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ATU-AT-Motif: Tales of the Stupid Ogre (Giant, Devil) 1000 - 1169

Tales of the Stupid Ogre (Giant, Devil) 1000 - 1199

This page shows how Thompson, AT, and ATU classifications are related. Go here for the full-text of the tales. 

ATU Classification Type

 AT Classification Type  Thompson Motif
ATU 1000 Contest Not to Become Angry AT 1000 Bargain not to become angry K172. Anger bargain.
    F613.3. Strong man's labor contract: anger bargain.
ATU 1002 Destroying the Master's Property AT 1002 Giving Away the Master's Property K1400. Dupe's property destroyed.
ATU 1003 Plowing AT 1003 Coming Home When the Dog Does K1411. Plowing the field: horse and harness destroyed.
ATU 1004 Hogs in the mud; sheep in the air AT 1004 Hogs in the mud; sheep in the air K404.1. Tails in ground.
    K404.3. Stolen sheep's tails severed and put in tree.
    K404.2. Ox's tail in another's mouth
ATU 1005 A Bridge (Road) of Carcasses AT 1005 Building a bridge with Slain Cattle K1441. Building a bridge of cattle
ATU 1006 Casting eyes AT 1006 Casting eyes K1442. Casting eyes: animal's eyes.
ATU 1006* Kill the Sheep That is Looking at You AT 1006* Kill the Sheep That is Looking at You K1440. Dupe's animals destroyed or maimed.
ATU 1008 Lighting the Road AT 1008 Lighting the Way by Setting the Barn on Fire K1412. Lighting the road (or painting the house red).
ATU 1009 Guarding the Store-room Door AT 1009 Guarding the Door by Carrying it Away K1413. Guarding the door.
ATU 1010 Repairing the House AT 1010 Fixing Things Up K1415. Repairing the house
ATU 1011 Tearing up the Orchard (Vineyard) AT 1011 Cutting Down the Orchard K1416. Tearing up the orchard (vineyard).
ATU 1012 Cleaning the Child AT 1012 Cleaning the Master's Child K1461.1. Cleaning the child.
ATU 1013 Bathing (Warming) Grandmother AT 1013 Bathing the Grandmother in Boiling Water K1462. Washing the grandmother -- in boiling water.
ATU 1029 The woman as Cuckoo in the Tree AT 1029 The Bargain Ends When the Cuckoo Sings K1691. The woman as cuckoo on the tree shot down.
_____________ _____________ Partnership between Man and Ogre 1030 - 1059
ATU 1030 The Crop Division AT 1030 Man and Ogre Share the Harvest K171.1. Deceptive crop division: above the ground, below the ground.
ATU 1036 Hogs with Curly Tails AT 1036 Hogs with Curly Tails K171.4. Deceptive division of pigs: curly and straight tails.
ATU 1045 Pulling the Lake Together AT 1045 Pulling Down the Forest with a Rope K1744. Hero threatens to pull the lake together with a rope.
ATU 1049 The heavy axe AT 1049 The heavy Axe or the Giant Bucket K1741.1. Felling the whole forest.
    K1741.3. Bringing the whole well.
ATU 1050 Felling trees AT 1050 Contest in Felling Trees K44. Deceptive contest in chopping.
    K178. Deceptive bargain: felling the tree.
    K1421. Clearing land: axe broken.
ATU 1051 Bending a Tree AT 1051 Springing with a Bent Tree K1112. Bending the tree.
ATU 1052 Carrying a Tree AT 1052 A Contest in Carrying a Tree K71. Deceptive contest in carrying a tree: riding.
ATU 1053 Shooting Wild Boars AT 1053 Shooting Wild Boars K1741.2. A thousand at one shot.
_____________ _____________ Contest between Man and Ogre 1060 - 1114
ATU 1060 Squeezing the (Supposed) Stone AT 1060 Squeezing Water from a Stone K62. Contest in squeezing water from a stone.
ATU 1061 Biting a Stone to Pieces AT 1061 Biting Stones K63. Contest in biting a stone.
ATU 1062 Throwing a Stone AT 1062 A Contest in Throwing Stones K18.3. Throwing contest: bird substituted for stone.
ATU 1063 Throwing a Club AT 1063 Contest in Throwing the Giant's Club K18.2. Throwing contest: golden club on the cloud.
ATU 1063A Throwing Contest AT 1063A Shouting a Warning K18.1. Throwing contest: trickster shouts.
    K18.1.1. Throwing contest: trickster addresses Angel Gabriel.
    K18.1.2. Throwing contest: trickster addresses Angel Gabriel or St. Peter,
ATU 1063A Throwing Contest AT 1063B Throwing a Club to Constantinople (now ATU 1063A) na
ATU 1070 Wrestling Contest AT 1070 Wrestling Contest with an Ogre K12.1. Wrestling match won by deception: where to throw the ogre
ATU 1071 Wrestling Contest (with Old Grandfather) AT 1071 Wrestling Contest with a Bear K12.2. Wrestling match won by deception: bear as "grandfather."
ATU 1072 Running Contest AT 1072 Race with the Trickster's Son K11.6. Race won by deception: rabbit as "little son" substitute.
ATU 1073 Climbing Contest AT 1073 Climbing Contest With a Squirrel K15.1. Climbing match won by deception: squirrel as "child"
ATU 1082 Carrying the Horse AT 1082 Carrying the Horse Between One's Legs K72. Deceptive contest in carrying a horse.
ATU 1085 Making a hole in a tree AT 1085 Splitting a Log Bare-Handed K61. Contest in pushing hole in tree: hole prepared beforehand.
ATU 1088 Eating/Drinking contest AT 1088   Contest in Eating K81. Deceptive eating contest.
    K81.1. Deceptive eating contest: hole in bag.
    K82.3. Deceptive contest in drinking whisky.
ATU 1088 Threshing Contest AT 1089 A Contest in Threshing K42.1. Threshing contest
ATU 1090 Mowing Contest AT 1090 Contest in Mowing K42.2. Mowing contest won by trickery.
ATU 1091 Bringing an Unknown Animal AT 1091 An Unheard-of Horse K216.2. Bringing the devil an unknown animal.
ATU 1091 Bringing an Unknown Animal AT 1092 An Unheard-of Bird (now ATU 1091) K31.1. Contest: shooting an unheard-of bird.
ATU 1096 Sewing Contest AT 1096 Contest in Sewing K47.1. Sewing contest won by deception: the long thread.
ATU 43 Bear Builds a House of Wood, the Fox of Ice AT 1097 House of Stone and House of Ice (now ATU 43) J741.1. Bear builds house of wood; fox of ice.
_____________ _____________ Man Kills (Injures) Ogre 1115 - 1144
ATU 1115 Attempted Murder with a Hatchet AT 1115 Attempting to Kill the Hero in His Bed K525.1. Substituted object left in bed while intended victim escapes.
ATU 1119 Ogre Kills His Mother (Wife) AT 1119 Ogres Kill Their Own Children K1611. Substituted caps cause ogre to kill his own children.
ATU 1120 Ogre's Wife Thrown into the Water AT 1120 Ogre Drowns His Own Wife na
ATU 1121 The Ogre's Wife Burned in Her Own Oven AT 1121 Burning the Witch in Her Own Oven G512.3.2.1. Ogre's wife (daughter) burned in his own oven.
ATU 1122 Ogre's wife killed through other tricks AT 1122 Killing the Ogre's Wife  G519.1. Ogre's wife killed through other tricks
ATU 1130 Counting out Pay AT 1130 A Boot Full of Money K275. Counting out pay.
ATU 1133 Making Strong AT 1133 Castrating the Ogre to Make Him Strong K1012.1. Making the dupe strong -- by castration.
    K241. The castration bargain: wife sent.
    K1012.2. Making the dupe strong -- by scalding.
ATU 1135 Eye-remedy AT 1135 Blinding an Ogre with an Eye Ointment K1010. Deception through false doctoring.
    K1011. Eye-remedy.
ATU 1137 Blinded Ogre (Polyphemus) AT 1137 Blinding an Ogre with a Stake F512.1.1. Person with one eye in center of forehead.
    G100. Giant ogre.
    K1010. Deception through false doctoring.
    K1011. Eye-remedy.
    F521.1. Man covered with hair like animal.
  K603. Escape under ram's belly
ATU 1138 Gilding the Beard AT 1138 Gilding the Ogre's Beard K1013.1. Making the beard golden: "such a one".
_____________ _____________ Ogre Frightened by Man 1145 - 1154
ATU 1145 Afraid of Strange Noise AT 1145 Frightening the Ogre By Burning Twigs K2345. Ogre frightened at rustling.
ATU 1146 Millstones AT 1146 Ogre Takes a Millstone to be a Pearl K1718.2. Bluff: millstones said to be pearls of hero's mother.
ATU 1149 Bluff: Children Desire Tiger's Flesh AT 1149 Making the Ogre Fear Children K1715.4. Enemies frightened away by making them think they will be eaten.
    K1715.2. Bluff: only one tiger; you promised ten
ATU 1149 Bluff: Children Desire a Tiger's Flesh AT 1149 Making the Ogre Fear Children K1715. Weak animal (man) makes large one (ogre) believe that he has eaten many of the large one's companions.
ATU 1151 Big Shoes AT 1151 Frightening the Ogre with Giant Shoes K1717. Big shoes in front of the barn.
ATU 1153 Wages: as much as he can carry AT 1153 All the Money the Trickster Can Carry K1732. Wages: as much as he can carry.
_____________ _____________ Man Outwits the Devil 1155 - 1169
ATU 1157 The Ogre and the Gun AT 1157 The Ogre Smokes a Gun for a Pipe K1057. Gun as tobacco pipe.
    J2131.4.1. Looking through the gun barrel.
ATU 1159 The Ogre Caught in the Cleft AT 1159 Catching the Would-Be Musician in a Crack K1111.0.1. Dupe wishing to learn to play fiddle has finger caught in cleft of tree.
    K1755. Ogre terrified by woman's legs
    K1111.1. Ogre's (dwarf's) beard caught fast.
ATU 1161 The Bear Trainer and His Bear AT 1161 The Bear Trainer and His Cat K1728. The bear trainer and his bear.
ATU 1164 The Devil and the Evil Woman AT 1164 The Woman and the Ogre in the Pit T251.1.2.1. Husband chooses to go to hell rather than join shrewish wife in heaven
    T251.1.2.2. Man in hell declares that life there is much better than on earth with his wife
ATU 1165 The troll and the Baptism AT 1165 The troll and the christening K1736. Troll bluffed away from christening.
ATU 1169 Changing Heads AT 1169 The Transposed Heads A1371.1. Bad women because of head exchanged with devil.
    E34. Resuscitation with misplaced head.
_____________ _____________ Souls Saved from the Devil 1170 - 1199
ATU 1170 The Unsalable Woman AT 1170 The Devil, the Pedlar, and the Old Woman K216.1. The evil woman in the glass case as the last commodity.
ATU 1174 Making a Rope of Sand AT 1174 Master's Magic Book H1021.1. Task: making a rope of sand.
ATU 1175 Straightening a Curly Hair AT 1175 Straightening a Curly Hair H1023.4. Task: straightening a curly hair.
ATU 1179 The Devil on the Ship AT 1179 The Devil Mans a Pump H1023.5. Task: pumping out a leaky ship.
ATU 1180 Catching Water in a Sieve AT 1180 Water in a Sieve H1023.2. Task: carrying water in a sieve.
ATU 1185 The First Crop AT 1185 The First Crop K221. Payment to be made at harvest of first crop.
ATU 1187 Meleager AT 1187 To Live as Long as a Candle Lasts E765.1.1. Life bound up with candle.
    K551.9. Let me live as long as this candle lasts.
ATU 1191 Sacrifice on the Bridge AT 1191 Devil Build a Bridge S241.1. Unwitting bargain with devil evaded by driving dog over bridge first.
ATU 1199 Prayer Without End AT 1199 Death Waits for the Man to Pray K551.1. Respite from death granted until prayer is finished
    K555.2. Respite from death gained by long-drawn-out song.