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MU Digital Library

New URLs for legacy UM Digital Library collections


The University of Missouri (Library Systems) Digital Library at is being decommissioned as of December 29, 2016. It was founded in 2001 and included text and image collections from the University of Missouri libraries and others in Missouri. It's development was overseen by a four-campus Library Systems Office, which included a digitization facility. The digitization of many of the collections in the Digital Library was funded by state LSTA grant. The software used for the digital library (DLXS) is no longer being actively maintained and developed, and the legacy University of Missouri Digital Library Digital library platform has become less stable over time.  Fortunately, much of its content is duplicated in the Missouri Digital Heritage site. Other collections have been migrated to other digital repositories. The list below duplicates the list of collections as presented on the legacy University of Missouri Digital Library site, with the addition of the legacy Digital Library URL and a URL where the content many now be accessed. Please send questions to mospace @

December 16, 2016; Last updated May 28, 2024

Text Collections

Image Collections