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Corona Virus Coverage - Columbia Missourian: Health

Health Articles

February 2020

2/12/2020 You may stop shaking hands with people after you read this

March 2020

3/5/2020 What you need to know about COVID-19

3/9/2020 UPDATE: First coronavirus case in Missouri tests 'presumptive positive'

3/11/2020 MU Health Care offers virtual screenings for COVID-19

3/12/2020 From no visitation to temperature screenings, assisted living centers wrestle with COVID-19


3/16/2020 Tracking COVID-19 in Missouri

3/16/2020 FACT CHECK: No, a silver solution won’t cure the coronavirus

3/16/2020 What's your COVID-19 risk? Doctors look at age, health conditions to gauge severity

3/17/2020 Columbia nonprofits working to protect vulnerable communities

3/17/2020 First positive COVID-19 cases confirmed in Boone, Cole counties

3/17/2020 Confusion persists over how to get tested for COVID-19

3/17/2020 CDC officials offer guidance for funerals of COVID-19 victims

3/17/2020 Places of worship adapt services amid COVID-19 restrictions

3/17/2020 Area hospitals place restrictions on visitors in response to COVID-19

3/18/2020 Boone Hospital, MU open COVID-19 drive-thru test sites

3/18/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: Boone Hospital Center takes on drive-thru testing for COVID-19

3/18/2020 Boone County patient is first Missouri death from COVID-19

3/18/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: Donation drives continue at Red Cross

3/18/2020 Boone Hospital Chief Medical Officer prepares to face COVID-19

3/19/2020 COVID-19: What do all those terms mean?

3/19/2020 Hospitals gear up for uptick in COVID-19 cases

3/19/2020 From Rock Bridge Elementary, with love

3/20/2020 Local golf clubs make adjustments in play, sanitation amidst coronavirus crisis 

3/21/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: A sport for social distancing

3/22/2020 UPDATE: Boone Hospital Center, MU Health Care adopt new visitor policies

3/24/2020 MU Health Care: Staffed, supplied and working to keep the community safe

3/25/2020 Daily COVID-19 testing doubles at MU Health Care drive-thru

3/26/2020 Health Department working to resolve influx of virus-related complaints

3/27/2020 Two MU police officers test positive for COVID-19

3/29/2020 ER physician hopes homemade shields help protect against COVID-19

3/29/2020 Columbia, Boone County first responders confront challenges of COVID-19

3/30/2020 Providence Urgent Care offers curbside care

3/30/2020 Mizzou Arena, Hearnes Center examined by military as potential hospitals

April 2020

4/2/2020 Columbia medical providers expanding use of telehealth during COVID-19 pandemic

4/2/2020 First responders changing procedures to protect themselves

4/3/2020 Vaccine experts say science needs lots of 'shots on goal'

4/3/2020 MU Health Care adjusts weekend drive-thru testing hours

4/3/2020 Some good news among the chaos: Food is safe to eat

4/7/2020 Residents in limbo one year after Sweet Springs hospital closure

4/8/2020 Essential workers like the paychecks, worry about the risk

4/8/2020 Columbia Family Health Center receives almost $1 million for COVID-19 response

4/9/2020 New projection puts Missouri's COVID-19 peak at April 21

4/9/2020 UPDATE: MU Health Care, Boone Hospital Center close drive-thru testing on Easter

4/9/2020 Columbia assisted living center confirms positive COVID-19 case

4/10/2020 Timeline: Major COVID-19 events locally and nationally

4/10/2020 Mental health and addiction programs use telehealth to support clients

4/10/2020 COVID-19 Relief Gift Fund raises $12,000 and counting for MU Health Care

4/13/2020 Q&A: MU infectious disease expert explains masks, transmission, social distancing

4/14/2020 Boone Hospital Center begins in-house COVID-19 testing for inpatients

4/14/2020 Physical, massage therapists make use of telehealth amid COVID-19

4/14/2020 FACT CHECK: No, Pat Robertson didn’t say that COVID-19 is caused by oral sex

4/15/2020 Expectant mothers, midwives adjust to new normal amid COVID-19 pandemic

4/16/2020 COVID-19 human-to-animal transmission seen as highly unlikely

4/16/2020 MU Health Care to participate in COVID-19 plasma trial

4/16/2020 Milan meat processing plant workers cite unsafe COVID conditions

4/17/2020 COVID-19 kicks Health Department staff into overdrive

4/20/2020 MU Health Care cleaning N95 masks for law enforcement

4/20/2020 Number of COVID-19 inpatients in Columbia still low

4/21/2020 MU, Boone hospitals to resume treating patients whose care was delayed during pandemic

4/21/2020 Free mental health services and hotlines available to help cope during pandemic

4/21/2020 MU Health Care replies to nurses' letter about working conditions

4/21/2020 New routines: Health care workers' lives changed at work and at home

4/22/2020 9 trails to use during quarantine

4/23/2020 Pinnacle Healthcare System closes hospitals and clinics

4/27/2020 Small increase in number of COVID-19 inpatients in Columbia

4/28/2020 Man with COVID-19 exposure arrested for spitting on deputies

4/30/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: The essential workers of Columbia

4/30/2020 MU Health Care completes plasma transfusions in COVID-19 patients

May 2020

5/1/2020 Boone Hospital to begin nonemergent procedures Monday

5/1/2020 FACT CHECK: Healthy people have been confined before COVID-19, contrary to lawmaker’s claim

5/2/2020 Extent of domestic violence during lockdown might never be known

5/4/2020 Local hospitals report stable blood supplies; Red Cross planning drives

5/4/2020 Mobile COVID-19 testing being offered across Boone County

5/4/2020 MU researcher finds four potential treatments for COVID-19

5/4/2020 Increase in number of COVID-19 inpatients at MU Health Care

5/7/2020 COVID-19 pandemic compounding the rural health care crisis

5/7/2020 Missouri home to COVID-19 vaccine development

5/8/2020 Self-compassion and outreach: Combating eating disordered thoughts during COVID-19

5/9/2020 To mask or not to mask? Health department order leaves a question

5/9/2020 For some on the autism spectrum, coping with COVID-19 has had surprising results

5/10/2020 Employee at Columbia senior nursing facility tests positive for COVID-19

5/11/2020 Pandemic's hidden impact: Increases in traffic deaths, domestic violence and more

5/12/2020 Child abuse hotline calls plummet as pandemic isolation weakens safety net

5/14/2020 Pediatric clinics try to catch up on child vaccinations during pandemic

5/14/2020 Columbia to expand COVID-19 mobile testing

5/20/2020 Rural Missouri clinics to get $17 million in COVID-19 aid

5/21/2020 MU Health Care drive-thru testing site will close for Memorial Day

5/23/2020 No recycling pickup next week after waste employees exposed to COVID-19

5/27/2020 Employee at The Bluffs, a Columbia nursing home, tests positive for COVID-19

5/27/2020 Schnucks employee in Columbia tests positive for COVID-19

5/28/2020 Boone County reports nine new COVID-19 cases Wednesday

5/28/2020 Boone County positive COVID-19 cases surge

5/29/2020 A positive COVID-19 case from Boone Count visited the Lake of the Ozarks pool bars on Memorial Day Weekend

5/29/2020 Boone Hospital moving drive-thru COVID-19 testing site

5/29/2020 Boone County sees three more COVID-19 cases

5/29/2020 Columbia preschool student positive for COVID-19

5/30/2020 Salon manager details steps after hairstylists test positive for COVID-19

June 2020

6/3/2020 Boone County reports second coronavirus-related death

6/9/2020 Understanding how Spanish flu spread could help state prepare for next COVID-19 wave

6/10/2020 MU Health Care leaders confident of future despite pandemic's impact

6/15/2020 Resident at TigerPlace senior home tests positive for COVID-19

6/16/2020 Boone Hospital now allowing visitors for all patients

6/17/2020 Positive COVID-19 person was at Brookside Midtown pool Friday

6/17/2020 Originally positive COVID-19 case at TigerPlace tests negative twice

6/24/2020 More young people contracting COVID-19 in Boone County

6/24/2020 Boone County reports 15 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday

6/25/2020 One MU Health Quick Care location reopens

6/25/2020 Daily hospital update replaced with weekly report during the pandemic

6/29/2020 Columbia's possible mandatory mask rule sparks debate

July 2020

7/2/2020 Positivity rates climb as Boone County reports 39 COVID-19 cases Thursday

7/9/2020 MU Health Care to open a new testing site July 13

7/9/2020 Columbia gym policies vary during pandemic

7/20/2020 Number of COVID-19 inpatients in Boone declines slightly

7/24/2020 Clardy provides insight on COVID-19 concerns

7/24/2020 'Plastic, please' puts squeeze on coins

7/27/2020 Number of COVID-19 inpatients remains stable

7/31/2020 MU Health Care COVID-19 testing locations to merge Monday

August 2020

8/3/2020 COVID-19 inpatients decline, but record breaking 61 cases reported Saturday

8/3/2020 Contact tracers confront shock, denial and misinformation as they do crucial work

8/10/2020 Number of COVID-19 inpatients in Boone inches up

8/15/2020 Boone County reports 50 new COVID-19 cases Saturday

8/17/2020 COVID-19 inpatient numbers rise

8/17/2020 When people need tobacco cessation services most, many have been suspended

8/26/2020 COVID-19 testing sites under pressure

8/26/2020 Seventh Boone County person has died of COVID-19; MU cases up by 69

8/26/2020 Exercise Tiger Association receives 50,000 masks for veterans

8/30/2020 Hospitals prepared for uptick in hospitalizations as cases spike

8/31/2020 COVID-19 inpatient number rises as percentage of population infected increases

September 2020

9/1/2020 Hearnes Center drive-thru COVID-19 testing site reopens Wednesday

9/11/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: Why we choose to wear masks, or not?

9/11/2020 Why won't some people wear masks? It's about social norms and threat perception

9/12/2020 PHOTO GALLERY: New COVID-19 testing site opens

9/16/2020 Avoidance of doctors during pandemic could have dire consequences

9/25/2020 Missouri's COVID-19 hotline will no longer operate 24/7

9/29/2020 Three more COVID-19 deaths reported in Boone County

October 2020

10/3/2020 Local infectious disease doctor answers COVID-19 questions

10/6/2020 COVID-19 + flu = a potential health care crisis, but you can help

10/11/2020 Missouri COVID-19 dashboard error leads to misinformation

10/11/2020 Shifting COVID-19 hot spots create new realities in rural areas

10/15/2020 Truman Veterans' Hospital adds acute care beds as number of patients grow

10/24/2020 Lag in COVID-19 reports complicates active case numbers

10/25/2020 Before the pandemic, elderly isolation was a major concern. Now, it's a crisis

10/31/2020 Rise in COVID-19 cases puts pressure on regional hospitals

November 2020

11/1/2020 As pandemic wears on, seniors find walks, pen pals and phone calls alleviate isolation

11/6/2020 Hospitals, Health Department working on more accurate metric for COVID-19 capacity

11/9/2020 Boone Hospital Center to increase COVID-19 bed capacity

11/13/2020 Boone Hospital Center suspends visitors amid rising COVID-19 cases

11/13/2020 MU Health Care memo cites 'crisis' due to COVID-19 patient admissions, staff shortages

11/15/2020 BJC HealthCare affiliates postpone elective procedures, Boone Hospital Center excluded

11/18/2020 MU Health Care restricts visitors to outpatient clinics

11/19/2020 Eye strain, migraines, and back pain, oh my! It's the virtual life

December 2020

12/4/2020 Mobile morgue appears at Truman VA as COVID-19 cases rise

12/6/2020 Q&A: What we know about the COVID-19 vaccine

12/15/2020 Missouri Health Department answers common COVID-19 vaccine questions

12/15/2020 MU Health Care describes surge plan with added capacity for COVID-19 patients

12/15/2020 Boone County reports its 39th and 40th death due to COVID-19

12/15/2020 Truman Veterans' Hospital administers first vaccine to 99-year-old veteran

12/16/2020 Vaccination begins for MU Health Care, Boone Hospital employees

12/23/2020 285 locations in Missouri approved to administer the vaccine so far

12/28/2020 For a newly minted registered nurse, pandemic proves to be a tough teacher

January 2021

1/4/2021 Columbia long-term care facility administers coronavirus vaccine

1/4/2021 Parents become therapists for at risk children amid unending pandemic

1/14/2021 UPDATE: Next phase of vaccinations announced for those 65 and older, others

1/19/2021 New survey from MU Health tells people when they can get vaccinated

1/21/2021 MU Health explains COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Facebook Live Q&A

1/22/2021 Boone County Public Health, BHC and MU Health Care release joint statement on vaccine availability

1/26/2021 Decreasing demand in drive-thru tests, MU Health Care shortens hours

1/29/2021 Medical ethicist, writer Harriet Washington sees historic roots in present-day health inequities

1/29/2021 UPDATE: More than a thousand people vaccinated at Audrain County clinic

1/30/2021 Pharmacy, local church team up for Saturday COVID-19 clinic

1/30/2021 D&H administers COVID-19 vaccine to qualifying Columbia residents

February 2021

2/2/2021 14-day waiting period recommended between COVID-19 and other immunizations

2/4/2021 Nursing homes get lifeline during pandemic with help from MU Sinclair School of Nursing

2/6/2021 MU Health Care distributes more than 2,000 vaccines at Saturday clinic

2/6/2021 DHSS reports first confirmed case of coronavirus UK variant in Missouri

2/9/2021 MU Health Care to change visitor guidelines as COVID-19 cases decrease

2/18/2021 Winter weather delays COVID-19 vaccinations

2/18/2021 MU Health Care postpones both Friday and Sunday first-dose vaccinations

2/21/2021 Funding safe havens: Increase sought in tax credit for domestic violence shelter donations

2/23/2021 COVID-19 variants in Missouri: Wastewater tells better story

2/24/2021 Black Americans struggle to get COVID-19 vaccine; history threatens to repeat

2/24/2021 'Peace of mind': Randolph County holds second dose vaccination event

March 2021

3/1/2021 MU Health Care to receive over 6,000 vaccine doses this week

3/9/2021 Women form group of vaccine-finders and use Facebook to help those who need it

3/11/2021 Boone Hospital, MU Health Care COVID-19 testing sites to close, but other sites remain

3/11/2021 In rural Missouri, vaccine rollout creates hope, fear and waiting lists

3/14/2021 Vaccine rollout raises pointed ethical questions

April 2021

4/7/2021 No-shows create problems for second-dose vaccination appointments

4/8/2021 U.K. variant of COVID-19 detected in Boone County

4/8/2021 MU Health vaccine appointments for 16 and older now open

4/9/2021 Gerbes to begin administering COVID-19 vaccines

4/13/2021 A closer look at Johnson & Johnson's possible clot connection

4/15/2021 MU School of Medicine and MU Health enroll 103 in Novavax vaccine trial

4/27/2021 Columbia experts respond to CDC's updated outdoor masking guidelines

4/28/2021 Boone Health relaxes visitor policy starting Monday

May 2021

5/7/2021 MU Health Care relaxes visitor restrictions

5/11/2021 MU Health Care preparing to start vaccinating 12-15 age group

5/13/2021 MU Health Care to host COVID-19 vaccine clinics for 12-15 age group

5/17/2021 MU Health Care to host special vaccination events for teens this week

5/18/2021 Health care providers able to withhold their vaccine status from patients

5/31/2021 Hy-Vee offers gift cards to everyone who finishes vaccine process there

June 2021

6/4/2021 Faurot Field will stop offering first-dose COVID-19 vaccines

6/8/2021 Daniel Boone Regional Library relaxes restrictions

6/29/2021 MU researchers to conduct COVID-19 vaccine study with breastfeeding mothers

July 2021

7/9/2021 Expecting the worst, hospital pleads with Missourians to get vaccinated

7/13/2021 MU Health Care to implement visitor restrictions as COVID cases rise

7/14/2021 UPDATE: MU researchers looking for volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine study

7/16/2021 MU Health Care to start walk-in COVID-19 testing for some patients

7/20/2021 Overflow patients from Springfield start coming to Boone hospitals

7/20/2021 Boone Health changing visitor policy Thursday

August 2021

8/5/2021 MU Health to require COVID-19 vaccinations for employees by Oct. 1

8/11/2021 Six MU Health Care workers walk out to protest vaccine mandate

8/13/2021 MU Health Care shares details on third vaccine doses

8/17/2021 Boone Health releases new guidelines for unvaccinated staff

8/20/2021 MU Health to open new Covid-19 vaccination site Tuesday

8/27/2021 Boone Hospital Network strained by delta variant

September 2021

9/1/2021 Lenoir Woods staff mostly vaccinated, despite low state numbers

9/19/2021 COVID-19 hospitalizations up for children at MU Women's and Children's

9/20/2021 Pfizer vaccine proves effective in kids 5 to 11, but no appointments available yet

9/21/2021 Missouri physicians worried about rise in severe complications among COVID-19 positive pregnant women

9/23/2021 MU medical director emphasizes importance of flu shot

9/30/2021 Vaccine deadline for MU Health Care approaches