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HathiTrust Guide


The University of Missouri,Columbia is offically partnered with HathiTrust. This grants a wide variety of benefits to the university including: 

  • Allowing the affiliates of the university to have access to enhanced features to the service (see Membership benefits below)
  • Giving the university the opportunity to create  digital collections it finds relevant for its students
  • Providing a  platform for the university of Missouri to digitize works it wishes to preserve


Member benefits

Affiliation with a university partnered with Hathitrust grants you multiple enhanced features including:

  • The ability to download the entire document of full text public domain materials.            
  • Access to the collection services provided by HathiTrust. 
  • Exceptions granted for  access to copyrighted work for those with disabilities for books owned by the University Missouri Library science, and for cases where there is a library unable to give access to a print copy they own, and a copy is not purchasable at a reasonable price.

Links to resources further explaining the benefits of member as well as tips for accessing HathiTrust can be found here: 

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