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Corona Virus Coverage - Columbia Missourian: Vox Magazine Articles


March 2020

3/18/2020 True/False organizers address COVID-19 concerns

3/18/2020 Coronavirus outbreak poses threat to local restaurants and bars

3/26/2020 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' is the perfect game for self-isolating

April 2020

4/2/2020 Commitment amid COVID-19: How couples are handling spring weddings

4/6/2020 As quarantine time ticks by, many turn to Tik Tok

4/7/2020 Gardening 101: Growing your own food is a good way to pass time

4/9/2020 In Columbia, business is not as usual amid COVID-19

4/9/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia is separate but together in this time of crisis

4/9/2020 Editor's letter: Hello from my couch

4/13/2020 Local COVID-19 relief efforts that need your support

4/17/2020 Four Columbia artists talk about their COVID-19 projects

4/17/2020 10 ways to celebrate Earth Day in isolation

4/17/2020 Local farms see spike in delivery orders

4/18/2020 Local businesses brace for the pandemic

4/29/2020 Local musicians turn to donations for revenue

4/30/2020 Columbia, I love you: Never said goodbye

4/30/2020 Editor's Letter: The new abnormal

4/30/2020 Some health care workers see more Zoom calls, fewer office visits

4/30/2020 Authors adapt to quarantine with virtual book tours

May 2020

5/7/2020 Fostering pets during COVID-19

5/8/2020 Columbia entertainers move live performances online

5/19/2020 Local comic shops meet their new nemesis: Quarantine

5/24/2020 An inside look at filming a documentary during COVID-19

5/26/2020 Amid the struggles of transitioning to online learning, resilience abounds

5/28/2020 Community Steps Up to Sew Face Masks (Mary Beck, DNP, RN)

5/28/2020 MU Health Care seeks volunteers to make 100,000 masks

June 2020

6/6/2020 How COVID-19 is affecting fashion trends for summer 2020

6/8/2020 From silver screens to at-home streams

6/9/2020 How the Diamond Council is starting seasons safely

6/10/2020 MU athletes on staying fit while staying home

6/12/2020 How to stay safe at a protest

6/15/2020 Columbia youth organizations face uncertainty amid COVID-19

6/25/2020 How local filmmakers adapted to COVID-19

6/25/2020 7 common questions about remote therapy

6/25/2020 Queens of Columbia nightlife take the show online

6/25/2020 Masks make communication difficult for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

6/25/2020 Drive-in movie theaters make a comeback

July 2020

7/11/2020 What's new with Ragtag?

7/16/2020 FAQ: How MU plans to bring students back to campus safely this fall

September 2020

9/5/2020 Columbia parents weigh options of online and in-person school

9/10/2020 The pandemic has had a major impact on Columbia small businesses

9/10/2020 Editor's Letter: One more note on hope

9/15/2020 Where to get coffee in Columbia: COVID-19 edition

9/17/2020 Two Columbia tattoo parlor owners talk about opening during a pandemic

9/19/2020 Columbia residents mask up to make a statement or support a cause

9/21/2020 Broadway Diner serves KIND meals to help the community

9/28/2020 Local venues and musicians adjust to changing COVID-19 policies

October 2020

10/1/2020 Keeping connected: How Columbians come together virtually during COVID-19

10/1/2020 Living immunocompromised during a pandemic

10/1/2020 True/False 2021: How the film fest is planning for COVID-19

10/1/2020 Columbia restaurants make changes to halt the spread of Covid-19

10/1/2020 How Halloween looks different with COVID

10/2/2020 How Columbia bars are coping with pandemic restrictions

10/4/2020 MU students speak out via social media during COVID-19

10/8/2020 Local film industry impacted by pandemic in unexpected ways

10/11/2020 Columbia Books perseveres through pandemic

10/13/2020 Boone County Historical Society gathers pandemic perspectives through COVID-19 project

10/13/2020 COVID-19 drags Columbia drag queens to new locations

10/17/2020 The show must go on: local theaters adapt to the pandemic

10/18/2020 Cedar Creek allows for social distancing and horse hugging during the pandemic

10/24/2020 Q&A: A midwife on home births during COVID-19

10/29/2020 The Social Room fights through the pandemic as a restaurant

November 2020

11/6/2020 Mask makeup: try these tips for wearing makeup with your mask

11/14/2020 Misconceptions about herd immunity and COVID-19

11/14/2020 Racial inequality found in herd immunity policies

11/14/2020 FAQ: Experts share what we should know about masks

11/21/2020 A road to recovery: navigating diet culture during COVID-19

11/21/2020 Sheltering in place: how homeless housing has adapted to the pandemic

11/25/2020 Community radio station KOPN shifted to stay (a)live

11/26/2020 College theater in Columbia debuts online

December 2020

12/9/2020 Have empty stadiums affected the MLB home field advantage?

12/29/2020 Columbia dance organizations adapt to the pandemic

January 2021

1/13/2021 Myth vs. reality: the truth about COVID-19 and pregnancy

February 2021

2/5/2021 Beat the pandemic blues with these state park day trips

2/25/2021 Editors Letter: Hitting Home

2/25/2021 Essay: America, you are not exceptional

March 2021

3/1/2021 We have the vaccine — what’s happening now?

3/6/2021 How Columbia gyms are keeping it clean so you can stay healthy

3/9/2021 Log on to this year's Unbound Book Festival

3/12/2021 The music's back: the Blue Note reopens with restrictions

3/18/2021 Pandemic pets: Where are they now?

3/19/2021 Q&A: Reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic

3/20/2021 Columbia's movie theaters continue to thwart COVID-19, for now

3/20/2021 The plastic pandemic: How COVID-19 creates waste that will last ages

3/22/2021 How to stay productive when working from home

3/22/2021 Popular pandemic fashions show off quarantine style

3/23/2021 Bidding adieu to buffets

3/25/2021 Freshmen make the most of college during COVID-19

3/25/2021 Editor's Letter: End Games

3/25/2021 How the pandemic changed the dating game

3/25/2021 The pandemic's lasting effects: less change and lighter pockets

3/25/2021 The power of poetry within the pandemic

3/25/2021 Coping with COVID isolation and anguish

3/31/2021 Managing kids' screen time during a pandemic

April 2021

4/2/2021 Virtual game night: how to plan and what to play

4/6/2021 Q&A: A pandemic change for the chaplain on the road

4/15/2021 Cosplayers confinement during COVID-19 leads to conflicts with identity

4/16/2021 The big screen in the great outdoors: Ragtag adapts to COVID-19

4/16/2021 MU School of Music welcomes live audience for opera "Falstaff"

4/18/2021 The calm after a storm: Barbie Banks, True/False and the pandemic

4/29/2021 Editor's Letter: True/False returns after COVID-19

May 2021

5/5/2021 Fashion 'beyond the frame': Stephens College's first virtual fashion show

5/18/2021 A look back at True/False 2021

June 2021

6/3/2021 Blue Fox Farm takes kindergarten to the forest

6/18/2021 Quarantine and the silver screen

6/24/2021 Editor's Letter: Time Machine

6/24/2021 How local theaters are adapting to lifted restrictions


8/27/2021 Mid-Missouri PrideFest is spreading the love for an entire weekend

8/31/2021 FAQ: The latest on COVID-19 in Columbia