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HathiTrust Guide

Embedding HathiTrust with automatic generation

1. Find the Full View version of the resource you wish to embed.

2. Click the Scroll bar on the left  side.

3. Scroll down until you see the embed link.

4. Click the embed link.

5. For scroll view click the scroll view radio button.

6. for flip view click the flip view radio button.

7. Copy the html code and insert into your website. 

Embedding HathiTrust manually

1. Find the handle url, aka the permanent link, for the resource.

  • The easiest way to do this is to go to the Full view version of the page. 

2. Attach ?urlappend%Bui=embed to the handle url. 

3. Place the handle url in an iframe block.

4. for scroll view set width to 450 and height to 700, for flip view set width to 700 and height to 450.

*these values are just the suggested, your page may vary on what dimensions would be optimal,  you can experiment by adjusting the values.

5. to override the default view mode for the dimensions add %3Bview=1up to the end of the url for scroll view. 2up for flip view.

6. insert your iframe block into your website. 

HTML example scroll view

<iframe width="450" height="700" src=""></iframe>

HTML example flip view

<<iframe width="700" height="450" src=""></iframe>

Sharing options

On the left side of a book or article in full view there are a variety of different methods to share what you found on HahtiTrust. 

  • Social Media: Users can have HathiTrust create  a post on  Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and many other social media platforms by clicking their respective icons. 
  •  Permalink: A permalink is a stable url that will continue to work regardless of whether or not a person logs out or leaves the page.
  • Creating a Collection: See the guide entry.
  •  Embedding the book on a website.