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Corona Virus Coverage - Columbia Missourian: Opinion

Opinion Articles

GUEST COMMENTARY: Key to managing COVID-19 is more public health funding 3/6/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerned about virus precautions at the film fest 3/6/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Holding True/False festival amid virus scare put community at risk 3/16/2020

DAVID WEBBER: City needs to address homeless population's needs during coronavirus pandemic 3/17/2020

C.W. DAWSON: Facing the coronavirus quarantine with the right tools 3/17/2020

STEVE SPELLMAN: Coronavirus contagion is now social, economic and political 3/18/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump's leadership fails amid crisis 3/19/2020

DAVID WEBBER: First reactions and resolutions about COVID-19 3/20/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Social revisioning at a distance 3/24/2020

C.W. DAWSON: Time has come to get past nationalist agendas and offer help against COVID-19 3/24/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Now is the time to consider Medicare for All plan 3/24/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Provide emergency aid to charities and nonprofits 3/24/2020

DAVID ROSMAN: Trump still full of lies, deceit and ego amid COVID-19 crisis 3/25/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Another week of social distancing and community connections 3/27/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cartwright's departure makes statement about leadership in crisis 3/30/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Letter from one of the COVID-19 epicenters 3/30/2020

KEN MIDKIFF: Governor closing the barn door after COVID-19 has spread 3/30/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: COVID-19 in Missouri's jails and prisons could be crippling 3/31/2020

C.W. DAWSON: What have we learned in the midst of a pandemic? Work for common good 3/31/2020

STEVE SPELLMAN: Pandemic creates chance for behavioral evolution 4/1/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: America should act now to end global disease 4/1/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Depression also will peak during COVID-19 quarantine 4/2/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: There's no place like home. Missouri needs a stay-at-home order now 4/3/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Survey results show Columbians cautious and carrying on 4/3/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Schnucks' decision to close Lucky's demonstrates tone-deafness to pandemic 4/6/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Parson needs to find better means of informing public during crisis 4/7/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: In this crisis, your child's mental health starts with you 4/8/2020

DAVID ROSMAN: The other stories of COVID-19 that shouldn't die with the news cycle 4/8/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: An ounce of prevention could lead Missouri out of crisis 4/9/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Now is time for our legislators to support vaccination programs 4/9/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Children need caregivers to ground them during crisis 4/10/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Spring is the season for social distancing, rebirth during pandemic 4/10/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Preparing for a pandemic with military precision 4/12/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Farming safely during the pandemic 4/14/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pandering in the pandemic? Vote 'No' on a 'Heroes Fund' 4/14/2020

CW. DAWSON: COVID-19 affects African American communities harder 4/14/2020

STEVE SPELLMAN: Stimulus package spends money we don't have 4/15/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Advice on coping with the coronavirus crisis from 96-year-old 4/16/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress needs to add USPS to relief package 4/17/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Transportation workers keep supply chain moving 4/17/2020

DAVID WEBBER: A view of COVID-19 at different stages of life 4/17/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Can your cat give you COVID-19? 4/20/2020

C.W. DAWSON: How COVID-19 has revealed the best and worst in us 4/21/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: COVID-19 crisis bring light to insurance disparities 4/21/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Growth of video visits during pandemic shows potential of virtual care 4/22/2020

DAVID ROSMAN: A new beginning for a post-pandemic world 4/22/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Child care educators are essential workers, so let's treat them as such 4/23/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Communities could ease climate strain as they reopen 4/23/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Crowded jails and prisons remain problematic for outbreak 4/24/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Children deserve our protection now and always 4/27/2020

KEN MIDKIFF: Surely no law will be broken when EPA stops enforcement amid pandemic 4/27/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Rural Missouri residents need Medicaid expansion now 4/28/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Insurance firms should waive cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing 4/28/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help us help families with disabilities 4/28/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hartzler's business, like many other, qualifies for PPP loan 5/1/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress member praises president for saving her life 5/1/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Second survey shows Columbians worrying less, still positive amid COVID-19 5/2/2020

C.W. DAWSON: Reopening requires caution, maintaining a sense of responsibility 5/3/2020

KEN MIDKIFF: One silver lining of pandemic is drop in global warming 5/4/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump fails to take responsibility for American lives 5/5/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Heroes Fund should better help first responders 5/5/2020

DAVID ROSMAN: Vote by mail seems reasonable in a pandemic. Yet it faces opposition. 5/6/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Thoughts from my pretend class about whether to re-open amid COVID-19 5/8/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: The last day of school can't come soon enough 5/11/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Plasma clinical trial gives Missouri residents a chance to help the healing begin 5/12/2020

C.W. DAWSON: Living in a society with two sets of rules makes everything unfair 5/12/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local efforts show professionalism in face of pandemic 5/12/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Honoring public service every day, especially in a pandemic 5/13/2020

STEVE SPELLMAN: How to reopen Columbia post-pandemic remains in question 5/13/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Stephanie Browning is working to overcome challenges of COVID-19 5/14/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coming to terms with the pandemic 'scoreboard factor' 5/14/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: University plan for outsourcing jobs is devoid of humane value 5/15/2020

DAVID WEBBER: Why won't Americans wear face masks? 5/15/2020

KEN MIDKIFF: Do counties, cities or even states have authority to impose lockdown? 5/18/2020

C.W. DAWSON: Finding hope amid the pandemic 5/19/2020

DAVID ROSMAN: Trust me on this one, wear your mask 5/20/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Getting back to normal operations safely is a welcome sign 5/21/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: DMV's vision test practices might spread COVID-19 5/21/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: U.S. should join global fight against pandemic 5/21/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty had to quickly adapt classes during pandemic 5/22/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU leadership should model how to brave the COVID storm 5/22/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Together in a time of distance at Memorial Day 5/24/2020

CW DAWSON: A religious response of faith and reason to the reopening 5/26/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Buy meat direct from your local farmer 5/27/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Worried about meat availability? Workers are worried about their lives 6/2/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SNAP benefits need to increase to help families in need 6/3/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Lawmakers should make regulation waivers permanent 6/4/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tips for managing caregiver burden during pandemic 6/8/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Health care in America should be universal, single-payer 6/8/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Public has right to COVID-19 data for long-term care facilities 6/9/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Columbia could seize timing of pandemic to strive to end homelessness 6/12/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keeping the state fair going puts people at risk 6/22/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: School plan for reopening fails to address masks, social responsibility 6/25/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hoping MU makes choice that won't betray loyal workers 6/25/2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Use common sense, caution in public outings 6/26/2020

GUEST COMMENTARY: Civic organizations respond to plan for reopening schools 6/26/2020

June 2020 

7/1/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's time to get a handle on coronavirus in Columbia

7/1/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: COVID-19 brings new perspective to Parks and Recreation Month

7/3/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government should not force decisions about masks

7/7/2020 C.W. DAWSON: Wear a mask and support the safety of us all

7/9/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wearing a mask is little to ask

7/10/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Voting by mail must be allowed

7/10/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Look hard at consequences of a lockdown before trying it again

7/14/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: COVID-19 is a health issue, not a political one

7/14/2020 C.W. DAWSON: I asked 1,250 parents if they worried about kids returning to school. Almost all said yes

7/14/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Committed custodians deserve better from MU

7/16/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: What life might look like after the coronavirus

7/17/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medicaid will save lives and reduce crime

7/17/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: To open our schools safely this fall, listen to teachers

7/20/2020 KEN MIDKIFF: Schools face an undesirable decision: To open or not?

7/21/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need a global effort to fight COVID-19

7/23/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Schools, state have done too little to prepare for upcoming year

7/27/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If I have to wear a mask, everyone needs to wear a mask 

7/27/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CPS: Lead by example. Show us that in-person classes will work

7/29/2020 DAVID ROSMAN: We need a governor who cares about the health of the population

7/29/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don't open public schools until we have a vaccine

7/29/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I'll have to quit a job I love rather than return to a public school

7/30/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Let's clear the air about COVID-19 preparedness at MU

7/30/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: MU will endanger students with fall reopening plan

August 2020

8/3/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dismayed by irrational decisions from Jefferson City

8/6/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Americans' suffering in pandemic is the tragedy Trump should end

8/6/2020 New county health order increases bar/restaurant restrictions

8/11/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Relief bill must include help for low-income renters, homeless

8/12/2020 DAVID ROSMAN: A diary of my life during the COVID-19 pandemic

8/21/2020 DAVID WEBBER: Our collective outlook changes as we deal with the pandemic

8/21/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: MU needs a better, safer plan for return to campus

September 2020

9/7/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School communities making history when classes begin

9/7/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President is truthful in using 'Chinese flu' reference to origin of pandemic

9/8/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU should send students home to keep community healthy

9/11/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parson's statement about COVID-19 on campuses misses the mark

9/16/2020 STEVE SPELLMAN: Mask usage and expectations differ by location

9/17/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Teens want COVID-19 advice that gives them safe ways to socialize

9/25/2020 DAVID WEBBER: Shelter Gardens still surprises and offers place for retreat amid pandemic

9/29/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Driving better home care for Missouri Medicaid patients during COVID-19

9/30/2020 STEVE SPELLMAN: Pandemic highlights a school choice emergency for parents

9/30/2020 CPS board to hear update on reopening schools

October 2020

10/6/2020 CW DAWSON: It's time to seek knowledge over opinion in fight against COVID-19

10/7/2020 DAVID ROSMAN: When will it be over? The news seems to be getting worse

10/20/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Herd immunity won't solve America's COVID-19 problem

10/29/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Not all parents favor full return to school

November 2020

11/10/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Why we didn't get a vaccine by Election Day — but why we may get one soon

11/12/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Tips for safely enjoying the holiday season during COVID-19

11/17/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mask optional tour shows legislators' lax leadership in pandemic

11/18/2020 DAVID ROSMAN: Eventually we'll get used to a 'new normal' after COVID-19 dissipates

11/20/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Quarantines are legal and could avert further COVID-19 crisis

11/24/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Why masks belong at your Thanksgiving gathering

11/25/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: We're ready for the COVID-19 surge but we need your help

11/27/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Signature collection for roll cart petition moves online amid COVID-19

December 2020

12/1/2020 CW DAWSON: Behaviors will do more than 'miracle' vaccine to quell COVID-19

12/3/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Amid virus surge, churches need to devise plan for safer gatherings

12/7/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parson needs to follow doctors' advice and issue mask mandate

12/8/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congress needs to pass COVID-19 relief package

12/9/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Census survey reveals COVID-19's devastating impact in Missouri

12/9/2020 STEVE SPELLMAN: Coronavirus vaccine won't be a silver bullet

12/10/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Congressional representatives need to boost aid package

12/14/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Why shielding businesses from coronavirus liability is a bad idea

12/14/2020 Love in the time of COVID

12/16/2020 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Beliefs about coronavirus vaccine show great dichotomy

12/17/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Arrival of COVID-19 vaccines should be music to our ears

12/21/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: International Statistic of the Year: Race for a COVID-19 vaccine

12/25/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: There's no place like home for the holidays — and that's what makes the COVID-19 surge devastating

12/28/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: There are good reasons Black people don't trust health institutions. I still got the COVID vaccine.

12/29/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: In the COVID-19 era, older adults see time differently and are doing better than younger people

12/31/2020 GUEST COMMENTARY: Corrections must act now to control virus, offer inmates better care

January 2021

1/18/2021 GUEST COMMENTARY: Americans have unrealistic expectations for COVID-19 vaccine

1/21/2021 EDITORIAL: Expedite school vaccines for COVID-19

1/25/2021 GUEST COMMENTARY: State lawmakers are ignoring science in favor of politics

1/27/2021 DAVID ROSMAN: We've been lied to about vaccine availability — so far

1/28/2021 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MU needs to assist its staff who are vulnerable to virus

February 2021

2/1/2021 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cooper County vaccination effort organized, successful

2/4/2021 GUEST COMMENTARY: Why referring to COVID-19 by geographic location is wrong

2/15/2021 A personal experience with COVID-19

2/17/2021 Legislators must act to support work of public health agencies in Missouri

2/18/2021 Bills aimed at curtailing local health agencies inject politics into efforts to protect the public

2/26/2021 School district, county health leaders should rethink restrictions

2/26/2021 Direct anger over closed schools at state leadership, not local district

March 2021

3/2/2021 In Missouri's pandemic response, the buck stops nowhere

3/4/2021 Congress should join global response to COVID-19 with improved funding

3/5/2021 Reducing homelessness takes more than money

3/8/2021 Kids need support as they 'swim upstream' amid pandemic. Kiwanis try to help.

3/15/2021 COVID-19 showed me friends I didn't know I had

3/17/2021 Citizens should take greater roles in advocacy

3/17/2021 School officials, legislators at odds on reoepening plans but compromise could have been reached

3/19/2021 Lasting political and social impacts of the COVID-19 year

3/24/2021 Columnist missed the mark on reopening schools, supporting work of public education

3/29/2021 America needs to increase support for COVID-19 vaccines in developing nations

April 2021

4/12/2021 Outlook suggests rise in U.S. inflation as nation reopens post-pandemic

4/19/2021 We're headed for a state of 'immuno-privilege' where privacy rights are abandoned

4/20/2021 GOP politician's COVID-19 tirade isn't about Constitutional rights

May 2021

5/4/2021 Nurses are core of America's health care system. Let's tell them thanks.

5/6/2021 America must do more to help developing world with COVID-19 vaccines

5/17/2021 Masks off for many following new CDC guidance

5/18/2021 Can schools require COVID-19 vaccines for students?

5/31/2021 Why can't China or the GOP tell the truth?

June 2021

6/30/2021 We can do this. It's time to get your COVID vaccine.

July 2021

7/13/2021 C.W. DAWSON: It's common sense that without vaccinations, coronavirus will spread

7/16/2021 GUEST COMMENTARY: Missourians are dying from COVID misinformation

7/21/2021 Intellectual property creates confusion and suggests creativity for the future

7/23/2021 How can we end the COVID-19 educational crisis? Start with vaccinations.

7/26/2021 Missouri is No. 1 again for COVID-19 case increases

7/28/2021 A tale of two COVID-19 conspiracy theories

7/29/2021 Public universities should require vaccines to curb virus

7/30/2021 The choice to not be vaccinated has implications for community at large

August 2021

8/2/2021 Masks can help protect us all from COVID-19

8/4/2021 Eviction moratorium was bad idea, but we need creative thinking to fix housing issues

8/4/2021 Dealing with the grief of 2020 and 2021 can lead to personal growth

8/16/2021 Staying away — and still angry over recent surge in COVID-19 cases

8/16/2021 MU administration should require vaccines as way to model core values

8/17/2021 Health Department staff shows resilience in face of COVID-19

8/17/2021 A real-life description of being on a ventilator, told by a mother

8/23/2021 Missouri's Republican leadership hasn't taken pandemic seriously enough

8/25/2021 Failure to control outbursts lets loudest voices drown out democracy

8/30/2021 Unvaccinated, anti-vaxxers have 'freedom' to avoid masks, but they're harming more than themselves now

September 2021

9/1/2021 City should add trees to its plans to fight climate change for benefit of community

9/2/2021 Teachers group supports local decisions about masks, and so should Missouri's attorney general

9/6/2021 Pandemic hardship is about to get a lot worse for out-of-work Americans

9/6/2021 Reflections of an octogenarian

9/10/2021 MU leadership keeps making decisions without stakeholder input

9/15/2021 It's time for unvaccinated people to reconsider their behavior

9/15/2021 Whose unalienable rights is Missouri defending?

9/20/2021 Facts and opinions shouldn't carry equal weight

9/20/2021 Nurses are leaving the profession, and replacing them won't be easy

9/21/2021 Effects of COVID-19 still felt in local job markets and around the world

9/22/2021 Columnist's language only deepens divide about vaccines and mandates

9/29/2021 School controversies call for chance to rethink existing options

9/30/2021 The 'stupid' virus seems to be endemic among politicians