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Corona Virus Coverage - Columbia Missourian: State Government


January 2020

1/28/2020 No coronavirus cases in Missouri, but health officials paying close attention

February 2020

2/26/2020 'Hope for the best, prepare for the worst': State health official attends coronavirus briefings

March 2020

3/2/2020 Health officials say Missouri at low risk of coronavirus outbreak

3/3/2020 State has conducted about 15 coronavirus tests; none positive

3/4/2020 Local, state officials to host coronavirus briefings

3/9/2020 UPDATE: First coronavirus case in Missouri tests 'presumptive positive'

3/10/2020 State gets grant to prepare for coronavirus outbreak

3/11/2020 Missouri Senate cancels session next week

3/11/2020 Missouri opens hotline for COVID-19 concerns

3/12/2020 Uncertainty surrounds the legislative session amid COVID-19 concerns

3/13/2020 Gov. Parson declares emergency for Missouri

3/15/2020 House approves COVID-19 funding for local health agencies, other needs

3/15/2020 Parson responds to CDC recommendation about canceling group gatherings

3/17/2020 Parson says Missouri will increase COVID-19 testing, leaves many decisions up to local leaders

3/18/2020 Governor postpones April 7 municipal election

3/18/2020 Lawmakers argue risks, rewards of increased COVID-19 funding

3/19/2020 Parson, state officials share latest about COVID-19

3/19/2020 How does Missouri's COVID-19 action compare to surrounding states

3/20/2020 Missouri state parks to remain open despite COVID-19

3/20/2020 UPDATE: House member tests positive for COVID-19, Parson plans to restrict gatherings

3/20/2020 Mental Health Department urges employees to work, even with possible COVID-19 exposure

3/21/2020 Parson, departments announce changes to state procedures for COVID-19

3/23/2020 Parson: State office buildings to close to nonessential personnel

3/24/2020 State extends, increases food stamp benefits during pandemic

3/24/2020 State orders over $17 million in personal protective equipment

3/25/2020 Unemployment claims up as COVID-19 cases in Missouri rise above 300

3/25/2020 State legislature faces tough budget choices amid COVID-19 complications

3/25/2020 Parson asks for federal help with COVID-19 pandemic

3/26/2020 Positive COVID-19 cases pass 500 statewide

3/27/2020 Missouri to deploy National Guard for COVID-19 response

3/27/2020 Gov. Parson deploys Missouri National Guard to aid local communities in testing

3/28/2020 COVID-19 positivity rates highest in state lab

3/28/2020 Front-line workers to receive expedited COVID-19 testing

3/28/2020 Acquiring, distributing protective equipment is state’s top priority

3/30/2020 Parson: April will be a 'telltale month' for state

3/31/2020 Lawmakers looking to prevent COVID-19 spread at Capitol amid budget talks

3/31/2020 Some state parks to close during COVID-19 outbreak

April 2020

4/1/2020 Percentage of positive COVID-19 tests continues to increase

4/2/2020 State responds to rising unemployment due to COVID-19

4/2/2020 Gov. Parson: Unemployment at 'unimaginable high'

4/2/2020 Thousands of pending Missouri home sales continue despite COVID-19 fears

4/3/2020 Parson announces statewide stay-at-home order

4/4/2020 Parson calls for medical volunteers, including students, retirees

4/6/2020 State receives over 900 applications offering extra medical help

4/7/2020 Missouri first responders affected by COVID-19 will receive compensation

4/7/2020 Child Advocacy Day switches to Wednesday Zoom conference

4/7/2020 New state budget plan would allocate up to $5 billion over next three months for crisis

4/8/2020 $6 billion COVID-19 spending plan approved in bipartisan vote

4/8/2020 Work starting on state's first alternative health care site

4/8/2020 MoDOT sees less traffic, more highway speeding

4/10/2020 Timeline: Major COVID-19 events locally and nationally

4/10/2020 Parson signs supplemental budget, creates working group

4/12/2020 Workers set to get unemployment benefits this week, others still waiting

4/13/2020 State recalls KN95 masks sent to first responders 

4/14/2020 State not near capacity on ICU beds, ventilators

4/14/2020 Parson: State begins to issue unemployment benefits, evaluate reopening

4/15/2020 Parson talks of reopening state as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

4/15/2020 FACT CHECK: State Rep. Chappelle-Nadal’s wrong, Ferguson’s firefighters are equipped with protective equipment

4/16/2020 Parson extends Missouri stay-at-home order through May 3

4/17/2020 State in multimillion dollar dispute over faulty masks

4/19/2020 Firearm sales spike in Missouri, as in much of U.S.

4/20/2020 Parson announces new budget cuts; state reaches agreement on KN95 masks

4/22/2020 SNAP expands to include online purchasing option, increased benefits

4/22/2020 Missouri to expand testing criteria, release PPE decontamination system

4/23/2020 State addresses antibody testing, child care as stay-at-home order sets to expire

4/24/2020 Parson extends state of emergency to June 15

4/24/2020 State increases coronavirus testing, monitoring in meat processing plants

4/27/2020 Lawmakers speed through discussions over cuts to the state budget

4/27/2020 Lawmakers face grueling deadline to pass state budget

4/27/2020 Parson says all businesses can reopen May 4 with some restrictions

4/28/2020 Senators discuss seclusion room legislation, student curator position

4/28/2020 Parson says state hospitalizations are down as he prepares to reopen economy

4/30/2020 Bill would allow some with COVID-19 concerns to vote absentee

May 2020

5/1/2020 Large state office buildings to reopen Monday

5/1/2020 FACT CHECK: Healthy people have been confined before COVID-19, contrary to lawmaker’s claim

5/4/2020 State legislators push to make coronavirus funds available for short-term shortfall

5/4/2020 Local governments to receive CARES money Wednesday

5/5/2020 Ft. Leonard Wood is fighting COVID-19 from the inside. Officials are silent.

5/6/2020 Disagreement over federal funding leads to state budget standoff

5/6/2020 State expands child care assistance through CARES funding

5/6/2020 Six Missouri food banks receive $1.5 million in COVID-19 relief funds

5/13/2020 FACT CHECK: Riggs needed more digging on the Missouri counties with COVID-19 cases

5/13/2020 Missouri prepares multi-step COVID-19 testing plan to roll-out next few months

5/14/2020 State lawmakers hope omnibus bills can push legislation across finish line

5/14/2020 Mail-in-voting option tucked into wide-sweeping elections bill

5/14/2020 Tornado damage assessment changed by COVID-19

5/15/2020 Shortened by COVID-19, legislative session leaves key issues unresolved

5/15/2020 New COVID-19 absentee voting changes approved by state legislature

5/18/2020 Gambling on video slot machines: Not everyone's a winner

5/18/2020 Missouri to prioritize comprehensive COVID-19 testing in long-term living facilities

5/19/2020 FACT-CHECK: Despite Parson's claim, not all businesses could open May 4

5/19/2020 Parson: State agencies, including higher ed, face more cuts

5/20/2020 Missouri National Guard to assist with expanding COVID-19 testing

5/20/2020 Rural Missouri clinics to get $17 million in COVID-19 aid

5/21/2020 Parson outlines plan for statewide comprehensive COVID-19 testing

5/22/2020 State health department to run COVID-19 testing event at Hickman High School

5/24/2020 State officials make recommendations for CARES Act federal aid

5/26/2020 CAFO regulations: Low fines, infrequent inspections, repeat offenders

5/26/2020 Medicaid expansion will be on August ballot

5/26/2020 Parson addresses Lake of the Ozarks and COVID-19 testing data

5/27/2020 COVID-19 testing begins in veterans homes around the state

5/28/2020 Parson's social distancing order extends through June 15

June 2020

6/1/2020 Education hit hard as Parson makes $209 million in June budget cuts

6/1/2020 70 soldiers, trainees at Fort Leonard Wood test positive for COVID-19

6/3/2020 Parson touts benefits of increased COVID-19 testing

6/4/2020 Parson's economic recovery goals hinge on public safety

6/4/2020 State evaluated second Boone County COVID-19 death

6/5/2020 State extends community testing to 21 counties

6/9/2020 State health director applauds Boone County's COVID-19 response

6/11/2020 Parson: Missouri is 'open for business' beginning Tuesday

6/16/2020 Missouri reinstates work search requirements for unemployment claims

6/16/2020 State issues guidance on outdoor visits at long-term care facilities

6/18/2020 Missouri will hold state fair despite COVID-19

6/23/2020 Parson: No plans to close the state again, despite warnings from health experts

6/29/2020 Missouri and Boone County COVID-19 cases continue to surge

6/29/2020 Parson restricts $448 million in 2021 budget

6/29/2020 Missouri passes 1,000 COVID-19 deaths; Boone County reports daily high of cases

July 2020

7/2/2020 Missouri allocates $50 million from CARES Act to improve broadband

7/9/2020 Governor pushes CARES money toward Higher education, workforce development

7/14/2020 Missouri records highest number of daily COVID-19 cases, again

7/16/2020 Parson boasts economic recovery as Missouri's COVID-19 cases surpass 30,000

7/19/2020 Pandemic straining Missouri's underfunded public health system

7/22/2020 Lawmakers provided COVID-19 testing ahead of special session

7/22/2020 Another broken record: Missouri reports 1,301 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday

7/26/2020 Parson announces $22 million for nonprofit organizations in the state

August 2020

8/5/2020 Parson praises Missouri school districts as they brace for COVID-19

8/6/2020 Parson, state university heads stress safe campus environments

September 2020

9/9/2020 Parson supports keeping universities open despite rising COVID-19 cases

9/16/2020 State to distribute faster COVID-19 tests

9/23/2020 Gov. Mike Parson tests positive for the coronavirus

9/30/2020 Parson delivers briefing while in isolation

October 2020

10/1/2020 Jefferson County sees rapid COVID-19 spread. Health officials 'overwhelmed'

10/3/2020 Virtual meetings, COVID-19 funding and utilities audit highlight council agenda

10/3/2020 Local infectious disease doctor answers COVID-19 questions

10/3/2020 Sen. Josh Hawley tests negative for the coronavirus; Missouri positivity rate hits new high

10/5/2020 Four Parson staff members test positive for COVID-19

10/7/2020 In 19th Senate District race, COVID-19 and health care take center stage

10/7/2020 Parson directs over $100 million to support K-12 and higher education

10/8/2020 FACT CHECK: Most high-risk counties in Missouri don’t have mask mandates, despite Parson’s claim

10/9/2020 COVID-19 response at the center of four-way governor debate

10/9/2020 They said what? Fact-checking the Missouri governor debate

10/9/2020 As they lose their jobs, Missourians also losing health insurance

10/15/2020 Missouri submits COVID-19 vaccine plan to CDC

10/15/2020 Missouri legislative candidates talk priorities

10/16/2020 Legislative candidates divided on COVID-19 mandates to close schools, businesses

10/18/2020 Politics in a pandemic: Candidates adjust their strategies to deal with COVID-19 limitations

10/19/2020 Legislative candidates list priorities for COVID-19 aid

10/23/2020 FACT CHECK: Hartzler’s claim isn’t close: We’re a long way away from herd immunity

November 2020

11/2/2020 Franklin County boy is the first child to die of COVID-19 in Missouri

11/5/2020 Missouri continues to work on COVID-19 vaccine, increasing testing

11/9/2020 Amid economic crisis, House Budget Committee approves $1.3 billion supplemental budget

11/10/2020 House approves supplemental COVID-19 spending plan

11/10/2020 Missouri's COVID-19 vaccine roll out could begin in December

11/10/2020 Missouri has one positive COVID case from Sunday test

11/12/2020 Parson expands call to special session to include liability protections

11/12/2020 UPDATE: Parson relaxes quarantine guidelines for schools; local officials not convinced

11/16/2020 Special session postponed after Senate members contract COVID-19

11/16/2020 Missouri hospitals call on Gov. Mike Parson for statewide mask order

11/17/2020 IN DEPTH: Missouri's COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

11/18/2020 State job centers now requiring masks, appointments for in-person services

11/19/2020 Parson: Missouri residents must make 'tough decisions' regarding COVID-19, holiday gatherings

11/21/2020 Ashland passes mask advisory as county cases rise

11/27/2020 Missouri Senate to vote next week on COVID-19 funding

December 2020

12/1/2020 Legislation would curb local control over COVID-19 response

12/1/2020 Senate set to vote on COVID-19 funding after committee approval

12/2/2020 Senators pass COVID-19 budget, look ahead to regular session

12/2/2020 Parson kills effort to create liability immunity — for now

12/3/2020 State to contract with private provider to increase number of health care workers

12/4/2020 Missouri to distribute 339,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine by end of December

12/11/2020 FACT CHECK: COVID-19 could be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression

12/11/2020 Vaccine rollout to start next week in Missouri

12/14/2020 Three more people die of COVID-19; vaccine arrives in Missouri

12/16/2020 Parson celebrates first vaccine shipments, rollout plan

12/18/2020 Vaccine rollout to be slower than expected in Missouri, other states

12/21/2020 State approves distribution of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine

12/30/2020 Parson applauds continued COVID-19 vaccine rollout, child care funding

12/30/2020 MODOT 'back on track' despite COVID-19, but a long road lies ahead

January 2021

1/4/2021 Missouri surpasses 400,000 total COVID-19 cases

1/6/2021 UPDATE: COVID-19 vaccine timeline uncertain in Boone County, across state

1/9/2021 Gov. Mike Parson to begin first full term Monday; masks not required

1/19/2021 Liability protections during the COVID-19 pandemic debated in Senate hearing

1/20/2021 Republican lawmakers look to limit local control of COVID-19 health restrictions

1/20/2021 Governor activates National Guard to aid vaccine distribution

1/22/2021 Missouri senator who said risking COVID-19 is ‘my choice’ now sick

1/26/2021 Gov. Parson launches new COVID-19 vaccination dashboard

1/27/2021 Gov. Parson emphasizes education, public health priorities in State of the State

1/27/2021 State lawmakers receive vaccinations meant for other employees

1/30/2021 Black Missourians have received just 4% of COVID-19 vaccine so far

February 2021

2/4/2021 Statewide vaccination schedule laid out in governor’s news conference

2/4/2021 State health officials detail problems facing vaccination rollout

2/5/2021 Consulting firm helps state team find and address 'vaccine deserts'

2/11/2021 Gov. Parson says he's being fair with vaccine distribution

2/16/2021 Teachers seek vaccine priority; Parson administration sticking with plan

2/18/2021 Parson talks fuel price gouging; NEA demands vaccines for teachers

2/21/2021 Missouri surpasses 1 million COVID-19 vaccinations

2/23/2021 Missouri Senate passes COVID-19 liability protections

2/24/2021 COVID-19 stimulus checks would be exempt from taxes under Missouri bill

2/25/2021 Missouri moving to next vaccination group March 15\

March 2021

3/1/2021 Missouri expects 50K doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine Wednesday

3/4/2021 K-12 teachers, child care workers eligible for immediate COVID-19 vaccination

3/4/2021 Parson announces changes to vaccine distribution

3/6/2021 More than half a million Missourians have received both doses of vaccine

3/6/2021 One year into pandemic, state's official reports missing 80,000 cases and 1,000 deaths

3/11/2021 Parson gives hope to Missourians with recent COVID-19 news

3/11/2021 Blunt’s proposal to reopen schools relied on withholding funds to force compliance

3/14/2021 Phase 1B, Tier 3, of vaccine distribution starts Monday

3/16/2021 Rural hospitals in Missouri now eligible for $10 million CARES Act aid

3/18/2021 Parson: All adults will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine on April 9

3/20/2021 Emails show backlog of payments to Mo. child care providers

3/22/2021 Dentists, optometrists and more professions now eligible as vaccinators in Missouri

3/24/2021 New DHSS resource to provide statewide access to vaccination transportation

April 2021

4/5/2021 All Missouri adults to be eligible for vaccines in Phase 3 starting Friday

4/6/2021 DHSS reports first confirmed case of South African COVID-19 variant

4/7/2021 Missouri Senate votes to ban vaccine passports for travel

4/7/2021 Sen. Roy Blunt says COVID-19 vaccines are 'social responsibility' at roundtable

4/11/2021 As eligibility opens wide, vaccine supply contracts

4/13/2021 Missouri pauses administration of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

4/27/2021 Lawmakers question isolation of children in state facilities during pandemic

4/28/2021 Lawmakers make late-session push to pass COVID-19 related legislation

4/28/2021 Missouri Vaccine Navigator now available in Spanish

May 2021

5/3/2021 Lawmakers tack on COVID-19 amendments to higher education bill

5/4/2021 Bill protecting businesses from COVID-19 liability passes House as deadline nears

5/5/2021 Parson orders all state employees to return to in-person work

5/11/2021 State to opt out of federal COVID-19 unemployment benefits

5/14/2021 More legislation proposed to ban the use of vaccine passports

5/16/2021 Pandemic, procedures and partisan politics: The 2021 legislative session, in photos

June 2021

6/23/2021 DHSS issues statewide health advisory for delta variant

July 2021

7/1/2021 Blunt tours ThermAvant, discusses economic recovery

7/7/2021 New law makes take-out booze a permanent menu item in Missouri

7/15/2021 Chicago sets COVID rules for unvaccinated visitors from Missouri, Arkansas

7/20/2021 Statewide vaccine incentive program to be announced Wednesday

7/20/2021 Overflow patients from Springfield start coming to Boone hospitals

7/21/2021 Hundreds of clergy in Missouri join a campaign to advocate for vaccinations

7/21/2021 A new state incentive offers $10,000 prizes to 900 vaccinated Missourians

7/27/2021 Missouri among states where the CDC recommends masks indoors for all

August 2021

8/4/2021 In one Missouri county, coroner excludes COVID from death certificate if family asks

8/6/2021 Additional aid ambulances will help COVID patients in hospitals across state

8/6/2021 More than 350,000 Missourians have entered the vaccine lottery
8/6/2021 Rep. Sara Walsh's husband hospitalized with COVID-19 and on a ventilator

8/11/2021 State to allocate $30 million to increase COVID-19 mitigation efforts

8/17/2021 Immunocompromised Missourians eligible for third vaccine dose

8/17/2021 Missouri hospitals in expensive race to hire health care staff as COVID cases soar

8/18/2021 Sen. Blunt roundtable addresses rural broadband access, other topics

8/19/2021 Steve Walsh, Rep. Sara Walsh's husband, died Thursday morning

8/29/2021 Second group of Missouri's Vaccine Incentive Program winners notified

September 2021

9/14/2021 COVID-19 vaccination requirements opposed by nursing home staff at state hearing

9/15/2021 Some lawmakers skeptical about influx of federal funds for schools

9/16/2021 Demonstrators oppose vaccine and mask mandates at Capitol

9/16/2021 New Missouri health director updates school guidelines, battling vaccine hesitancy

9/21/2021 State health department extends monoclonal antibody treatment contract

9/26/2021 Missouri conservationists to test deer for COVID this fall