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Altmetrics: Alternative Metrics for Measuring the Impact of Research


Note:  MU does not currently have a full subscription to Plum Analytics (Plum X) so there is no access to the research impact dashboard.

However, you can view Plum Analytics metrics for specific articles through the following database:


  • Your profile is created from data found in the following sources: Altmetric, BASE, Crossref, Mendeley, ORCID and Twitter.
  • You can keep track of  how many times your work has been downloaded, bookmarked, and blogged through these sources.


Webometric Analysis

Webometric Analyst 2.0

  • Free software designed to conduct automatic web analyses.
  • Analyzes the web impact of documents or web sites and creates network diagrams of collections of web sites.
  • Creates networks and time series analysis of social web sites (e.g., YouTube, Twitter) and some specialist web sites (e.g., Google Books, Mendeley).
  • For an overview, see Introduction to Webometric Analyst 2.0.