. Task: sewing a shirt of stone.
    H1024.1. Task: milking a bull.
H1024.1.1.1. Task: making a bull bear a calf.
J1536.2. Absurdity of trying to convert king to Hinduism -- like making cow of donkey or black dog into white.
H1023.25.1. Task: bringing well to king; countertask: sending his own well to accompany it.
ATU 875D Clever Young Woman at the End of the Journey AT 875D Is the Fish Male or Female
H586. Riddling remarks of traveling companion interpreted by girl (man) at end of journey
D1318.2.1. Laughing fish reveals unjust judgment.
H561.1.1.1. Clever daughter construes enigmatic sayings.
ATU 875B* Storytelling Saves a Wife from Death (Sheherazade) AT 875B* Storytelling Saves a Wife from Death (Sheherazade)
J1185.1. Scheherazade: story with indefinite sequels told to stave off execution.
ATU 877 The Old Woman who was Skinned AT 877 The Old Woman who was Skinned D1880. Magic rejuvenation.
ATU 879 The Basil Maiden AT 879 The Sugar Puppet
H702. Riddle: how many stars in the heavens?
H705.3. How many leaves are on the tree? Counterquestion: how many stars in the sky?
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
K525.1. Substituted object left in bed while intended victim escapes.

Realistic Tales - Proofs of Fidelity and Innocence 880 - 899

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 880 The Man Boasts of his Wife AT 880 The Man Boasts of his Wife
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes
R152.1. Disguised wife helps husband escape from prison
ATU 881 Oft-proved Fidility AT 881 Slandered Wife Proves Her Innocence
K2112. Woman slandered as adulteress (prostitute).
    T320.1. Oft-proved fidelity
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes
    H21. Recognition through picture.
ATU 882 The wager on the wife's chastity (Cymbeline) AT 882 The wager on the wife's fidelity N15. Chastity wager.
K1342. Entrance into woman's (man's) room by hiding in chest
    H94. Identification by ring
K2112.1. False tokens of woman's unfaithfulness.
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
ATU 883A Innocent Slandered Maiden AT 883A Slandered Maiden T320.1. Oft-proved fidelity.
    K2110.1. Calumniated wife
K2112. Woman slandered as adulteress (prostitute).
S322.1.3. Father condemns daughter to death because he believes her unchaste.
K512.2. Compassionate executioner: substituted heart.
L162. Lowly heroine marries prince (king).
    K2250.1. Treacherous servant
T320. Escape from undesired lover.
ATU 884 The forgotten fiancee: Service as a Menial AT 884 The forgotten fiancee
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
H1578.1. Test of sex of girl masking as man.
T84. Lovers treacherously separated.
T165.4. Bride and groom separated on wedding night.
N681.1. Wife finds lost husband just as he is to marry another.
K1816.0.2. Girl in menial disguise at lover's court.
    D2003. Forgotten fiancée
ATU 887 Griselda AT 887 Griselda H461. Test of wife's patience.
ATU 888 The Faithful Wife AT 888 Wife Rescues Her Husband from Slavery R61. Person sold into slavery.
    H431.1. Shirt as chastity index.
    T320.1. Oft-proved fidelity.
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
R152.1. Disguised wife helps husband escape from prison.
ATU 888A Wife Who Would Not be Beaten AT 888A Clever Wife Saves Her Husbands Fortune
M134. Prince vows to marry no woman unless he can beat her daily
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
J1545.6. Wife by cleverness wins back fortune overbearing husband has foolishly lost and humbles him.
    H80. Identification by tokens.
ATU 889 Wager on the Faithfulness of the Servant AT 889 The Truthful Servant
N25. Wager on truthfulness of servant.
    J751.1. Truth the best policy.
ATU 890 The Pound of Flesh AT 890 The Pound of Flesh
T52.3. Bride purchased for her weight in gold.
    J1161.2. Pound of flesh.
K443.2. Clever wife gets money from those who attempt to seduce her.
K1825.2. Woman masks as lawyer (judge) and frees her husband.
ATU 891 The Man Who Deserts his Wife AT 891 Wife, in Disguise, Seduces her own Husband
H1187. Task left by departing husband for virgin wife to accomplish: have a son whose real mother she is and whose real father he is.
K1814. Woman in disguise wooed by her faithless husband.
ATU 891A Crystal Palace AT 891A The Girl in the Tower
M372. Confinement in tower to avoid fulfillment of prophecy.
    R41.2. Captivity in tower
T381. Imprisoned virgin to prevent knowledge of men (marriage, impregnation).
K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
ATU 891B The King's Glove AT 891B The King's Glove na
ATU 892 The children of the king AT 892 The Slandered Fiancee
K2112.1. False tokens of woman's unfaithfulness.
    Q261. Treachery punished
ATU 893 The Unreliable Friends. AT 893 A Test of Friendship
H1558.1. Test of friendship: the half-friend.
R169.6. Youth saved from death sentence by father's friend
ATU 894 Ghoulish Schoolmaster and the Stone of Pity AT 894 Ghoulish Schoolmaster G11.9. Ogre schoolmaster.
K2155.1. Blood smeared on innocent person brings accusation of murder.
H13.2.2. Recognition by overheard conversation with stone.
ATU 897 Orphan Girl and Her Cruel Sister-in-Law AT 897 Cruel Sister-in-Law
H934.2. Sisters-in-law impose tasks.
H1023.19. Task: bringing bundle of faggots without rope to tie them.
B579.5. Serpent acts as a rope to collect wood for man.
    H1361.1. Quest for tiger's milk.
H1023.2. Task: carrying water in a sieve.
H1023.2.1.2. Task: carrying water in leaky vessel; frog sits in hole.
H1091.2. Task: sorting grains; performed by helpful birds.
ATU 898 The Daughter of the Sun AT 898 The Daughter of the Sun
T381. Imprisoned virgin to prevent knowledge of men (marriage, impregnation).
    T521. Conception from sunlight.
S313. Child of supernatural birth exposed.
R131.11.3. Prince rescues abandoned child.
ATU 899 Alcestis AT 899 Wife Sacrifices Herself for Husband
M341.1.1. Prophecy: death on wedding day.
T211.1. Wife dies so that husband's death may be postponed.

Realistic Tales - Obstinate Wife Learns to Obey 900 - 909

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 900 King Thrushbeard AT 900 King Thrushbeard H311. Inspection test for suitors.
    T76. Princess calls her suitors ugly names.
    T62. Princess to marry first man who asks for her.
    K1816.0.3. Menial disguise of princess's lover.
    K1817.1. Disguise as beggar (pauper).
    T72.2.1. Prince marries scornful girl and punishes her.
    T45. Lover buys admission to woman's room.
    K1361. Beggar buys right to sleep before the girl's door, at foot of bed, in the bed.
    L113.1.0.1. Heroine endures hardships with menial husband.
    L431. Arrogant mistress repaid in kind by her lover.
    H461. Test of wife's patience.
    H465. Test of wife's endurance
    Q483. Princess must sell goods on market as punishment.
    H181. Recognition by unmasking.
ATU 901 Taming of the Shrew AT 901 Taming of the Shrew L50. Victorious youngest daughter.
    T251.2. Taming the shrew.
    H386. Bride test: obedience.
    N12. Wager on the most obedient wife.
ATU 902* The Lazy Woman is Cured AT 902* Curing the Lazy Woman Q495.1. Lazy wife taken naked in bundle of straw to a wedding.
    Q495. Punishment: unseemly exposure of body.

Realistic Tales - Good Precepts 910 - 919

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 910A Father's Precepts Disregarded AT 910A Enigmatic Advice Proves to be Valuable J154. Wise words of dying father.
    J21.22. "Do not tell a secret to a woman"
    J21.46. "Do not make friends with a policeman (soldier)"
    J21.28. "Do not trust a ruler who rules by reason alone"
    J21.27. "Do not adopt a child":
    J21.9. "Do not visit your friends often"
    21.4. "Do not marry a girl from abroad":
    J21.47.1. "Do not send your wife for a long visit to her parents"
    J21.26. "Don't be too greedy in making a trade"
    J21.24. "Do not make a horse run down hill":
    J21.10. "Do not lend out your horse"
ATU 910B Observance of the Master's Precepts AT 910B Advice Well Taken J21.5. "Do not leave the highway"
    J21.6. "Do not ask questions about extraordinary things"
    J21.3. "Do not go where an old man has a young wife"
    J21.2. "Do not act when angry"
    J1655.2. Valuable rubies baked in bread.
    C320. Tabu: looking into certain receptacle.
    J865. Consolation by thinking of some good aspect of a situation.
    D758. Disenchantment by maintaining silence.
    K2213.3. Faithless wife plots with paramour against husband's life.
    K2155. Evidence of crime left so that dupe is blamed.
    J571. Avoid hasty judgment.
    Q20.2. Fulfillment of precepts rewarded.
ATU 910C Think Carefully Before You Begin a Task AT 910C Consider the Consequences J21.1. "Consider the end"
ATU 910D Treasure Behind the Nail AT 910D Man Hangs Himself and Finds a Treasuer J21.15. "If you wish to hang yourself, do so by the stone which I point out"
    N545.1. Man in despair preparing to hang himself finds treasure in the tree (beam).
ATU 910E "Find the Treasure in Our Vineyard" AT 910E Treasure in the Vineyard H588.7. Father's counsel: find treasure within a foot of the ground.
ATU 910F Quarreling Sons and the Bundle of Twigs AT 910F Strength of a Bundle of Sticks J1021. The quarreling sons and the bundle of twigs
ATU 910G Man Buys a Pennyworth of Wit AT 910G Buying Advice J163.1. Man buys a pennyworth of wit

Realistic Tales - Clever Acts and Words 920 - 929

ATU 920B Birds Chosen by the Sons of the King AT 920B What Kind of Bird? J412.1. Prince of democratic tastes chosen
ATU 920C Shooting at the Father's Corpse as a Test of Paternity AT 920C Shooting at the Father's Corpse L13. Compassionate youngest son.
    H486.2. Test of paternity: shooting at father's corpse.
ATU 921 The King and the Farmer's Son AT 921 The Peasant's Clever Son H583. Clever youth (maiden) answers king's inquiry in riddles.
    H583.1. King: What do you see? Youth: One and a half men and a horse's head.
    H583.2. King: What is your father doing? Youth: He is in the vineyard and is doing good and bad
    H583.3. King: What is your brother doing? Youth: He hunts; he throws away what he catches and what he does not catch he carries with him.
    H583.4. King: What is your mother doing? Youth: She does for another what the latter cannot do for her.
    H583.5. King: What is your sister doing? Youth: She is mourning last year's laughter.
    H583.6. King: What are you doing? Youth: I boil those which come and go.
ATU 921A Sharing of Bread or Money AT 921A Four Payments H585.1. The four coins.
ATU 921B*  Beggar, Thief, Murderer AT 921B*  Beggar, Thief, Murderer NA
ATU 921C* Astronomer and Doctor at Farmer's House AT 921C* Astronomer, Watchmaker, and Doctor L144.2. Farmer surpasses astronomer and doctor in predicting weather and choosing food.
ATU 921D* Witty Answers AT 921D* Witty Responses J1252. Quibbling answers
ATU 922 The Shepherd Substituting for the Clergyman Answers the Kings Questions AT 922 The King, the Abbot, and the Shepherd H561.2. King and abbot.
    H512. Guessing with life as wager.
    H541.1. Riddle propounded on pain of death.
    K1961. Sham churchman.
    Q113.4. Appointment to priesthood as reward.
    H691.1. Riddle: how much does the moon weigh?
    H705.2. How many leaves are on the tree? So and so many; and if you don't believe it, go count them
    H705.1. How many leaves are on the tree? As many as there are stems for.
    H702. Riddle: how many stars in the heavens?
    H696.1. Riddle: how much water is in the sea?
    H703. Riddle: how many hairs are in the head?
    H701.1. How many seconds in eternity? A bird carries a grain of sand from a mountain each century; when the whole mountain is gone, the first second of eternity has passed
    H681.1. Riddle: how far is it from one end of the earth to the other (east to west)?
    H711.1. How much am I (the king) worth? Twenty-nine pieces of silver, for Christ was sold for thirty.
    H634. Riddle: what is the sweetest song?
    H713.1. How much is a golden plow (throne, crown, palace) worth? A rain in May
    H797. Riddle: what does God do?
ATU 923 Love Like Salt AT 923 Love Like Salt H592.1. "Love like Salt.
    M21. King Lear judgment.
ATU 924 Discussion in Sign Language AT 924 Fighting with Symbols J1804. Conversation by sign language mutually misunderstood.
    H607.1. Discussion between priest and Jew carried on by symbols.
ATU 926 Judgment of Solomon AT 926 Two Women Claim One Child J1171.1. Solomon's judgment: the divided child
ATU 926C Cases Solved in a Manner Worthy of Solomon AT 926C Wise Judges J1141. Confession obtained by a ruse.
    J1172.1. Not the same purse as was lost.
    J1141.1. Guilty person deceived into gesture (act) which admits guilt.
    J1141.1.4. "Guilty man's stick will grow during night."
    J1179.6. Thread awarded to disputant who knows what it was wound on.
    J1154.2. Witnesses to make image of diamond they claim to have seen.
ATU 927 Out-riddling the Judge AT 927 Out-riddling the Judge H542. Death sentence escaped by propounding riddle king (judge) cannot solve
    H804. Riddle: from the eater came forth meat and from the strong sweetness
    H793. Riddle: seven tongues in a head.
    H806. Riddle: drink this wine which a bird took to nest.
    H807. Formerly I was daughter, now I am mother; I have a son who was the husband of my mother.
    H805. Riddle of the murdered lover.
    H792. Riddle of the unborn.
ATU 929 Clever Defences AT 929 Clever Defences J1130. Cleverness in law court -- general.
    N178. Loss of eye saves man from execution

Realistic Tales - Tales of Fate 930 - 949

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 930 The Prophecy AT 930 Poor Boy to Marry Rich Girl M312.1. Prophecy: wealthy marriage for poor boy.
    K978. Uriah letter.
    K511. Uriah letter changed.
    K1355. Altered letter of execution gives princess to hero.
ATU 930A Predestined Wife AT 930A Poor Girl to Marry a Rich Boy T22.2. Predestined wife.
    M359.2. Prophecy: prince's marriage to common woman.
    M312.1.1. Prophecy: wealthy marriage for poor girl.
    M370. Vain attempts to escape fulfillment of prophecy.
    S115.2. Murder by sticking needle through head.
    S143. Abandonment in forest.
    R131. Exposed or abandoned child rescued.
    H51. Recognition by scar.
    N101. Inexorable fate.
ATU 931 Oedipus AT 931 Oedipus M343. Parricide prophecy
    M371.2. Exposure of child to prevent fulfillment of parricide prophecy.
    R131. Exposed or abandoned child rescued
    S354. Exposed infant reared at strange king's court (Joseph, Oedipus).
    N323. Parricide prophecy unwittingly fulfilled
    T412. Mother-son incest.
ATU 934 Tales of the Predestined Death AT 934 Prophecy of Death M341.1. Prophecy: death at (before, within) certain time.
    M301.12. Three fates, "norns", prophesy at child's birth.
    M341.2.2. Prophecy: death by storm.
    M341.1.1.4. Prophecy: death on entrance to the marriage chamber.
    M341.2.6. Prophecy: death by wolf.
    M341.2.21. Prophecy: death from snakebite
    M341.2.3. Prophecy: death by drowning
    F901.1.1. Extraordinary threefold death: wounding, burning, drowning.
    M370. Vain attempts to escape fulfillment of prophecy.
    M372. Confinement in tower to avoid fulfillment of prophecy.
    M341.2. Prophecy: death by particular instrument.
    M370.1. Prophecy of death fulfilled.
ATU 935 The Prodigal's Return AT 935 The Prodigal Son's Return L161. Lowly hero marries princess
    K1815. Humble disguise
    K1837. Disguise of woman in man's clothes.
ATU 938 Placidas AT 938 First Misfortune, then Good Luck J214. Choice: suffering in youth or old age.


N251. Person pursued by misfortune.
ATU 945 Luck and Intelligence. AT 945 Intelligence or Luck? H343. Suitor test: bringing dumb princess to speak.
    F954.2.1. Dumb princess is brought to speech by tale ending with a question to be solved.
    Z16.1. Four brothers construct a woman.
    F1023. Creation of a person by cooperation of skillful men.
    D435.1.1. Transformation: statue comes to life.
    H621. Skillful companions create woman: to whom does she belong?
    N141. Luck or intelligence? Dispute as to which is the more powerful.
ATU 947 The Man Followed by Bad Luck AT 947 Pursued by Bad Luck N253. Safety in shadow of wall

Realistic Tales - Robbers and Murderers 950 - 969

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 950 Rhampsinitus AT 950 The Thief's Corpse K315.1. Thief enters treasury through passage made by him as architect of the building
    J1143. Thief detected by building straw fire so that smoke escapes through thief's entrance
    K730. Victim trapped.
    K407.1. Thief has his companion cut off his head so that he may escape detection.
    J1142.4. Thief's corpse carried through street to see who will weep for him.
    K332. Theft by making owner drunk.
    K425. King's daughter put into brothel to catch thief.
    H58. Tell-tale hand-mark
    K415. Marked culprit marks everyone else and escapes detection.
ATU 952 The King and the Soldier AT 952 The King and the Soldier D2072. Magic paralysis
    K422. Thief rendered helpless by magic.
    N884.1. Robber helps king.
    K1812.1. Incognito king helped by humble man.
ATU 953 The Robber and His Sons AT 953 Three Frightful Tales R153.3.3. Old robber frees his three sons: relates frightful adventures.
    J1185. Execution escaped by story-telling.
    K1011. Eye-remedy.
    K527. Escape by substituting another person in place of the intended victim.
    Q53. Reward for rescue.
ATU 954 The Forty Thieves (Ali Baba) AT 954 Killing the Thieves Hidden in Casks D1552.2. Mountain opens to magic formula (Open Sesame).
    N455.3. Secret formula for opening treasure mountain overheard from robbers (Open Sesame).
    N512. Treasure in underground chamber (cavern).
    N478. Secret wealth betrayed by money left in borrowed money-scales.
    N471. Foolish attempt of second man to overhear secrets (from animals, demons etc.)
    K312. Thieves hidden in oil casks.
ATU 955 The Robber Bridegroom AT 955 The Robber Bridegroom K1916. Robber bridegroom
    R135. Abandoned children (wife, etc.) find way back by clue (bread-crumb, grain, pebble, etc.).
    B143.1. Bird gives warning.
    H57.2.1. Severed finger as sign of crime.
ATU 956 Hot Chamber in the House of Robbers AT 956A At the Murderer's House (now ATU 956) K912. Robbers' (giants') heads cut off one by one as they enter house.
ATU 958C* Robber in Shroud AT 958C* Robber Disguised as a Corpse K311.1. Thief disguised as corpse.
ATU 958E* Deep Sleep Brought on by a Robber AT 958E* Hand of Glory K437.2. Robber with hand of glory killed.
ATU 960 The Sun Brings All to Light AT 960 The Sun Brings All to Light D1715. Magic power of dying man's words.
    N271.1. The sun brings all to light.
ATU 960A Cranes of Ibycus AT 960A Birds Witness a Crime N271.3. The Cranes of Ibycus
ATU 967 Man Saved by a Spider Web AT 967 Saved by a Spider Web B523.1. Spider-web over hole saves fugitive.
ATU 968 Miscellaneous Robber and Murder Stories AT 968 Robbers and Murderers K434.1. The girl seizes the robber concealed under the bed by the beard and says: "What a coarse bundle of flax.
    K434.3. Girl tells the thief money is in chest.
    S121. Murder by slamming down chest-lid.
    K343.0.1. Innkeeper deceived into going under the floor of the granary; meantime robbed.

Realisitic Tales - Other Realistic Tales 970 - 999

ATU Classification Type  AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 973 Man as Sacrifice to the Storm AT 973 Throwing a Man Overboard to Stop a Storm S264.1. Man thrown overboard to placate storm.
ATU 974 The Homecoming Husband AT 974 Returning Man's Wife is About to Remarry N681. Husband (lover) arrives home just as wife (mistress) is to marry another
ATU 976 Which was the Noblest Act? AT 976 Which was the Noblest Act? H1552.1. Which was the most generous -- husband, robber, or lover?
ATU 980 Ungrateful Son AT 980 Children Neglect Their Old Parents J121. Ungrateful son reproved by naïve action of his own son: preparing for old age.
    J121.2. Undutiful son rebuked by father.
ATU 980 Ungrateful Son AT 980A Half a Blanket (now ATU 980) NA
ATU 980 Ungrateful Son AT 980B The Wooden Bowl (now ATU 980) NA
ATU 980 Ungrateful Son AT 980C Dragging the Old Father Only to the Gate (now ATU 980) NA
ATU 980D Meat Springs as a Toad on the Face of an Ungrateful Son AT 980D A Toad in the Face of an Ungrateful Son D444.2. Transformation: meat to toad.
ATU 981 Wisdom of Hidden Old Man Saves Kingdom AT 981 Saved by and Old Man's Wisdom J151.1. Wisdom of hidden old man saves kingdom.
ATU 982 Pretended Inheritance AT 982 Old Father's Treasure P236.2. Supposed chest of gold induces children to care for aged father.
    Q281.1. Ungrateful children punished.
ATU 986 The Lazy Husband AT 986 Lazy Man Finds a Treasure NA
ATU 987 False Magician Exposed by Clever Girl AT 987 False Magician Exposed by Clever Girl NA
ATU 990 Seemingly Dead Revives AT 990 Dead Woman Revived by a Grave Robber K426. Apparently dead woman revives when thief tries to steal from her grave.
ATU 992 The Eaten Heart AT 992 An Adulteress Eats Her Lover's Heart Q478.1. The Eaten Heart.
ATU 992A Adulteress's Penance AT 992A Woman Drinks from her Lover's Skull NA