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Altmetrics: Alternative Metrics for Measuring the Impact of Research


Many research repositories track usage statistics such as views for hosted academic materials.  Materials may include papers, posters, datasets, figures, media, code and file sets depending on the repository. Below are examples of repositories that are freely available and provide usage data.

Altmetrics provided:
Total views and views by city and country
What is MoSpace? 
MOspace is the digital institutional repository for scholarly work and resources created by faculty, staff and students at the University of Missouri.
What can be stored in MoSpace?
Theses and dissertations, posters, conference papers, presentations and proceedings, published and upublished papers, articles,chapers and books where copyright allows, working papers and technical reports, creative works,data sets, audio and visual materials


Altmetrics provided:
views and shares
What is figshare?
Figshare is a digital repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.
What can be posted in Figshare?
Datasets, filesets, media, papers, posters and presentations.


Altmetrics provided: 
Mentions by news outlets, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  Data provided by
What is zenodo?
Zenodo is a digital repository for research across all fields of science.
What can be stored in zenodo? 
Scientific research in any format