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Tips, techniques & links to help you find answers for your research papers & projects

Open and Low-Cost Textbooks and Text Collections

See also all of the resources tracked on the library's general OER guide:

Using Library Resources In Class


Search the MERLIN catalog by Title, being sure to search for MU ebooks only (not other campuses' ebooks). If the book record does NOT state that there may be only a given number of users at a time, that book is an unlimited-user ebook that we have purchased permanently.

Journal Articles

If the library provides access to a journal article, you are encouraged to use that copy by providing a link to it from your course Canvas page rather than uploading a personal copy/PDF.

When using article links, always check them between semesters, to make sure the library is still able to provide that article. The library sometimes needs to cancel financially unsustainable and underused journals and other collections. Linking to library-provided resources as much as possible will help us preserve our subscriptions to these resources; measurably heavily used journals are less likely to be cut.